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Babipur Review: A trustworthy and Fantastic Online shop!

Well, good morning!

Today, I would like to share MY favourite online shop for Baby things: from reusable nappies to organic clothes!

I have nominated BABIPUR!!!

babipur logoBy far, the fastest and the most reliable shop in UK. My first order has been made in 2014 while pregnant of daughter number 2. It was not my first nappy shopping experience and I do regret not to have discovered this shop first!

How did I find them or how did they find me?

At that period of my pregnancy, I was grabbing all the informations about real nappies before buying anything so I enrolled myself in many Facebook groups and this is the Bumgenius one that showed me the way 🙂 And since then, Babipur is my GO FOR shop with no hesitation.

Look at my addiction:

I do shop in other online retailers to buy the nappies they do not stock.

Why do we #loveBabiPur?

~ the lowest price

~the loyality discount of 10%

~ a wonderful and very lovely customer service

~I do call them the “Speedy Gonzalez” of Nappy orders: Usually receiving my order the next day!

~a great range of products: organic clothes, wooden toys, csp, …

~the best exclusivities ever {see below for examples}

~The Babipur Hangout Facebook group where you can always discuss and find advices


~and because I am a real woman, I really love their gifts.

All these things make it an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience.

I really love the fact that what Babipur does offer is unique: a real relationship with the customer even if it seems to be a big shop. I feel like I know the owners Jolen and Peter Barton because they are always around to answer the customers whaterver the question is.



For this Real Nappy Week, Babipur has released few Exclusivities!

The First one I would like to show you is this Beauty:

newborn pop in babipur-exclusive

Babipur has teamed up with Close Parent to be able to offer you the new Pop-in Newborn elephant printed nappy , which is exclusively available at Babipur, from Monday the 18th of april, 8 am.

A close-uo to the nappy:

Why is It so great for Oummanna?

Simply because The NEWBORN Pop Ins are a MUST HAVE in a Newborn Nappy Stash! I loved these nappies and they worked so well for us from birth to around 4 months. There were great and we had no leaks at all with them. The “normal” newborn Pop ins range comes in pastel solid colours. I will make a complete review, just bare with me 24/48h 🙂 So this nappy is really great and give a bit not to say a lot of colours! I just love it and I propose you a little video to show you the nappy:

So you see, Great? No?

And another one is this Connecta PRIDE Baby Carrier exlusive to Babipur with a beautiful Print that reminds me a French movie “Azur & Asmar”:

connecta pride



Well to show you how much it is FUN to #loveBapipur, let me show you what will be their offers during the Real Nappy week {psSStttt…. the offers are already ON!!!}

There are some fantastic offers on reusable nappies across the website too so there really is no better time to give cloth a try or to top up your stash… or simply treat your baby’s bum to something nice.

Between Monday 18th April and Sunday 1st May Babipur will be giving away the following list of goodies with orders placed during this period.

  • 168 Pop-in V2 Bamboo print nappies
  • 7 Pop-in exclusive Babipur elephant nappies
  • 260 Pop-in print wet bags
  • 340 Pop-in print beach balls
  • 84 stage 3 pop-in bibs
  • 6 pop-in playmats
  • 140 tubs of Kokoso coconut oil
  • 70 samples of violets laundry detergent
  • 70 samples of violets mineral bleach
  • 70 samples of little violets bottom balm
  • Plus some extra surprises too

To be in with a chance, all you have to do is place an order for reusable nappies or accessories of £20 or more between 18th April and 1st May.  With more than 80 prizes every day there’s a great chance you’ll get one but Babipur must stress that not every order will receive a freebie so try not to be too disappointed if you don’t get one.  If you are lucky enough to recieve a freebie with your order but you don’t think you’ll make use of it then please spread the love and give it to a friend who will.

And Babipur made a Yummy Video to let us wonder and dream a bit more – It’s gonna be hard to resist!-:


And For MORE Real Nappy Week offers, have a look at my Real Nappy Week 2016 Post 🙂






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