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{Wednesday’s Recipe} Eggfree Orange and Chocolate Cake

{Wednesday’s Recipe}

Eggfree Orange and Chocolate Cake

Gateau choco orange 1

Hi, Salam!

Today, I am sharing with you a simple yet delicious recipe. My daughter suffers from egg allergy since newborn and it took me a while to find recipes to make her yummy cakes, so I am sharing as I know how hard it can be…


~ 150 gr of soft Unsalted butter

~ 100 gr of sugar (I use Demerara sugar but it is more a matter of taste)

~ 1 can of evaporated Milk ( or in US unsweetened condensed milk)

~ 200 gr of Self raising Flour

~ 5 ml White vinegar

~ 1 tbsp. Soda powder

~ 100 gr unsweetened cocoa powder

~ 15 ml Orange juce

~  1 orange zest

~some chocolate icing


In a jar, put your butter cut into pieces (butter must be soft at room temperature), add the sugar and mix together. Then add the evaporated milk and mix well all together.

Now add the flour, soda powder and mix again. You will obtain a beautiful cake apparel.

Divide the cake apparel in 2 bowls. In one add the cocoa powder and the vinegar THEN mix.

In the second jar, add the orange juce and orange zest and mix.

In a cake tin of 20 cm, that you have already lined with butter and flour, put the cake apparels alternating between chocolate and orange!

Put in the oven at 180 degres for 35/40 minutes. The cake is ready when the blade of the knife comes back dry.

Once cold, put the chocolate icing 🙂

Gateau choco orange

Enjoy now!

Egg free Chocolate and orange cake

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