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Review TOTS BOTS : Cloth Nappies Trial Pack

Hi everyone! How are you doing with the Heatwave? Here we tried to enjoy it with a lot of family time by going in the park and the seaside, playing and laughing with our little ones!

Sorry for not being able to post this earlier but was busy with my little family.

So let’s talk about the trial pack: I received mine and wanted to share with you as it is quite an interesting Deal/Bargain.

Delivery was fast and TotsBots customer service is spot on. They do answer to queries in a very good time and their answers are always appreciable!

Just a reminder of what the pack is supposed to contain and the price: Tots Bots Trial pack.


I thought a video will be more helpful to see the nappies in action, so let’s see together the TOTS BOTS Trial pack:


  • the price: £23!
  • you get 3 cloth nappies to try
  • You can try a fleece liner and compare with disposable liners {I prefer fleece liners}
  • I love the fact that you have a Teenyfit suitable from birth, a bamboozle size 1 for night time with the Peenut Wrap size 1 too and a BTP nappy- the Easyfit Star
  • Valuable pack to start with Cloth Nappies with a well known UK brand
  • two Award winning nappies: Bamboozle stretch and Easyfit Star
CONS: {If I can call them cons}
  • The pack would be more engaging if it contains more prints instead of plain white nappies, the goal being to seduce new users into the brand or into the Cloth journey 🙂
  • I am not keen on the V4 easyfits because have had no success with them – I absolutely hate the Binky fabric – but I am sure that will not have the same issue with the Teenyfit V4. Why? The change frequency on a newborn is higher than for a bigger baby so do not think that leaks will have time to occur. To be honest I have some Teenyfits V3 {minky} and had a lot of leaks with them sadly as I loved them. So fingers crossed, TOTS BOTS will release soon a TEENYFIT STAR! I hope they will 🙂
  • I think the Trial pack will be STUNNING and complete if It contains the PEENUT PADS. This way It gives the user the opportunity to try a complete AI2 {All In Two} Nappy and will have 4 nappies instead of 3. I will have preferred to pay a bit more and to get the pads.


A very good trial pack with nappies usable from birth to Potty training at a very attractive/competitive price!

I will definitely recommend it to new cloth nappies users or already converted mums: Love it and happy to have bought it.

The Bamboozle stretch is ONE of my favorite night-time nappy and my “safe journey” nappy. This nappy exists also in size 3 and is very useful for little grown up that are still not clean at night.

I have just discovered the Peenuts and the Easyfit Star and so far, I love them.  I will make a review soon of these both nappies so keep your eyes wide opened. It seems that TOTS BOTS returned to its original fabric -BAMBOO- for the Joy of all. They also seem to have find a way to stop leaks from the seems on the legs. Great Job TOTS BOTS, and now, I am sure many mums are waiting for the Teenyfit star! 🙂

Note : I bought the PRODUCT mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


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