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Real Nappy week 2016 : Online Offers and Devon Real Nappy Project

Hello Busy bees!

Do you know that the Real Nappy Week 2016 is starting just now and will last until the 24t of april?

I am sure if you do not use cloth nappies you might think: What the hell is that and Why Real Nappy week is Soooo interesting?

Simply because wether you already use Cloth nappies or willing to try , this week is made for you. This is THE CHRISTMAS” for Real nappies users and It is not a joke.

During this week which the aim is to promote and introduce people to Real nappies you have a lot of FUN things happening: marvellous discounts, free gifts, giveaways, mega raffles and much more….

So first, I will try to explain what it is and who organizes it.


Each year Go Real aims to bring cloth nappies to the public eye by promoting cloth nappies through a week long campaign (Real Nappy Week) which helps to show those new to cloth nappies how easy it is to make the switch.

This year Real nappy week is being held between the 18th-24th April.

Every year there is a Theme and this year is to “Celebrate Change” to help mark their 20th year!

Retailers, manufactures and nappy libraries all come together and hold local nappy meet ups (also known as Nappuchinos), competitions and giveaways.

Parents are invited to get hands on and ask questions about choosing and using real nappies.

Now let’s talk about the fun things, online offers. I will try to put all the offers I can find in this article, plus will try to make some online shop and nappy reviews during this week to help you buy with confidence.



best offers award RNW 2016 by oummanna


  • Clean Green Nappy machine: Clean Green Nappy Cloth Taster Set for £12 including 2 nappies! {review Here , please Read before to purchase} and almost 20% off all items {BUT most of them are out of stock}


  • PlushPants: Free Wet Bags on all orders over £20 , 20% OFF of almost everything and a lot of Bundles


  • FillYourPants: 20% off plus freebies with code : FREEBIEPLEASE at checkout.


  • The Little nappy shop: All brands discounted and free UK delivery for all orders over £5
  • RNW16tlnsKingdom of Fluff: 20% off across the store* from now until midnight on Sunday 24th April.  Use discount code RNW2016 at checkout. And there’s more: 30% off Frugi and Tots Bots V3 and V4 Easyfits – now from £11.89 each (prices already reduced online) , 25% off Frugi Clothing – bibs, hats and babygro’s from only £5.25! (prices already reduced online)

kingdom of fluff




nappy lady discounts

rnw cheekywipes

Devon Real Nappy Project

And because I live in Devon, here what you can find locally:

The Devon Real Nappy Project is supporting the Real Nappy Week, which runs between 18-24 April, by holding a number of events.

This national event, organised by Go Real, is designed to raise awareness, promote the benefits and show parents how easy modern real nappies are to use.

For parents who want to try before they buy, the Devon Real Nappy Project provides a free trial kit which contains a selection of different nappies.

The one month trial gives parents the opportunity to try a range of nappies at home to find a type that suits their baby, lifestyle and budget. The kits are available across Devon and come with a comprehensive demonstration from a local real nappy advisor.

By using real nappies, families could save up to £1000 a year – even if the same nappies are used for baby number two and three.

Families could cut their nappy carbon foot print by 40% carbon saving by choosing real nappies over disposables. Currently UK families throw away 355,000 tons of disposable nappies each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year.

Real nappies are made using soft, comfortable fabrics and don’t contain any gels or chemicals that might irritate delicate skin. Studies have found that nappy rash is no more likely to occur using real nappies than disposables.

Real nappies are a lot easier to use than people imagine as the most popular nappies are shaped and slim fitting with no folding involved, just like disposables. Velcro and popper fastenings have long since replaced old fashioned pins, and now parents can choose from a range of colours, styles and fabrics too.

Councillor Rodney Cann, chairman of the Devon Authorities Waste Reduction & Recycling Committee (DAWRRC) said: “Using cloth nappies means that much less waste is sent for disposal.

“About eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every day in the UK, and are either landfilled or sent to a waste facility for energy recovery.

“Real nappies are good for the environment, good for your pocket and good for your baby.”

Parents are often concerned about the amount of washing involved. A load of real nappies can be machine washed every 2-3 days, then either line dried or left on an indoor airer.

A tumble drier isn’t essential, with microfibre and fleece nappies drying within a couple of hours. Parents who use disposable nappies often have to wash clothes and bedding more frequently as single use nappies do not offer the same kind of containment as real nappies, so either way there will be an extra load of washing.

Many parents opt to use a mix of real and disposable nappies. Using just one real nappy a day will save a total of 900 disposable nappies being thrown away.

For more informations:



The Nappy Lady in Exeter is Jen and to get in touch here is her website:


Monday 18th April – (My Birthday!!)
Beacon Heath – Clinic and Oasis – alongside the clinic Jen will be floating about showing new parents the fab new Close Parent patterns and explaining the concept of cloth wipes and how these are a cost saving option.

Tuesday 19th April
Pop Up Shop at My ExWardrobe, 10-2.30.
Katie from The Thrifty Stork and Jen are joining forces to bring you cloth nappies in the heart of Exeter! Frugi clothes are all cut for cloth so Jen will show you how beautiful it all is when you mix the two together.

Wednesday 20th April
Nappuccino – The Scout Hut,
It’s a MegaNappuccino – bring lunch and hang out for as long as you like! 10am-2pm!
Jen will be hosting the grand PopIn draw! She has 6 to give away and lots of other prizes – you have to be in it to win it!

Thursday 21st April
The Centre for Women’s Health.
Jen will be in the foyer by the coffee shop so that  new parents can get a flavour for how nappies work!

Friday 22nd April
Little Squirrels Exmouth – Busy fun filled playgroup! Hattie from Exmouth Sling Library will be there too.

Saturday 23rd April
The Baby and Children’s Market – St James, Summer Lane Whipton. Good quality preloved cloth nappies and accessories for sale!

So let’s go Now! 🙂

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