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10 Reasons why using Real nappies is NOT posh!

Hi everyone!

Few days ago, I was on facebook and in my feeds see someone talking about real nappies. This lovely blogger was in shock after reading in a forum a mum telling that “using cloth nappies is posh!” Here is her article: “Are cloth nappies posh now?”

Waw what a shock! In fact not so chocking to be honest.

What “Posh”means for me? It means that it is not affordable that common people cannot buy them. I do agree if you decide to buy the most expensive nappies out there and buy any new designs that coming out, yes, it is for sure, POSH! But who needs to buy a nappy at £30?

When I first wanted to use real nappies , it was 5 years ago for my first daughter. At this time, we did not really have a comfortable budget {not to say that we were really tight} so during my pregnancy, I tried my best to find the best deal. And to be honest, I really thought that strangely “using cloth nappies” is not made for everyone. It represents a BIG investissment. I finally bought a set of Bamboozle stretch 1 with 2 extra wraps. I spend £135 and was unable to spend more.  By doing this, I made the biggest error ever! I was completely WRONG. Later, I will discuss with you the things you should NOT DO when you are building your newborn stash.

detail newborn stash fin

I am sure that if you are already using clothes, you will know that it did not work at all and I ended up giving up as I did not have the budget to buy other nappies. I lived it as a complete failure and was really sad that such a healthy/ecologic system was not made more affordable.

When I was pregnant of my second daughter, I decided to give it another go but this time trying to grab all informations I could before buying. And I can tell you today that NO, using REAL NAPPIES is NOT POSH! I am using real nappies every day and night now since September 2014!

So let’s try to convince you that using real nappies is not posh {list not complete and with no order}:

  1. Once you know , you have a lot of discounts over there, all year round. Mainly 20% off, you just need to keep your eyes wide open 🙂 and follow on social medias the different retailers
  2. Real Nappy week {RNW} and ZERO waste week: the best time of the year to grab a good deal! And you know what? RNW 2016 starts the 18th of April, yes, next week 🙂 So get ready
  3. You can buy seconds from most of retailers. Seconds are brand new nappies that have a light/minor visual defects (like in stitching, colour…) Usually you can have them 50% off the retail price. I have bought some like these.
  4. There are nappy libraries and nappy ladies quite everywhere in UK, from who you can borrow trial kits and you do have a lot of advices and often a discount if you buy.
  5. Most Councils offer incentive schemes if you decide to use cloth nappies, just look at your council website
  6.  By subscribing on retailers newsletters, you get discounts.
  7. Price range for NEW real nappies start from £5 to £25 approximately. So you decide your budget and they are all great!
  8. You do not need 1000 nappies, just 20-30 are sufficient {but keep in mind that it is addictive :-p}
  9. You can buy second hands. You will find a lot on ebay, forums, through nappuccinos, and facebook groups.
  10. Using real nappies means that you will do a bit more washing than a classic household but really, when you have children, does it change anything one or two more loads?

Now, I will be really happy to know your point of view if you are using cloth nappies or if you are not : what do you think about all this?  Have you ever thought of using them? If yes, is there anything that puts you off?

Anything we could help with?

real nappies journey

I will try my best to share with you my experience in next posts by reviewing the nappies, shops, brands I used and I am using.

Eager to read you now ♥


    • Hi Rachel, Thanks for leaving a comment. I take both meaning: expensive and trendy.
      For example, in France, they are very expensive and trendy. For some people, It is just linked. Usually trendy tings are expensive. 🙂


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