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Why to use Washable Wipes {Review of the Cheeky wipes Mini Kit for Cloth nappies users}

Good morning everyone!

Green Parenting, Green Life what does this mean really in a day to day life? Absolutely no idea!

green parenting

For us, It has been more a journey that we started 6 years ago when we became parents. We were already a bit “green” meaning simply that we were trying to consume differently and reduce our waste.

LoveFoodHateWasteMost importantly, we, my partner and I, agree that food should not be wasted and are completely horrified by overconsumption that results on food waste.

1} This was our FIRST step : NO FOOD WASTAGE. We buy and cook proportionally to our needs and we NEVER put any food on the bin. We make sure to eat any leftover.

Credit everythingcloth

Credit everythingcloth

Then when I was pregnant of Baba1 we decided to try reusable nappies. It has not been a great success but we tried our best.

2} This was our SECOND step: Start using CLOTH NAPPIES.

With Baba2, we were sure to use only reusable nappies and this time round, we were more careful and managed very well {Happy!}. And I was really keen on trying washable wipes so we did it too. It was a natural step and it was a non sense to use disposable wipes with cloth nappies.

3} This was our THIRD step: Stop using baby wipes and use instead WASHABLE WIPES.

We will discuss our journey later as it is just the start and they are few more steps we have done, but for now, let’s talk washable wipes.

Why to use Washable wipes?

Once you use them, everything become so obvious!

  • You need only one washable wipe when usually 5 disposables were necessary
  • you really clean your baby’s bottom and feel it!
  • No chemicals , you use whatever you want: water and/or coconut oil
  • No more redness!
  • no waste
  • and far less expensive!
  • as easy to use as disposables

You can decide to make them or to buy them.

What Fabric to choose If I make them?

fleeceIf you are going to make them, a lot of people says to cut an old fleece dressing gown. If I were you, I will CLEARLY avoid FLEECE for wipes. Fleece is a repellent fabric. It is supposed to keep the moisture away, so I am sure you see where I am going. It is a good stay Dry FABRIC so perfect inside a nappy to keep your baby’s bottom dry.

To wipe clean your Baby bottom, you need to wet your wipes to really clean so if the fabric is repellent, you are going to struggle and it will be really rough on your baby skin.

You can use Fleece wipes to apply your coconut oil for example but not to clean. This is my point of view and my own experience.

If you want to make them, use an old towel, or terry towel fabric. You can also use Flannel cotton, which is really soft. My favorite fabric is Bamboo for its antimicrobial properties. It is quite an expensive fabric.

I started by making my own wipes when I have been offered an overlocked sewing machine to finish the edges. It is quite easy but time consuming and quality depends really on fabric. After few calculations, I work out that it can be more cost effective to buy ready made wipes depending on brand. And my choice is clearly: CHEEKY WIPES.



  • Why Cheeky wipes?

I love the range Helen has developed and the facility the kits offers! It is very clever to propose a fresh and a mucky box to use your wipes, it is really practical. Cheeky wipes offers a good range of wipes: terry, bamboo, microfibre and runs offers every month.

As I am already a good user of washable nappies and have all the equipment to deal with dirty nappies and wipes { wet bags, laundry bags, etc}, I needed only new wipes and a box to stock the clean one. I am after this box since 5 years! 🙂

Cheeky wipes has just launched a new set of 25 rainbow Bamboo wipes so could not choose anything else! Bamboo is my favorite fabric for wipes and to have them in colors is a very good bonus.

What does the Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit contains?

From Cheeky wipes website:

This Mini kit has been designed for existing cloth nappy users who already have a nappy bin and wet bag, perfect for both nappy changing and hands & face wiping, using 99.84% water and a few drops of essential oil to gently cleanse your baby.


The Cheeky Wipes mini kits have fantastic new features:

  • Boxes have flat, stackable lids and a splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
  • Single-clip hinged lid means easy one-handed opening and closing, great when you have a wriggly toddler!
  • fill water levels

cheeky wipes mini kit


  • 25 – Lovely soft rainbow bamboo {5 OF EACH COLOUR} cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm
  • ‘Single-Clip’ Fresh Baby Wipes container
  • Cheeky Wipes Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
  • 10 ml bottle of Lavender & Chamomile Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend

How to use your Cheeky wipes Mini Kit?

I made this little video to show you how easy it is to use washable wipes and how hassle free they are! So easy to ditch the disposables with Cheeky wipes!


As you can see, these wipes are fantastic! Really, I love them! I feel silly not to have bought a kit from the beginning!

They are less expensive, the system with boxes makes things far much easier.


We live in a duplex flat with 2 levels and I leave this kit in the first level which is our main floor with kitchen, dining/living room and children playroom. It has been so useful here! In our “sleeping” level, where I used to stock my wipes, I decided to buy a new kit for once baby3 arrives as I really think that the cheeky wipes are what we need. I can make my own wipes but what the point?

I have compared my wipes and the cheeky ones and the quality is absolutely far far better in the cheeky wipes. The bamboo fabric is thicker and the edges are clearly more durable than those I make for our use.


I love this kit so much that I am thinking to have one in the car! I am thinking of always keeping a spray ready with water and coconut oil {plus essential oils : Tea tree}, always ready to use in case of need. We all know that the car is always the place where children like to mess around: have no idea why? 😉

Now, more deeply, after more than ONE MONTH of use and SEVERAL washes,

The wipes are like new:

  • NO fraying edges
  • NO colour run
  • NO discoloration
  • still soft

My advices:

  1. DO not use your 25 wipes at once if you are not going to use them within 24 hours. Why? Dampness is not good for fabric! If you want to avoid your wipes to smell badly after few months, listen to me :-).
  2. Prep only the number of wipes you’ll need for one day and make sure in hot weather to “air” them. This will help to extend the shelf life of your wipes.
  3. You can put them straight in your box after wash, but for the reasons I explain above, I suggest you to just do this with those you need. Dry the others and stock them until needed. You will keep your wipes fresh this way.
  4. Coconut Oil works great on Baby’s bottom. So just put warm water with a spoon of coconut oil in your fresh box before putting your wipes.
  5. Why not use a spray when you are out and about to wet your wipes if you are away for few days and do not want to take your box? just use your FRESH wet bag to store your wipes. This is what I am going to do for my Baby hospital bag.
  6. As for essential oils, I will not use them on very young babies even if diluted. Some babies are quite sensitive and essential oils are very strong.
  7. Expect your wipes to have some discoloration simply because it is Dyed Bamboo and it does happen with this fabric. And this is nothing about quality. It might happen if your baby is teething. I did not happen  with my cheeky wipes but a head off is always welcome 🙂

DSC_0262Every month, You have cheeky Offers!

The Special Offer for June 2016 :

FREE double wetbag with 10 bamboo/minky wipes worth £17.95, when you spend £35

10 per cent cheeky wipes discount

thumbs up greenI can just put a thumb up for cheeky wipes! The first items I have bought from Cheeky wipes are in fact CSP {Cloth Sanitary Pads}. It was our FOURTH step in green parenting/living and I am going to share my experience very soon so bear with me and subscribe 🙂cherie-footer

See you soon for more green tips and green products that have changed our lives!

Will you now switch to cloth wipes?


Note : I have been sent the Mini Kit mentioned in this post for this review purpose and did this review because I wanted to, no  financial compensation was received for doing it.  It was my choice and my selection to talk about cheeky wipes. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


  1. Great post. I have bought some bamboo wips but not used them yet on my 2 week old. I like the sound of cheeky wipes so think if we get on with the small amount I have we will get a cheeky wipes mini kit. You mentioned you did not get on well with reusable nappies the first time round. Have you got any tips on how to get it right as I am considering cloth with my second (and last) baby so need to get it right first time!

    Liked by 1 person

      • That would be great. I love your blog for cloth nappy advice and reviews. I’m undecided whether to keep her in disposable until she fits birth to potty as I know that we will only be using the nappies for one baby so the cost savings are much lower.

        Liked by 1 person

      • THANKS! It is a tricky point. As if you wait you might then fight it difficult to switch to reusables due to routine. Cloth nappies have a good resale value. It is all about making the right choices and not buying KITS{absolutely avoid them}.BTP’s do not suit all babies, sometimes sized nappies are better. The best to do is not to rush and go little by little: try what works and build your stash from here. I will be more precise in my Blogpost and show all the available choices.

        Liked by 1 person

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