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Taste of the Med for our Little ones , New Organic Baby Food Brand “Piccolo”!

The first time we had to introduce solids in one of our Baba’s little life was 5 years ago.

I can tell you that I did not know how much it will be SO hard to find some ready made baby food that will meet our needs! Never I will have thought that eggs and other products will always be in the ingredients list! NEVER, really.

Why to be worried by eggs? Baba1 has been diagnosed with Cow Milk protein, Eggs, oats and soya allergies when she was 3 months old. Since that moment, we started to read all the ingredients lists madly and annoyingly. Annoyingly as we have discovered that some ingredients are a bit everywhere with no reason. Processed food is really strange and manufacturers are playing a strange game here.


Do you remember the beginning of our green journey?

no more processed foodI forgot this step, this is our real STEP 2: no more processed food or ready made meals {sometimes, we do, to please me when I got tired of cooking but shhhhh… 🙂 let’s keep the things magical :-p}

This one was not really a choice but more a consequence of our daughter’s allergy. We could not take the risk to keep biscuits or any food containing allergens in our home and that she would grab them.

So we bought an avent food processor and I started to mix fruits and vegetables. I loved doing it but I am a human too and sometimes we forgot to buy what we needed or sometimes, I was just too tired {lazy} that I only wanted to find something available to buy, to open a cupboard, grab some food and just reheat and open. And really the hard point was when we were travelling or out and about. Yes, I managed to do our own baby food but storage and conservation issues were massive.

We managed all these things the best we can and as soon as our daughter was able to eat finger foods, we were relieved.

Today, only the egg allergy remains but we have kept this habit and we did the same with Baba2, and we even tried to avoid the “purees” stage and it worked. Baba2 was really eager to eat solids and as we do Baby Lead Weaning, we let her decide. But my curiosity kept me looking baby foods labels on superstores, still looking inside of me for some cheat days 🙂

mylittlepiccolo logoAnd I have discovered  MY LITTLE PICCOLO, an organic Baby food Brand.

I have first been fascinated by the name. Why? My french background I guess. This “Piccolo” word talked to me. It means “little” in Italian, and this taste of Mediterranean goodness, plus adding the fact that it is organic, well, could not resist and look after the labels to see if we could try!

So first let’s present this new Organic Brand {from My Little Piccolo Website}

My Little Piccolo Brand and Ethos

my little piccolo


Cat {the founder} enjoyed a varied diet from a young age, including plenty of fruit and veg, pasta, pulses and a little meat. Lovingly-prepared food is part of her DNA. It is the way she was brought up, and the way she feeds her family and daughter, Juliet.

She continues to spend her time tracking down the best and the freshest,
locally-sourced ingredients, experimenting with recipes, and sharing her culinary creations with the most people that she can squeeze around her kitchen table.

At Piccolo they’re all about Mediterranean Goodness: bright sunshine, colourful markets, families eating around the table…

They believe that introducing a pinch of Mediterranean goodness helps develop your little piccolo’s taste buds from when it matters most.

The Mediterranean approach to nutrition and lifestyle is one which champions good, honest and natural food which has been lovingly prepared, enjoyed with as many people as you can squeeze round your table.


Piccolo FAMILY:

They have created a balanced range of smooth, organic fruit & veg purées, made with only natural ingredients, to ensure your piccolo gets a varied diet, full of exciting new flavours.

They work in partnership with the National Childbirth Trust, the UK’s largest parenting charity, to provide support to families during the early stages of parenthood.

my little piccolo nct


I always love reading how a brand presents herself and describes their products. So now let’s see by ourselves and find out if these are just words.

First, I really wanted to try “My Little Piccolo” range for many reasons:

  • Organic
  • few ingredients
  • no added anything
  • no sugar or salt
  • the NCT support which is a good selling point
  • new tastes and not strange tastes {if you see what I mean}

My Little Piccolo samples

I have received some samples of the range for this review and I have been really impressed by the packaging. I think that we first buy with our eyes as we cannot taste when we shop. Even little wooden spoon was eager to discover the inside of the packet and what might put her on holidays 😉

First good point, the clear drawings on the packaging: you know what you are buying and what you are going to eat.

My little piccolo organic baby food

Here are all the range of tastes available from My Little Piccolo:

My little piccolo organic baby food

My eldest hates Bananas so I kept the Banana one for Baba who enjoyed it so much that when I present the Greens she did not let me take a picture! I did manage at the end 🙂

My little piccolo organic baby food

What we love:

  • the taste: all of them are great and you really have the taste of fruits not like some other I have had “the luck” to eat.
  • the fact that all ingredients are clear and no nasty things inside
  • the wide range that means that can suit more babies and fussy little ones
  • it is stage  so suitable from 6 months +
  • it is also suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers! Mine love them for out and about!
  • 10% of profits go to food education charities

My little piccolo organic baby food

Little ones enjoying their Food!

See My toddler reaction, She was playing on her Highchair with some Legos before I present her the pouch:

Now the hardest bit was to see Baba1 reaction and see is she would love and appreciate it. She is a bit fussy about food and is totally used to very natural tastes. So first test was with the Spring Greens! I absolutely wanted to test this one too with her as she usually do not get well with green purees.

My little piccolo organic baby food

She loved it and asked for another one. Usually I will have refused but as it is only good things and because they are really tasty {don’t tell anyone but I have tried them too….shhhh} and it was after school and she was starving, I gave her another one.

She chose the Cherry & Yoghurt ONE!


We all love the “My Little Piccolo” products. I have happy children with healthy and organic treats for packed lunch and our “out and about” little trips.

I am a HAPPY mummy. I know what I am giving them to eat, feel secure and do not doubt on the quality of the product and this, for me, is PRICELESS.

We do have now always some on our cupboards for when we need and when I am in my lazy days. And as you can imagine, they will really help Daddy for when Mummy will be at the hospital for Baba3.

We buy ours at Waitrose but they are available in many other shops like Planet Organic which is one of our favourite shop too.

my little piccolo stockistsThey are currently on offer : 4 FOR £3 AT WAITROSE & 25% off at Planet Organic!

my little piccolo on offer

Note : I have been sent the samples mentioned in this post for this review purpose and did this review because I wanted to, no  financial compensation was received for doing it.  It was my choice and my selection to talk about My Little Piccolo. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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