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Are Emma’s Diary Free Packs Useful?

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

Well, today’s talk: Pregnancy!

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant –sorry guys not you-, you know about this: Emma’s diary. We all remember our first 12 weeks appointment with the midwife and the Bounty Pregnancy Information folder that she, obviously, generously gave to us , along with our Beloved Green Notes {will explain this later}. [Note to myself: notes are not green anymore: NHS finally understood that a bit of confidentiality is Great!]

Bounty Pregnancy Folder pack and NHS Pregnancy note

Well in this pack, along with a LOOOOOOOT of vouchers {you will get used to them even if annoying}, you receive your Emma’s Diary Pregnancy Guide.

emma's diary pregnancy guideThis Guide has been my little comforter for my first pregnancy. I really loved it as it was giving me what I did not find in my NHS care, through my midwife: Advices, tips, and explanations. I found It was clever to describe pregnancy symptoms through Emma’s pregnancy {She gets pregnant very often, though! just joking}. Through her own journey, I was finding that my own was normal and had nothing to worry about. I was not strange! It was for me the most useful thing in this pack. I will talk about the vouchers later.

Unfortunately, at each pregnancy you get a new edition of this guide and it is not really different, so at my second pregnancy,  I started to get bored {normal after reading  100 times at least the first one!} but I was still using it for comfort as it is still quite reassuring.

Third pregnancy round, two babas at home, I have no idea where this guide has gone! I do remember having it on my hand but do also remember  little Baba2 playing with it {Not great I know}. I have searched everywhere for it but I am afraid It will have fallen into the bin by inadvertance. But no worries, if like me, you have “lost” it, you can still read it online.

Sign in or not Sign in

This is the question. You might think that this is useless, and clearly I understand. The First time, I signed in robotically without thinking. But, I have been really annoyed by all these useless vouchers. They were useless for us at this time and some are still today, for example: Ocado. I would love to shop with Ocado and get benefits of the voucher but Ocado does not deliver in Devon! So no point, no point at all and I receive at least 2 vouchers in every Emma’s Diary and Bounty pack , so really annoying and for eco-conscious woman , get’s crossed for this waste of paper.

Second annoyance: third parties mails and phone calls!

Therefore for my second pregnancy, I was not so sure to sign in again. I have little use of the samples I have received the first time so was not sure the annoyances were worse it. But did it as I am quite a loyal birdie if we can say this.

This time, I made sure to tick only the boxes I wanted and I really enjoyed my free samples and no more third parties mails and phone calls. I think being a mum for the second time made me more practical!

I have used cloth nappies from birth and reusable breast pads, meanwhile I used the disposables Lansinoh samples when I was out and about, same thing for the pampers. The Fairy samples have been great for our holidays: so easy and handy to pack in our travel bags!

My real surprise was to receive an email from Emma’s Diary, a week before my due date about Bambino Mio and their reusable nappies! I ticked the box “reusable nappies” for choice of changes. They were offering me a free Bambino Mio Nappy, I just had to pay for postage! I was sooo happy as I had no nappies from this brand and wanted to try.

thanks bambinomio emmas diary

I am now a good user of Bambino Mio Miosolos AIO nappies so I think it was a great marketing campaign! {Review of Miosolos coming soon}. They are part of my Toddler stash as you can see below.

Bambino mio stash

So guess what? Third time, I did not ask myself. I signed in and I love Emma’s diary community ! You can find a lot of advices and tips on their website. It is just like chatting with a lot of women in a virtual platform {exactly the kind of things I enjoy!}


I would like to present you the content of the free packs you get when you sign in.

Emma’s Diary Free Packs content


What do you get ?

Emma's diary free packs content

  • 2 lights Tena Pads
  • 4 Lansinoh disposable Breast pads
  • 4 Newborn disposable Pampers nappies
  • 1 stretch mark massage oil
  • 1 Lansinoh breastmilk storage bag
  • 2 baby creams samples
  • 1 Petits Filous spoon
  • 1 pack Pampers Baby wipes
  • 1 size 3 disposable Pampers nappy
  • 2 Fairy non bio Washing powder samples
  • 2 Fairy Softeners Samples
  • Gap Baby socks!

What did I enjoy this time and surprised me?

Surely the Tena Pads! Oh My! I laughed  not because it is funny but because it is the true I am afraid: We need them even if it is absolutely not glamourous and people tend not to talk about pregnant woman incontinence. So thanks Emma’s diary again 🙂

The other surprise was the Gap socks: this kind of gifts are always enjoyable, and it makes things more real, like a first Baby gift.

As an eco Mummy, even if these samples are useful {mostly when you are out and about}, I would love Emma’s Diary to get more reusable products from eco-conscious brands!

I’d rather have only :

  • 1 reusable breastpad
  • 1 reusable cloth nappy
  • few washable wipes
  • 1 coconut oil sample
  • 1 Cloth Sanitary Pad {CSP}

Just guess the impact nationwide of such a content! That will surely make CLOTH mainstream! Oh I am dreaming! Unfortunately, I do not think that the actual brands can afford this kind of campains but I would like to thank Bambino Mio and Emma’s Diary for having teamed up in 2014! I’d love to see much of this happen in the next future. For the moment I will continue enjoying my free samples.

tested and approved by oummanna

And you, what do you think? useful or not? Are you a cloth-bum mum?



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