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Best Real Nappy Week 2016 Online Offer Award goes to TOTSBOTS!

Good morning!

Saturday  and Nearly the End of the RNW 2016!

The week-end now, well deserved. Hope your week has not be too exhausting. Here , I have been on a nappy hunt, trying to find THE BEST Real Nappy Week Offer for you.

Many of the shops I found have deals and discount up to 20% off with a maximum of 30% off.

I did finally find a REALLY good deal and wanted to share it with you.

Who is offering It? TOTS BOTS

I generally love Tots Bots nappies and have a special mention for the Bamboozle stretch. I have not been as lucky with the teenyfits and easyfits.

But recently Tots Bots have LAUNCHED two NEW nappies: Easyfit Star and Peanut.


I have just discovered the new PEANUT nappy and tried it and the nappy is great! I need to try them by night before to write a review {coming soon} but so far, so good!

I have also tried the Easyfit Star! And WAW , what an improvement! I absolutely had no success with the previous version (V3 & V4), always leaking but as soon as I saw the material in this nappy, knew I will have no issue!

Great job Tots Bots for these TWO new nappies, I want to say: BACK to Basics and Back to Bamboo! If I am not wrong, they have used the same blend of fabric in Peanut and Easyfit Star than in the bamboozle: That is CLEVER because this is what works, as simple as that!no more minky, Binky or whatsoever…


So let’s talk about the great offers now 🙂

  • You can still grab a bargain 50% off their Easyfit V4, Rhyme Time Peenut Wraps and Teenyfits today! Check out their Clearance section , and the different section {Esayfit, Peanut Wrapds, Teenyfits} and just remember to enter the code GIFT50 !!And Psst, we heard the warehousebots have added some fave prints too!



  • Tots Bots offer 50 % OFF their Trial Kit. The perfect introduction to cloth allowing you to try each of their nappy designs for £23. Includes One Teenyfit, One Easyfit Star , ONE  award winning Bamboozle and A peanut Wrap. Use code WTRIAL for 50% off and free shipping, t+c’s apply*  The T&cC’s are: Colours and prints in kit may vary. Overseas shipping charges apply.

tots Bots Trial Kit Offer rnw 2016

tots bots trial kit

{NOTE: The picture is absolutely not engaging but does not seem contractual too, as if you can see : this is a stretchy wrap not a peanut and the T&C’s suggest that you can have prints and colors. I wanted first to receive my order to check – but as It has been dispatched just yesterday, will not receice it until Monday and was afraid it might be too late for you to grab the deal.}

Peanut Festive Fling for 50% OFf at tots bots

  • To celebrate the Real Nappy Week, Tots Bots are kicking off the party by offering a FREE Star printed wetbag with the first 50 purchases over £50! The perfect companion for the new Easyfit Star – Bag yours now! {not sure they still have some …}tots bots Real Nappy Week Offers 2016
  • Go to their clearance and seconds Sections for more deals {I have bought a lot of seconds from tots bots in the past, essentially Bamboozles and I have never found why they were seconds…still wondering as they seem perfect for me :-)}


  • And to finish, FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £25! 🙂


I told you it is the BEST DEAL I have found so far!

I will update with pictures of my order as soon as I receive it. Just hope deals are still one! See you soon 🙂

ps: Tots Bots customer service is spot on! Always have answers to my questions and  God knows that I am always asking around 🙂 Sorry guys but for me this is the best way to test a shop: their customer service.

And Tots bots are fab’. When I was looking for a Big nappy for my 3 years daughter, they helped me and I bought the bamboozle stretch and wrap in size 3.

NOTE: All my opinions in this article are my personal views and are totally independant to Tots Bots. It is not a sponsored/commercial article.

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