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REVIEW: NOT impressed by Clean Green Nappy Machine and RNW Taster Set


Tuesday Today and Real Nappy Week Day #2

As promised, I will try to review a shop or nappy a day during this RNW. And today, will talk about The Clean Green Nappy Machine.

Clean-Green-Nappy-logoI have an emotional attachment to this shop. My first order was placed in 2011, pregnant for the first time and first nappy experience.

It was a consequent order: a full set of 15 Tots Bots Bamboozle size 1 and 3 wraps, some fleece liners for a total of £153.07, exactly.

I do remember being a bit disappointed when I received my order because the order contained no gifts. I am a very fan of gifts even if they are small. I do feel that a good shop/customer service do add small bits {samples} when orders reach a certain amount even if they run a loyalty scheme. Because purely logical, the Loyalty scheme will not push me to come back when satisfaction will.

So because it has not worked for us , I did not “come back”.

Then I got pregnant for second time and wanted to buy more nappies and as I am a very loyal customer, I placed another order in 2014, again a very big order and no gifts.

This is when I started to search for another shop to give my money but It has been heartbreaking. I still wanted to give my trust because otherwise they were good and fast.

Baby arrived and stash complete, so I did not need anymore fluffs until recently. With RNW, I thought will try again and when I saw the Beautiful offer for the taster Set for £12, I placed a new order!

Here is the offer:

Taster setReally tempting?

TWO BEST SELLING NAPPIES for £12 with a RRP of £30 {please retain this carefully}: I bought it as soon as I saw it, thinking WAW, this offer will not last long 🙂

Very happy with my first Real Nappy Week Deal Order, placed on Friday the 15th because RNW offers were already online.

So when I received the Interlink message telling me I will receive my order today I was delighted!



Here what was in my Taster Set and then will review it together:

Taster Set by Clean Green Nappy Machine

So as you can see, it contains:

  • A Wonderoos V3 Sage in Minky

Value: £8 !!!!

wonderoos Taster Set by Clean Green Nappy Machine

  • A mini Pop In {Old generation} wet Bag:

Value : £1!!! see below

pop in tot bag


  • A Pop In Original Nappy:


So for this nappy, It was a bit of a shock! In fact, I am still chocked. The reason? This nappy is very very OLD, nothing best than pictures {from the Clean Green Nappy Machine website!} -the Dream Dri is around the same “age” than the Original Pop In – let’s see:

Dream dri and Original Pop In by Clean Green Nappy Machinepop in originalVALUE OF THE NAPPY: £3!!!!

What chocks me the most is this :

“Please note these items are end of line and sold as seen.  Colours/versions may differ and insert colours may not match outershells but this will not affect functionality. There is no Close Parent Warranty on these products.”

TOTAL REAL VALUE OF THE TASTER SET: £12 {This is what I paid! LOL}


I have been promised two best sellers nappies and have received only end of lines products that are absolutely not Best Sellers {I am not talking about the Wonderoos Nappy} and are not in the market anymore !

I have been promised a set of a value of £30,and the value is £12! Feel cheated and I think of people who wanted to try Clothes and might get the same thing than me. I DO hope that I am the only one to have received this kind of combination … It is misleading, not fair for your customers.

I have nothing against selling old nappies and using them, Pop Ins Original are great! It is just that I do not appreciate that a retailer has “lied”. They should have put instead of best seller brands, precise that it might contain old version or something like that.

I know that RNW is a Big Jackpot for retailers but it is really disgusting to play with customers vulnerability.

It is NOT a good way to WELCOME PEOPLE TO CLOTHS .

welcome to cloth by Clean Green Nappy Machine

Sorry guys, but No more Green Clean Nappy Machine for me!

All my reviews are my point of view and based on my own experience.

If you are looking for interesting offers and trustworthy retailers , please have a look at my blog post about RNW2016 and my Shop Reviews.

PS: Pop In Original and Wonderoos are fabulous nappies, I love them! My only issue was with the retailer that did not state the truth and was misleading. After contacting them, it seems that they have done noting wrong on their point of view. I disagree totally, but well, you are now alerted. Now you can buy knowing what you might get. I will have surely bought this bundle if the truth was stated , so I do not understand why the retailer is so reluctant to add it. What is sure is that my review has not been published on the website and everything I have written on their FB page has been simply deleted.

At any point of our discussion, I have been offered to return my order if I was unsatisfied.




  1. Linz says

    If you sent a list of nappies that you did not want included then it sounds like you didnt leave them much choice tbh. £12 is a bargain for 2 nappies and a wetbag. I would of jumped at that price when i was new to cloth.


    • Hi Linz , as I said I am happy with the nappies . I just disagree with the way it has been presented. It is misleading to state a value of £30 and to say best selling nappies even IF I DO LOVE POP INS and WONDEROOS!
      Does it make sense?


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