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Frugi, an organic Eco-friendly clothing brand from Bump to child

Nearly 37 weeks today and just starting to gather all we might need. For this Baby, like for Baba2 {let’s call her Rainbow from now}, we are going to use cloth nappies from birth. For Rainbow, I did not buy special cut for clothes clothing as I thought it was useless and just a new “need” created by Brands. I was so wrong and so silly!

vest extendersGuess what happened? All my baby vests were too short and had a tendency to squeeze the nappy, resulting on leaks. I decided to buy some vest extenders thinking that it will help. Unfortunately, they were compatible with only 2 out of 10 baby vests. Not having the time to search for another solution, we just kept going and just not fastening the vest when impossible resulting on a funny look.

I am now more than convinced and aware that Cut for Clothes Clothing makes your life easier and are more practical if you use cloth nappies! So I have decided to invest in few clothes and see how it goes.

Today I will present you one of my selected Cut for Clothes Eco-Friendly Brand.

frugi logo

Frugi, an organic clothing brand from Bump to Baby especially cut for clothes and made in UK!

Frugi is one of this brand I have heard about since a while, always looking but not really taking the time. I was just too busy trying to make sure I will not give up with cloth-bumming that I just never stopped. Too much focused on something else really.

Thankfully this time, I did not need to build a newborn stash. I kept my energy level and my budget for something else: Clothes 🙂

I was happy and delighted to discover WeLoveFrugi and lucky enough to enjoy the sales!

Before showing my  shopping, first, why Frugi?

The colours and patterns! So colourful, it is a real change for me. I am usually more attracted by pastels, ivory shades but love the life and freshness in Frugi’s Children Collection. I did not know until recently that Frugi had also a maternity range! It should have been better for my bank account not to know :-p

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We love frugi clothesFrugi design clothes that celebrate childhood through great design, vibrant colours (and cute Frugi characters!). Frugi clothes are meant to be long lasting and durable – so children can be children! {will buy some for my pre-schooler girl to test this part! as nothing have resisted her so far, she is just soooooo active- Frugi be aware, challenging tester in sight}

Frugi uses super soft organic cotton. The breathable qualities in organic cotton make it much kinder to the skin and much less likely to trigger the allergies.

We love frugi

My Frugi Selection for Bump and I

So let’s talk shopping now.

To start our Family Frugi experience, I have treated Baby Bump and myself.

Baby Clothing Essentials

  • Rompers:

Because we’ll have a Summer Baby, I have chosen a selection of rompers. I love the colours and stripes plus the appliqué. The Frugi characters are so lovely and the appliqué really well made and sewn { My sewing skills confirm you that they are marvellous!}

  • Dungarees:

Dungarees are those garments you could not avoid when you have a little one. They are so practical! I have chose a kneepatch dungaree with such a cute pattern: Dinos. This one will rock a boy or a girl! Kneepatch dungarees are the right choice when your baby starts crawling because they have soft knee pads for extra comfy crawling. Anyway, a newborn is not going to crawl but I just loved it 😉

  • Flexi Grow:

Flexi Grow gives you two outfits in one! Using the popper fastenings that go all the way down the garment you can choose to put your baby either in a gown or a romper. Made from organic cotton this Cornflower striped Flexi Grown has a large hedgehog applique on the front, integrated scratch mitts and elasticated bottom for easier changing.

I want to try this flexigrow and the flexibility it offers!

  • Newborn sets:

Giraffe set:

Frugi Giraffe Newborn set

I could not resist the newborn sets! They make wonderful gifts as they come with a romper, assorted socks and a bandana! I love the cat* and the giraffe theme. This is going to be Baby’s Outfit for when we will be leaving the hospital {hoping everything goes well…}

Cat Friends Newborn Set:

  • Muslins:

frugi muslinsYou have to stock some of these for your newborn! Muslins are ESSENTIALS for everything around a baby: feeds, changing time, bath time, sleep… the Frugi muslins are made from 100% organic cotton making them extra absorbent and gentle. I think 100 is not enough. I have chosen  a set of two assorted muslins in the Cat friends print*: matchy matchy with the Cat Newborn Set*.

  • A Frugi Cloth Nappy*:

This is the addiction here that pushed me to have this one and surely FRUGI has the cutest prints ever. When you use cloth nappies, you develop a kind of 6th sens to match cloth and nappies. Frugi by offering matchy-matchy cloth nappies, they are the only one, have answered here a MUM FANTASM!

Plus despite the fabulous print and vibrant colour Frugi cloth nappies offer, Frugi has teamed up with Tots Bots. The actual version of the nappy is an easyfit V4 with binky inserts. They are Birth-To-Potty nappies meaning they should suit from newborn to toddler. My experience with BTP nappies and Easyfits makes me know that I shall have to wait a bit before using this beautiful nappy unless Baby Summer is bigger than his/her sisters. Baba2, let’s call her Rainbow as she is a rainbow baby, is 21 months old and does not fit anymore her Easyfits. She is in the 95% percentile  🙂 so normally the nappy will fit until potty trained unless your Baba is like Rainbow.

Mama stuff: From Bump to Breastfeeding


My bump growing and growing, my wardrobe being really boring, I have treated myself with two FRUGI Maternity masterpiece. Did I say masterpiece?

Yes, I did indeed. I am a plus-size pregnant lady and finding suitable, trendy and beautiful clothes is not always easy. When I saw the Frugi range offering clever dresses that are suitable during pregnancy and nursing, I wanted to try. I was interested by two items in the sale section and noticed that the biggest size was L. I was really worried. I read ALL the feedbacks and the majority were positively engaging about the size. I placed my order not being 100% sure the items I ordered will suit me.

  • Frugi Saffron/Navy Iris Spot Top and Tie Cardi:

This is a stunning contrasting tie cardigan and vest top combination that can be worn as two separate items as well as together. The top panel of the polka dot vest has an elasticated bottom which can be lifted up to reveal a hidden bandeau underneath that pulls down for discreet feeding. Made from organic cotton with a touch of elastane for extra comfiness.

  • Frugi Cornish Butterflies Long Sleeve Tie Dress:


It is a  gorgeous Cornish Butterflies printed breastfeeding dress with a crossover neckline which can be pulled down and the bandeau lifted for discreet feeding. The long-sleeved dress is made from organic cotton with a touch of elastane for extra comfort.

You know what? They suit me! You know when you receive an online order and you are a bit anxious about it. You open it so fast and you just try! And wow, I was so happy!

The top and cardigan, the dress have been washed many times now and colours are still vibrant like first day. It is really comfortable to wear even with a gigantesque itchy bump and it has been really enjoyable during the hot days.

I really appreciate the fact that the maternity range is versatile so can be used easily during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and even after with no problem. It gives it an eco-friendly and reusable twist. The reason why I have never bought before “maternity clothes” was the fact that they were meant only for maternity and it would have been gross to wear then as casual outfits afterwards due to their “specific” cuts.


  • Vibrant colours
  • Organic cotton so breathable clothes
  • Fluffy bum friendly
  • Matchy-matchy cloth nappies! {Do not dare have a look or you are lost 🙂}
  • no nasty chemicals are used in the whole production of Frugi clothing from cotton seed to finished garment
  • Ethically produced
  •  eczema friendly
  •  comfy
  • extended range: from bump to 10 years
  • The Little Clothes BIG Change Campaign


  • Not really a “cons” but Frugi cloth nappies are still Tots Bots V4, hope they will be soon the easyfit Star !
  • Just a bit expensive if you have to dress all the family members
  • Maternity range only available to size L {fits  size 18-20}

Will I be buying more? Yes. The Frugi clothes seem to resist the wash and I absolutely want to buy more vibrant outfits for Baba1 {let’s call her HOPE} and try if they are ACTIVE children friendly and proof. Rainbow deserves some too.

Frugi Bed setRainbow, since few weeks, have managed to climb on her toddler bed!

She climbs on everything even bookshelves, we had to refurbish the house and add more gates.

She is such a climber, a real little monkey and to avoid her having injuries, we have moved her to a BIG girl bed at 21 months old! She is managing very well so time to treat her with new beddings.

Frugi also designs a bedding range and I think I will have to try a Frugi Rainbow Fish set for her.


I forgot to mention you The Little Clothes BIG Change campaign Frugi has just launched.


This year FRUGI will be supporting these
three fantastic children’s charities!


Every time we buy something lovely from Frugi, we help donate to one of the following charities…


Another reason to buy from frugi, did I need new ones? Not, really but I am happy to know that they give-back. So sorry, I think I am now even more a Frugi addict. It is really hard when you are addicted to such a lot of things but welcome in my addiction lifestyle 🙂

Do we love FURGI?  WE LOVE FRUGI indeed! and you?

Note : I have been sent the products with * mentioned in this post for this review purpose and did this review because I wanted to, no  financial compensation was received for doing it.  It was my choice and my selection to talk about Frugi. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


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