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My Baby SPA routine at home {Review of StorkSak Organics Baby Spa Gift Set}

Family time are part of these enjoyable moments in life. We try, the best we can, to have some magic moment with each of our daughter.

I love building memories with them by adding to their repertories some new tastes, scents, sounds, anything really as I realise every day how simple things in my childhood always come to my mind in a flash back : the smell of mint tea always reminds me our holidays… fresh bread recalls me to the Sunday’s morning awakening when my mother used to prepare us Moroccan bread.

Bath time, being one of this rare instant between my babies and I for relaxing and bonding in a more intense one-to-one relation, I have established once a week a really Baby Spa at home. We try not to waste water and to use it moderately so usually our daughters have showers like Bath during the week but the week-end {day depending in my mood and strength}, they have a lovely long bath followed by a message session with a very special and dedicated guest : ME!

Regarding Baba1 allergies and skin problems and sensitivity {eczema essentially}, it is a bit tricky not to say really hard to find the right products for this special moment. I decided after many attempts resulting in rashes to use only vegetable oils {Prunus, apricot and avocado oil} and absolutely no scented products for her.

Baba2 can enjoy a bit more fun and scented products so when StorkSak proposed me to try their Organics Baby Spa Range, I have been seduced by the Organic part and the made in UK. So YES, I gave it a go after reading the description of the products with still in mind a little doubt and a little fear {rashes are quite hard to handle so I always have a lot of apprehension when we introduce/try new products}.

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

So when the postman arrived on a Friday morning to deliver my Storksak Baby SPA Gift set, I was more than happy and thought “Good Schedule!”.

Storksak organics baby spa gift set reviewPacket opened, I was just completely overwhelmed by the beautiful packaging! What a lovely gift it makes for a mum-to-be! I was really delighted and loved the box {I like recycling and reusing boxes so this one will make a fantastic keepsake} and the beautiful delicate pear and leaves designs.



Now that I have opened It, let’s describe it.

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

The Gift Set contains:

  • 200ml Baby Wash & Shampoo
  • 100ml Baby Lotion
  • 60g Baby Balm
  • 100ml Baby Oil
  • Organic Cotton Hand & Face Wipes


Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

Using only the finest natural and organic ingredients made with baby’s delicate skin in mind.  Dermatologically approved and certified Cosmos Organic ensuring that all Storksak products are pure and safe to use .

No parabens, SLS, mineral oils, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances

Storksak Organics is a beautiful collection of natural, organic bath and skincare products proudly made in England. Our natural and delicate signature scent has been specially designed to pamper your baby. Formulated by the fragrance experts of Grasse, it combines subtle notes of English pear, chamomile extract and honey inspired by the gentle tranquility of the countryside.

I really loved the fact that most of the ingredients not to say all are Organic and made in UK, that really Storksak made a big effort to provide here a good quality product keeping in mind the new needs of families trying to use only organics and local products. I can say that I have been convinced by the content of this pack as It really contains all you need for these special moments with your baby. You have everything from nappy time, the washing part and pampering instant!

Now, that I trust the product, we had to use It! The most enjoyable part for my Babas and myself!

Pampering my Baba

Bath time with the Baby Wash & Shampoo:

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

My very first impression was: Waw, what a lovely scent! We live in Devon and are used to the countryside and it smells so nice that Baba was like smelling my hands and hers. It was really funny and it is exactly the king of memories I love building. Who doesn’t remember a particular perfume/ smell from childhood? I do remember one of my favorite shampoo. I am really impressed by the delicate pear fragrance, not overwhelming. It is soft, discret, yet really deep. The suds of the baby wash & Shampoo are so soft when you are washing your little one, like a cream I felt. We both did enjoy it and my hands feel like silk afterwards as much as my baba skin did.

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

After enjoying some moment washing and playing in water, time to get out and to surround her with fluffiness. I love giving her the choice to sit or lay on her back while massaging her. This time she chooses to sit so first thing to do, place the nappy back! I did use the nappy balm and love it as it was really nourishing and did not left any residue. As you all know now, I use cloth nappies, so I always put a fleece liner on top of my nappy not to “damage” the nappy when I use nappy creams. So no risk with the Storksak nappy balm!

Let’s start our lovely massages. Here starts the Cornelian dilemma: what do I use the balm or the oil?

It really depends what you like as a texture! Well, decided to go for the oil this time and absolutely charmed by it. Baba was happy and so, was I. Her skin was really soft, silk like, with a delicate flower scent and my hands too!

Time to dress up after this really appreciable instant with our Storksak Organic Baby Spa products.

When my lovely Baba1 discovered her sister, she was just complimenting  her sister about her fabulous scent and how soft she was. It was one of this hugs moment between sisters. She also wanted to try so I did I tested this same day a bit of Baby wash & Shampoo on her hands to see if any reactions will occur. I know that the products are really safe but because she has a really sensitive skin , I did not want to take any risk. The day after, no reaction: she was over the moon! So happy to have a scented product for her Spa session. { I was too really}

I have used all the products on Baba1 who is really allergic to almost all the things and no reaction at all. Her skin was softs, she did not complain with stings {which she usually did} and no itchiness too.

Definitively, convinced and seduced, even for myself! I use the wipes for my daughters face and hands when out an about and for myself too! We usually use washable wipes with only water and coconut oil but those wipes are really good.


Will I continue using these products? DEFINITLY, yes!

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

  • I love this range of products.  The box contains a really good selection of products, the average size of products: 200ml and 100ml so you do not get just little one samples. 
  • The smell is really unique  and refreshing, without being overpowering.
  • I found the bath oil, lotion and balm really nourishing. The baby balm is not sticky or greasy, making it really easy to apply.
  • The shampoo/body wash are gentle, with only the slightest of scents.
  • I CLEARLY love the fact that the ingredients are organic and made in the UK.
  • The Baby Spa box offers excellent value and would also make a nice gift. The box is really impressive looking and has a lovely print.

In conclusion

tested and approved by oummanna

This set is ideal for pampering your new arrival and it contains all you need.

Lovely and useful products that you can use on a daily basis. The fragrance smells natural and is not too intense compared to most High Street products.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a baby shower party or just for a new mum-to-be or to treat yourself or a lovely friend/relative with young children I think this gift set is a really great idea.

All the products are also available to buy individually and Storksak also proposes a travel set!

Storksak organics baby spa gift set review

I will definitely be buying the Storksak products again and would highly recommend anyone to give them a try.

My Shopping list:

Note : I have been sent the PRODUCT mentioned in this post for this review purpose and did this review because I wanted to, no  financial compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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