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A healthy pregnancy snack: CocoPeanut Bliss Balls

My first recipe inspired by paleo and keto snacks and that I love preparing {really easy} and eating {really yummy and contenting}, some bliss balls.

{Pssst…if you want , you can find  more Paleo and keto Recipes in the blog.}

You can vary the taste by using all kind of nuts and nuts butter.

Healthy pregnancy snack


What you need:

  • ~100gr Peanut butter
  • ~100 gr walnuts
  • ~ 50 gr coconut flakes
  • ~ a food processor
  • ~ a fridge
  • ~ two hands and a starving tummy 🙂



  1. In your food processor, put the walnuts and the coconut flakes and mix together until you obtain a fine powder.
  2. Transfer in a bol, add peanut butter and mix well until obtaining a past you can make balls with. If necessary, add a bit more peanut butter or coconut oil.
  3. Form the balls and roll them on some coconut flakes.
  4. Put them in fridge for 1 hour, and now enjoy. {can be kept in a tight container or in fridge for 2 weeks}

Healthy pregnancy snack

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