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Pregnancy Third Trimester: Symptoms, Tips and updates

Good morning Mama’s & Papa’s

Today, Pregnancy Talk and mostly third trimester symptoms.

The third trimester of  pregnancy is from week 29 to week 40 {months seven, eight and nine}.


This trimester, while being the last, is not the least. The days go on and on and inescapably, the feeling of the end approches too. Between excitement and worries, we get a bit lost, a bit confused. And above all these already busy feelings Shambles, you need to add a lot of new symptoms that are not really easy to cop with.

The last few weeks have always been for me like a challenge between backache, heartburn and the need to clean and prepare everything around the house. On top of this, this happiness melt with anxiety when thinking about labour and all the things that might happen and the changes that will then occur.

Pregnancy challenges you in the deepest of yourself: finding some echoes in your childhood and roots, while creating new experiences, new memories.

Each stade is full of its own trials, pushing you and your body to consistently readapt yourself.

The last trimester being the ultimate one, the one that shall bring you to the ultimate goal: holding your little baby in your arms.


Unfortunately the way to it is not the easiest, like a quest, you try to find on yourself the courage to brave all the “dangers”: the fear regarding childbirth, the pain in your body that you start feeling, and all the strange emotions that start to surround you.

Whatever you do, you will have to do It, the way it will happen. The best you can do is to prepare yourself, your body, your soul and your family members to this new experience, new challenge.

This blog post will be about coping with the new changes that bring this trimester.

Third Trimester Symptoms and Tips

  • I think, one the most common is HEARTBURN

pregnancy-heartburnStrangely , not all pregnancies are the same. For my first, I have suffered a lot with this. I was just unable to eat anything as it would hurt me so badly. Something that was really helpful, I tried to always cut on quantities and avoid everything {really everything} that might be spicy, acidic or that will turn acidic during digestion. So eventually, I was only eating “bland” food like pasta, rice, chicken and was avoiding fruits and vegetables {I know not great} but it helped me.

The last solution was Gaviscon but I did not remember it being really helpful : just an instant relief then just restarting again.

So TOP tips:

  1. just try to eat little by little and frequently.
  2. And OBVIOUSLY, avoid Large portions before sleeping or I wish you from now Good luck!
  3. Cold things helped me too and my BEST FRIEND ever during pregnancy {and every time} : Sparkling water!


  • The Second one: Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis {Vomiting}

This one is by the way, for me, the hardest! The one that lives you strength less and a bit desperate. So if you suffer from this on your last trimester {like I did for my second pregnancy}, I really do feel for you. No one has any idea how bad it is , just to smell, to see something and have to vomit… to be unable to keep anything inside. For Baba2, as I suffered hyperemesis during all my pregnancy until a consultant {I love her} relieved me at 8 months pregnancy with some Zantac, I tried a lot of things to help me and it helped me. Here are my useful tips that you can try even for the first trimester:

Lemon juice

  1. Every morning, drink a glass of water {USUALLY for me sparkling water -unable to drink table water during pregnancy, have no idea why? Just can’t bear it!} with lemon juice. Lemon juice is really helpful and helped me and was drinking some of this mixture every time I thought it might again help.
  2. Avoid any trigger {smell, food, anything really even objects}
  3. Chew something {chewing gum} every time you go out, just don’t stop! It might sound funny but really it is helpful!
  4. Ginger biscuits or Ginger, you can try too {has never worked for me thought}
  5. a lot of patience and positive vibes


  • Then, Swollen legs and feet

swollen legsThis one is new to me! I have not suffered it for my previous pregnancies. And again, it comes with it bundles of joy and pain. Well, I have absolutely no idea by where to start as I am still exploring.  Some few tips for sure:

  1. Try to rest as much as you can during the day and not to stay on your feet {The funny bit when you work or you have already 2 babas to run after!}
  2. raise/lift your legs when you sit for long periods even when you sleep {just by putting some pillows under your mattress}. You’ll see it is miraculous.
  3. Avoid salty food {too much salt is not recommended for fluid retention}
  4. Massage your legs every evening with an oil from foot to top to help blood circulation ,
  5. and please seek medical assistance if you notice that your feet are still swollen in the morning, if they hurt, if you have any headache, any hot and red spots on your legs/feet. Always try to be checked if you have any doubt {keep pre-eclampsia in mind without overthinking it :-p}


  • You also have Backache and Hip pain:

This is also unfortunately really common. You have to include within it the PGD {Pelvic Girdle Pain} and sciatica. This is quite easy to understand due to all the changes your body is operating during pregnancy: weight, blood volume, body center of gravity, etc…

Even if easy to understand, not easy to live with and it can be quite incapacitating. If it is really hard and painful, seek help with your GP or Midwife {if she is really helpful -I am sorry ladies but had no luck so far and still now}. You might be referred to a physiotherapist, that can really help.

What I used to do and still doing when the pain is at its highest, I put myself on all four and try to ease my back by rocking. Lowering myself from hands-and-knees helps me to calm and gather myself. This position is also used to ease the physical and emotional intensity of labour. So keep this in mind. I did it naturally without knowing it and I really feel that it relieves me, during labour too {even if I am more a walking woman 🙂 ~ we will talk about this later, shall we?}.


  • Another strange symptom : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome {CTS}

carpal-tunnel-soft-tissue-release-cureAlso in simple English: numb and painful fingers! This is how I described it to my GP for my second pregnancy {only had it for this one}. This symptom is by far the strangest I have experienced and the only one I had no idea it exists at all.

So will share with you some informations, in case you are experimenting it.

Extract from Babycentre.co.uk :

“The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage that runs from the bottom of your wrist to your lower palm. The median nerve, which controls feeling and movement in part of your hand, passes through this passage (NHS Choices 2014).

It’s normal to have mild swelling in your hands during pregnancy. This is caused by a build-up of fluid, called oedema in the tissues (Newson 2014, NICE 2012).

The swelling squeezes the carpal tunnel and puts pressure on the median nerve, causing the tingling and numbness you’re feeling (NHS Choices 2014, NICE 2012).

CTS is thought to affect up to 70 per cent of mums-to-be (Padua et al 2010). You may notice discomfort at any stage, although you’re most likely to feel it in the Third trimester (Khosrawi et al 2012). That’s when you’re especially prone to swelling in your hands.

If you do have CTS, it’s likely to be mild and temporary, often disappearing within months of your baby’s birth (NHS Choices 2014, NICE 2012). But for some mums it can be severe and last for much longer (NHS Choices 2014, NICE 2012, Padua et al 2010). ”

I can tell you that this blue part above has freaking me out!!! I was so anxious because it was really annoying! Every morning I woke up with a useless and painful hand. But thankfully, just disappeared like it appeared once I gave birth.


My tips to ease the pain during the night and sometimes the day too: make a bandage over my hand . But when you do so, do not tighten it, it is just to sustain and help. And always keep in mind the Blood circulation way: you go from your fingers to your arm. Is it clear? not sure :-/


Again, talk to your GP/Midwife and seek help if the pain is unbearable or really changes your day to day life.

pppssstttt! I forgot to talk about INSOMNIA?!! Why ? I do not have a lot to say about this one…. just try to do something 🙂 write a blogpost for example.


I am sure I forgot to talk about many other symptoms and sure you all have a lot of tips to share that can help any mum-to-be or momma around that will be seeking some soothing advices on the internet. This space is your so please feel free to share your experience , tip sin comment. It is really helpful and you can sometimes change someone’s “day life”.

And always retain, you must listen to your body. Pain is an alarm: the only way for your body to express himself. So just listen and do not be afraid to experiment strange positions to ease your back,  it is real during labour too. Just listen to yourself!

I am currently using some oils to massage and ease the body but also to prepare body into labour. I will post tomorrow {if I can} !

See you then and thanks for reading ♥

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