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Introducing Ecopipo Cloth Diapers: Review of the Ecopipo V2 Pocket Cloth nappy

Hello Cloth Bumming enthousiasts!

This week, the brand I will be talking about is ECOPIPO. Why Ecopipo?

Because I absolutely did not know about them until Real Nappy Week. Really, never heard this nappy name before or seen any! This is what I love with RNW, it gives you the opportunity to discover and try new brands at discounted price. How did I find Ecopipo? I was looking to Fill Your Pants website to take advantage of their RNW offers, when I discovered two new brands: Petit Lulu and Ecopipo!

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

The prints of the Ecopipo range won the day and I decided to try them out. But as usual, I never buy a nappy  {or anything else in fact} without checking everywhere and trying to grasp utmost informations possible.

And here we are , I found the Ecopipo UK website!

Sometimes, I am not sure that it is a great thing that I find what I am looking for neither for my bank account or my Poor Little CB.

About Ecopipo

{Ectract of Ecopipo website}

Ecopipo® nappies is a family run business in Mexico.

In the early days, the manufacturing of  Ecopipo® nappies  took place in the Desisigner Ixchel  family dinning room and now 5 years later, Ecopipo® proudly employs 30 workers, who work using the latest environmentally friendly techniques and equipment. Ecopipo® is committed to the environment’s well-being, and also aims to be a socially responsible enterprise. Ecopipo® workers have mainly come from the long-term unemployed textile workers. All the workers receive a payment for their work that is well above the Mexican national average income wage. This is a direct benefit to over 200 families included in Ecopipo’s large national and international distributors’ network.

Ecopipo® uses the latest technology in the production line and the strictest quality control measures to guarantee that our product reaches you at their best, for your baby’s comfort and for your own peace of mind.

Ecopipo® have already received 3 awards. They won 1st prize at the Mexican Young Entrepreneurship Student Awards in 2011, competing against 260 entrepreneurial student projects in green technology. They gained the opportunity to participate in the Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2011, held in New York last November, where they obtained a highly commended international recognition. They also won 5th prize at National Level at the Clean Technology Challenge Mexico in 2011.

NOTE : Most of the nappies I am using are designed in UK and produced in China. The only UK brand producing in UK I think is Tots Bots.

The US brands I am using like Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz ETC are usually designed in USA and manufactured in China/Turkey depending.

Applecheeks are designed and manufactured in Canada!

So while I prefer promoting and encouraging local economies, for nappies it is a bit different.

I was very surprised and happy to see that Ecopipo was a Mexican brand and that they have a branch in UK run by the same family. South America is a part of the world that I love {not in the touristic meaning, not for the beaches, sun etc}, I love it because I worked there in the past. I have an attachment to Bolivia where I shared a part of my little Nursing Life.

So if by buying an Ecopipo nappy I can contribute on developing the country and helping families to have a decent life so,  Yes,  I am happy to buy even if it is not made in UK.


Let’s now talk about the Ecopipo V2 Pocket nappy. The main raison I decided to try it is its very own special inner double gusset rail! A little video to see how it works:


  • Birth to potty nappy: from 8 lbs to 35 lbs+

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  • Adjustable size and rise thanks to a popper system in front of the nappy

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  • Easy yet strong Velcro closure tabs

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  • Washing Tabs
  • The Inner Gusset Rail : double ultra-soft elastic system to reduce leaks.

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  • Super soft, durable and stretchy back elastic to keep baby’s stool in without causing red marks on delicate baby’s skin.
  • Easy to fill pocket with overlap slot to avoid liquid from escaping and your baby from getting wet.

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  • Waterproof outer layer patterned with modern, fashionable, trendy and funkiest prints designs. Here are TWO my favorites: Daisies and Newspaper!

Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy review

  •  inner layer is made of soft Stay-dry micro fleece
  • 2 inserts as standard: one trifolded made of microfiber and bamboo and one  small organic bamboo insert.


Ecopipo v2 pocket nappy reviewMy conclusion about this nappy is I have been really surprised by the absorbency of the small bamboo insert! This insert is incredible, so let’s say the overall nappy!

This nappy is , I will say, in the middle regarding sizing. It is a generous BTP but not as big as the new Ecopipo All in One.

I am not disappointed at all and will surely stock more than 2 if needed for Baba3.

I do advise people to always first buy 1 or 2 nappy, try them and if it works for you, buy more :-). Don’t buy a lot before testing as baby shapes are sooo different!

And pssst Stay tunned! I have a LOVELY gift for you at the end of the week , just sharing the love as usual ♥

tested and approved by oummannaNote : I bought the PRODUCT mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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  1. Ivonne says

    I loved your article and even though I have no kids yet you’ve fully convinced me on this acquisition once I decide to go for it. They look amazing and as a quality product.
    I loved the article… I am Mexican and I would like to add that Mexico is in fact in North America… just for further information.

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