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Close Parent Pop in Newborn Reusable Nappies Review

Special Close parent week, so today I will talk about Newborn Pop-ins reusable nappies.

You might be wondering why?

Are you willing to cloth bum your little Baba from birth? If yes, I am sorry to tell you that Birth to Potty {BTP} nappies won’t do the Job. I know that retailers/manufacturers are selling them pretending so but I will now tell you the truth: unless your little Baba weights at least 8lbs or more {4kgs+}, BTP won’t fit her. Tested and approved by myself: I learnt it the hard way unfortunately!

I know that most people will not be willing to invest on Newborn nappies which I completely understand as Cloth nappies are quite expensive {Meaning punctually but not in long term}.

Well this is when our Newborn pop-ins enter in the scene!

For Baba2, not willing to do the same mistake than for Baba1, I have invested on some Newborn nappies {will show you later what I bought then and what I have added for Baba3}. But after reading a lot of reviews, seen a lot of vlogs, it seemed that to fully cloth bum a little bundle of joy , you need between 20-30 nappies. I was far, very far, had approximately 15 , plus few prefolds.

And one day, I discovered the Newborn nappies, what has attracted me first, let be again honest, THE PRICE: a box of 6 outershells and 10 soakers for £39.99!!!! I thought It was a joke.


Why? All the newborn nappies I bought were priced from £8.99 to £12.99 per unit. And with this box, you can have 10 nappies for £40.00, which makes an average of £4 per nappy! Impossible! My first thought was that they must be really bad for being sold at this price {you know this kind of silly thoughts you have sometimes because of a well lead brain-washed by the mass marketing} . Then I have noticed that they were OUT OF STOCK everywhere, so not so bad I guessed. I absolutely wanted one to complete my stash, the run started!

I finally back-ordered them at even a beautiful discounted price: £32.99!

Video demonstration


Newborn Pop-ins nappy review

  • Bridge the gap from tiny baby and birth to potty sizing 5-12lbs, 2-5.5kgs
  • Soft elasticated waistline and easy aplix fastening for quick changes
  • Double leg gusset to protect against leaks at any size or age
  • Removable soakers so outer wrap can be re-used if not soiled
  •  Contoured to sit underneath the umbilical cord
  • Soya and stay dry suede cloth sides to the inner soaker
  • Easy to care for no soaking simply wash on a 60 degree wash (inner may be tumble dried)
  • Contoured to sit underneath the umbilical cord
  • pocket inside the soaker to add a booster for extra absorbency



Now, my point of view.

Here is what was part of my newborn stash:

detal newborn stash oummanna

Plus one box of Newborn pop-ins.

The newborn pop-ins have been my favorites an and the one that I have used the most: until baba2 was almost 4 months old!!! Then I moved to the BTP Pop-in Nappies.

The fit was great and I had just to boost them to add absorbency. My only negative point is that there is only 6 outershells. This box will be FABULOUS if it contains 10 outershells. Why?

Usually, I had to change the outershell: you know the king of Breastfead Baby poo explosion! The nappies contain them very well but impossible to reuse the shell in between changes. But clearly love them , so much in fact that I have bought a second set for Baba3 and could not resist the Elephant Print exlusive to BabiPur.

Great Deal Alert: You can find the box at £27.99 at Kiddicare!

tested and approved by oummanna

Note : I bought the PRODUCT mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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