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Return to Cloth Nappies with Baby number 2: NEWBORN CLOTH NAPPIES STASH

So let’s start again.

After our failure with Baba1 when I learnt I was pregnant with Baba2, I decided to change my view of cloth nappies. Restart from the beginning because for us it was clear if we failed first time we will not accept it a second time! We may have lost a battle but not the war against disposables.

So my first goal was: GET INFORMED!

I mean well informed. I wanted to understand everything and make sure that I knew what I was buying, how to use it, pros and cons and all the possible alternatives available, all the brands, everything really.

My days were busy looking at Blogs and Vlogs. The first thing you need to do is to get familiar with the glossary. It is just like a foreign language, if you do not understand it, you cannot speak it. You see?

Get familiar with all the different styles of nappies, fabrics, everything. I made my own modest Cloth nappies glossary if that can help. Once you understand what it is all about, you are ready to read reviews and enjoy vlogs. You will see that it makes a real difference, suddenly you are able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of all systems, kinds of nappies.

Second step : Decision time

Now that you are familiar with everything ,it is time to decide what you want to do.

If you are pregnant like I was and I am, the hard bit is to decide whether to start from birth and build a newborn stash or to wait until baby fits BTP’s {You should know now what it means ;-), if not get back to step 1}. It is all about investment and expectations. Normally, your cloth nappies trained brain should ask: BTP’s don’t fit newborns? That ‘s it. No they don’t fit unless you have a big baby and even if this is the case, they will be bulky.

stock-illustration-26851788-cheerful-and-amazed-housewifeMy choice: go for newborn nappies and start from birth. WHY? I am a kind of routine addict and I was clearly afraid not to be able to switch to reusable nappies once the routine has been established. I was also quite concerned about laziness. Laziness? Yes, simply because if I was to start with disposables, in front of the ease to use them{because they are really easy to use and convenient} will not have the strength to switch to washables. The early days after birth are quite intense and it is all about organisation and preparation whether you are a first time mum or a used one 🙂

I had to decide a budget and numbers of nappies per stash. Because I choose to start with sized nappies, I needed at least TWO stashes: one NEWBORN STASH and a BTP STASH. It is not exactly a BTP stash to follow but more a bigger size stash.

My Newborn Stash

After reading a lot of reviews, articles and seen a lot of videos about newborn stash, the conclusion was not good. Mums out there were clear, you need between 20 to 30 nappies to be able to cloth bum full-time. 20 being a real minimum and meaning that you will have to wash every other day.

Why not a good news? Budget wise. I was really worried about how to fit in our budget a newborn and a BTP stash.

First thing I have done again , search for lots and lots of informations but this time about prices. What were all the “cheapest” alternatives and how do they perform?

PrefoldI gathered many things, from all over the world {but let’s say mainly US as mum’s there are very active and I shall thank them for their virtual help} and the unbeatable result was : PREFOLDS and FLATS!

Mum’s were and still are swearing only by them.


It was a big issue for me. Why? I kept a bad memory of two part systems after my first experience with Baba1. When you use prefolds etc. you just need few waterproof coveralls and prefolds/flats.large

I really wanted to try this but was absolutely not convinced. I am I was sure they were good but was unsure they will suit me. I am not enough patient to fold something then put a coverall. You see, it is a bit complicated, you should not only find something that suits your baby but you need something that suits the people who will be involved in Baby changing.

So I kept this in a part of my mind.

Another CAPITAL information:

Clearly, no one, when I say no one, no cloth nappies Vlogger/Blogger have an entire stash of the same nappies! Logical, in fact, once you look deeply into it. How can you put all your trust in one kind of nappies, when you know that baby shapes change so fast! At this point I understood my mistake with Baba1. It was impossible to succeed, I mean yes, I might have been able to use my set of bamboozles size 1 at some point but after a while I would have had to build up my stash and change. Do you see where I am going?

newborn nappies


This capital one changed everything and made my choices clearer: I would build my stash little by little and start with only 15 {maybe 20} newborn nappies.

What did I choose and why? I will be honest I needed Brand new good nappies but that will be between £8 to £10. You can buy second hand, but I preferred new. Matters of choice really. I have nothing against preloved but need to first see the nappy. A picture does not tell the truth.

I wanted my stash to contain AIOS for sure. I thought that these nappies will make things easier for the first few days. AIOs are really practical, not the best in term of absorbency, but best in term of use. You put them on, and you just take them off.

  1. My first choice was for Little Joey Nappies {Newborn nappies from Rumparooz – Kangacare}.  These nappies are AIO. Why? Heavily discounted on Amazon, a set of 2 for £14 and reviews I read on it were quite good. We bought two sets.
  2. Second choice: Kissaluvs newborn nappies {this is a US brand and unfortunately, they closed down because of a fire}. I have bought them discounted at Kittykins now called Plushpants. They are unavailable now. We had THREE.
  3. Third choice: Tots bots teenyfits. Tots bots is a UK brand. The V3 and V4 were discounted. We had three V4 and two V3.
  4. Fourth choice: Bumgenius XS. The reviews on these nappies were stunning! I managed to have THREE discounted.


WAW, I did not realise that. We had 15 AIO to start with and none of them costed us more than £8.  The average price for a brand new nappy is £10 to £12 {more sometimes} so I was very happy with that and it permitted me to enlarge our stash. I kept in mind that we had our set of 15 bamboozles but knew that they will be unusable from birth.

After reading and hearing a lot of very good things abount Fuzzibunz XS nappies on newborn, I wanted to try some. These are sized POCKET nappies. They also do BTP nappies. I tried as much as I could to have at least two but they were out of stock everywhere! {Now you can buy some at a really good price on ebay, Fuzzibunz EU}. I learnt that Charlie Banana nappies were almost the same, and I was lucky to find some discounted again at Kittykins. I had THREE of them in strange colours but that was fine. I was not after designs but quality and price!

My final choice {I thought that was the last} was to decide whether I wanted to try or not some prefolds. I decided to test one set from Bummis.

I was complete,  I had :

  • 15 AIO’s,
  • 3 POCKET nappies,
  • few prefolds,
  • and TWO coveralls {from Baba1}.

detal newborn stash oummanna

Until I discovered few weeks before my due date the Newborn Close Parent Pop-ins Set: a set of 10 inserts with 6 outershells. A kind of AIO and AI2 systems and most of all at only £39.99! I tried to resist as much as I could and the fact they were out of stock helped for some time but not long enough. I did find them eventually and they were discounted. Youpi!

Newborn Pop-ins nappy reviewThat was it!

EXTRA BITS I thought I needed:

I added to all these nappies:

  • a set of Close parent washable wipes
  • made some from flannel fabric
  • I made/have sewn also some hemp and bamboo boosters
  • Some disposable liners
  • made some extra washable liners buy cutting a piece of fleece fabric

How did we manage?

Baby arrived with its excitement and joy and also our fears.

We started straight away from birth. I have first used my AIO’s that I always topped with a disposable liner to make sure that any meconium {baby first poo} will be catched and easy to get rid off.

We managed very well and I was happy. The AIO’s because of the special front shape for baby’s cord were really practical. We had our favorites from the first few days. I did not use the teenyfits until baby’s cord fell as they were too high, same for the pocket nappies.

So we were using mostly Lil Joey’s,  Kissalvus , Bumgenius and Pop-ins Nappies. We were washing them every night to make sure we had enough for the second day. One thing with AIO’s is they take longer to dry.

Baba2 outgrew quite fastly her lil Jey’s and Kissalvius in size and in absorbency the Bumgenius.

At 4 weeks old, we were only using the pop ins and the teenyfits.


As you might have noticed, I have not used the prefolds. As expected, they are absolutely not my kind of nappies! I kept them in case I will change my mind later.

Overall, I was really happy with my stash. We did not have any issue with most of our nappies, just Tots bots were not really working for us. We have had a lot of leaks so I reached for them only when I knew baby was ready for a poo, but clearly would not put them on for a nap, or longer than an hour.

detail newborn stash fin

Our favorite nappies were:

Why? We have been able to use them until nearly  weeks and they have been easy to boost. So even if baby was out growing their absorbency capacity, we just added boosters and that was fine! Our best buy.

We have used all of them , even those we did not like {except for prefolds}. After that we use my set of bamboozles, time for us to build up our BTP or TRANSITION stash, and this time they worked very well! We had no fit issues! They became our favorite nappies .

This is another story I am afraid. 🙂

I will make separate reviews of all the nappies I used {except for Kissaluvs as they are no more available}, just again bear with me.


to be

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  1. Another great and informative post. I have decided to use disposables until my baby fits birth to potty. I juct couldn’t justify the cost of nappies that would only fit 3 months, given how many nappy changes we do a day and the fact she is our last baby. I’ve started building a birth to potty stash, looking for offers on real nappy sites. I’ve done lots of research and know the ones I want to try and sound best for our drying needs and also taken the advice not to have purely one type of nappies in my stash.

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