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New Vegetarian treat : Eggless Chocolate Fondant Cake recipe

Preparing the long Bank Holiday Weekend, yesterday has been a busy day  here at Oummanna HQ.

I really hope the weather will be with us to be able a day out at the parc with a family pique-nique. Our little Princesses absolutely love this kind of simple activities and so, do we.

And a pique-nique is not a pique-nique if not accompanied by a delicious cake! So this time I chose to make an Egg free Chocolate fondant. This recipe is really easy and you are going to be chocked by the results! First time I made it I could not believe that it has worked so well {after few attempts with other recipes, my expectations were very low}.

Do you fancy a chocolate Fondant? If yes, let’s prepare.

Eggfree chocolate fondant recipe


  • 200 gr dessert chocolat {baking chocolat}
  • 100 gr soft butter
  • 100 gr self raising flour
  • 1 can {~400 gr} of condensed milk


Eggfree chocolate fondant recipe*Preheat your oven at 180 degree C

*Break the chocolate and place into a heatproof bowl.

  • *Sit over a pan of barely simmering water (a bain marie) and allow the chocolate to melt, stirring occasionally.
  • *Once melted, add the butter also cut into small pieces. Let melt and stir. When all is melt , take off from the heat.

*Add the condensed milk to the chocolate/butter mix and mix well using a whisk.

*Now, just add the flour little by little by mixing constantly. You should obtain a creamy batter consistency . If your mix is too dense, just add a bit of milk.

*Grease your pan and pour the batter. For a “Brownie” like cake, I like to add some walnuts.

*Put into the oven on the middle shelf and let’s cook for around 25 minutes {not more unless your cake is still floppy and liquid}

*Once cooked, let it cool and degust after 24h in fridge for better results.


Eggfree chocolate fondant recipe

Another alternative with less sugar and really intense in chocolate


  • 100 gr cocoa powder
  • 100 gr unrefined sugar
  • 100 gr soft butter
  • 100 gr raising flour
  • 1 can of evaporated milk

Method: proceed by first melting the butter and mix with sugar and cocoa powder. Then add the milk and flour.

I do use the two recipes depending on what is left in my cupboard. We love them both 🙂

Hope you will love them too and let me know if you try or if you have any other recipe to share!



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