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Healthy Vegan and Paleo Snacks for a starving Bump! {Forest Primal Snack Box Review}

Recently I started to think of my “after birth” Diet Plan. Why? Here are some pregnancy updates:

  • 36 weeks pregnant now {4 more weeks to go! Just keep going…}
  • 20 Kgs + on the scale so far {I know frightening but this is my third pregnancy and getting used to it – no choice really}

As you can see I put on some weight but this is how my body reacts to pregnancy. I had the same things for my previous Babas and it has been hard to understand. No more trying to understand, just taking action.

After having Baba1, I completely changed my way to view food and Diet. I am now following  a paleo and Keto diet. During this pregnancy, I tried to keep going and still going in fact with my paleo vegan life but had to drop off a bit with the keto one.

Coping with the pregnancy cravings is not the easiest thing to do: it is like a constant battle with your stomach and a fight with your dreamy mind! And even harder if you want to stick to a special diet!

Let me tell you that a Doughnut has never been so attractive and sexy to my eyes! I can eat one or two or maybe five, that is not an issue but what is the point at the end , and what about the things I believe? I am not depriving myself: I am only convinced that it is not good for me or my health and I’d rather eat something else, healthier with greater value than just pure sugar.

Keto Bliss balls

I shared few weeks ago a Bliss ball recipe and you can make so many different ones by just changing the ingredients. But sometimes, you want something else, something different, something a bit more exciting! At least, this is my case. I get bored really quickly with food  and have always enjoyed a bit of a change and experiencing new tastes and that since little.

From spicy to sweet, Asia, America and Africa without forgetting Europe and Australia. I love food and it is an incontestable fact.

When I changed my diet in 2015 to help me loose my “pregnancy” weight but also because I was convinced that I had to go for something more natural, greener, and obviously healthier, I started by first changing those little bad habits. I have never been a soda drinker so here, had nothing to change: I love water! Paleo and raw food was quite easy . Keto diet a bit harder BUT I MANAGED. Managed so well that I lost 25 kgs! I was happy and healthy! So this is a big turn in my life.

Marzipan Fat bomb1When I discovered I was pregnant I knew that I will take at least 20 kilos, I knew it and that’s all. I followed my usual diet with no change, and at 32 weeks , started to plan my post delivery “body makeover”. My very BAD habit is SNACKING! I love snacking: a little something here, and here and there! Fat bombs were really practical and yummy but since I am pregnant, I just cannot stand them and digest them really {Pregnancy pleasures 🙂 }.

I needed a good yummy, exciting substitute! I looked at all the paleo snacks available on some of my favorite online shops {will talk about them later} but was completely indecisive. Guess a Chocolate addict in a chocolate fabric! Just want to try them all, all and all!

I have found a solution for my craziness, something that will help me choose and try every time something new. Guess what it is? a subscription snack box !!!!!! and even better a subscription PALEO SNACK BOX!!! The name of this beauty is Primal Snack Box.

primal snack box logo

Do not laugh! This is genius. I did not even know that it does exist. If I knew I will have started long ago.

Why? It is just so convenient. Each month,  you receive a selection of snacks in a box. No, really!if you are an addict and love treating yourself, or you are on a diet, this box is just PERFECT! You have your treats for a month, and you cannot cheat {OK?}, once they are gone, and nothing is left just wait for the next one {if you have subscribed} or buy a new one :-).

Primal Snack Box

Every month, each box is carefully curated to ensure a balanced selection of nutritious and clean snacks.

All subscription boxes are dispatched during the first week of the month.

All the snacks are free from: Grains, Gluten, Soy, Dairy & Refined Sugars



Primal Snack Box have worked with exclusive barre studio, Barrecore, to create a bespoke Primal Snack Box designed by Barrecore founder, Niki Rein. Niki has hand-picked her favourite paleo treats to ensure happy and healthy snacking throughout the month!


The Savannah Explorer boxes  sample a mini selection of snacks including biltong, raw energy bars & a paleo chocolate treat!


The Savannah is designed to offer a variety of both high-protein dried meat products alongside a wholesome combination of other nutritious snacks.


The Forest Explorer boxes sample a mini selection vegan friendly sweet and savoury snacks.


The Forest caters for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who simply would prefer not to have dried meat snacks.

My obvious choice: the FOREST BOX*, of course!

June FOREST Primal Snack Box Review

Forest Primal Snack Box

Box arrived very fast and has been opened quickly to. I was really eager to discover the snack selection and to prepare Snack Monthly plan! At least, try to make a plan rather than eat all of them at first sight 🙂 Good surprise: A recipe was inside!


The June Box Menu:

Forest Primal Snack Box~ Fruity Coconut Balls by Raw Health
~ Birch Water by Sibberi
~ Orange & Cashew Granola by Primrose’s Kitchen
~ Raw Herb Crackits by Inspiral
~ Cacao Orange Bar by Squirrel Sisters
~Raw Handmade Mint Chocolate by Enjoy! Raw Chocolate
~ The Beetroot Bar by Rude Health
~Toasted Coconut Chips with Salt by Jax Coco

Some mathematics:

We have 8 healthy treats for 4 weeks, let’s say 2 treats a week!  And in fact more as there are some packet that contains more than 1! For examples, there is 3 coconut balls, 5 Crackists, and 2  Orange bars! Real total of treats: 16! Yeah! 4 treats a week, almost one snack a day!!!!

Forest Primal Snack Box

I know I am crazy but this is what I like in this box.

It was really new for me to try some Birch water and a brand new experience. I was first wondering how it will taste and have been a bit {very little} anxious about it. Will I like it? To avoid me any bad surprise, I have freezed it. We all know that drinks taste better when fresh. It was a good , undefined surprise. A fresh taste,  very light and enjoyable. So I decided to give it a go at room temperature. It was nice too, almost like water.

The GREATEST DISCOVERY in this box were for me: Raw Herb Crackits and the Beetroot Bar.

Forest Primal Snack box

Why? I am more a sweet tooth so I think I would have not bought these two if I was shopping. Now, after trying, I will definitely buy more of them and it is encouraging me to try others.

Last treats left after 3 weeks. some Bliss balls and a Cacao Orange Bar. I really enjoyed them , I think they were my favorites and I am surely going to try the rest of the Squirrel Sisters Range.

Forest Primal Snack Box


  • A very large variety of snacks and tastes
  • good value for money
  • Practical
  • gourmet and easy to taste before committing to bigger packets
  • I loved them all!
  • you can buy a one-off box or subscribe , it is up to you
  • Inclusive/ Free P&P {I hate adding them at check out}
  • Fast delivery
  • Good choices of boxes with a vegan option! This Forest Box Rocks!
  • Good for Dieter , Paleo explorers, Foodies and Gifts!

cute-retro-woman-in-comics-style_1020-460I am sure you know the result of this, I am now completely, totally hooked! I am now a subscriber and I am going to talk about this for a bit more :-). Ready to enjoy with me?

Do you want to try by yourself? Go ahead to Primal Snack Box website and Enjoy. But wait…Hey, guess who has a special code for you? ME!!!!


Enjoy 15% off your first box by using the code: OUMMANNA

Note : I have been sent the box mentioned in this post for this review purpose and did this review because I wanted to, no  financial compensation was received for doing it.  It was my choice and my selection to talk about Primal Snack Box. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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