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As you know pregancy is a period of life when your body changes a lot and its demands too.

The first Trimester is a very exiting but also very exhausting with all the hormonal changes, nauseas, morning sickness…

So A new Category, where I will try to share some tips to help you cop with all these little things and share with you some good deals. The category is Pregnancy Tips, will add little by little.

The last trimester is the most demanding and you are exploring new sensations {baby know kicking and moving around} and also new pregnancy related “issues”: insomnia, heartburn , ligament pains and a bit more…

The most impressive thing and most difficult to deal with –for me– is The hunger!

Yes, during pregnancy, and obviously the last trimester, I do transform and change myself to a big and enormous stomac with legs, only looking for food and starving almost all the time…not a funny feeling and it is quite hard to fight it as you really are HUNGRY.

So to avoid becoming a pachyderm by the end of the 9th month and to help me cop with a grumbling tummy, I tried to elaborate yummy yet healthy snacks.

So I thought other mums-to-be that might have the same issue {hopping I am not the only one :-p} might be interested. Therefore I created a new category : Healthy Pregnancy Snacks, that I will fill little by little. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂


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