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Grimm’s Rainbows : Little Earth Farm Shop Review

As mentioned in my previous post about raising a bilingual child and Waldorf education, we were looking for fabulous toys to help us in our daughter preparation to Reception 1 this summer.

We have chosen Grimm’s wooden Toys for their special features and quality. We then had to decide from who to buy. A lot of shops sell them but our ethos is always to buy from independent sellers and help them build their eco-friendly business and to be honest, I absolutely love encouraging family or work at home mums businesses! We could have bought them from our usual shop but as I said, what we are looking for, is help everyone develop. Big retailers, small retailers as soon as they encounter our Lifestyle.

The shop we have chosen to HIGHLIGHT today is:

Little Earth farm

Who are they?

They are a family business run by Anna and Stuart. They love handmade, quality, unique pieces, lovingly crafted by talented artisans. They deeply believe in making a difference and striving for a better World.

They have opened their little shop one year ago and they have two beautiful children if I am not wrong.

I have discussed with Anna and she is really helpful. I had an answer to my queries in a really fast time bracket.

They do stock a lot of eco-friendly toys and homeware like Ostheimer wooden toys, a large variety of Grimm’s toys and many other beautiful things like Klean canteen.

It has been hard to decide what we wanted as all Grimm’s toys look amazing. I wanted the Grimm’s sorting game but was not in stock.

grimm's sorting game

We then bought


The website is easy to use with clear instructions, a very enjoyable experience. I placed my order and 24 hours later received the dispatch notification.

The courrier is Hermès which was fine for us as we know very well our local Hermès courrier. The shipping fees are correct.

Our order arrived 48 hours later which is quite good! Everything was well packed and protected.

Here is our order:

little earth fam shop review

Each toy comes with its own “instructions” sheet, more an example of what you can do with them.

1} The Extra Large Rainbow Pastel Tunnel

2} Grimm’s Rainbow Semi-circles*

3} Grimm’s Blue Mobile home

4} Grimm’s Rainbow Friends

LITTLE EARTH FARM REVIEW Grimm's Rainbow Friends

We have been really happy with our overall shopping experience and sure, will continue to follow them and buy from them.

tested and approved by oummanna

If you want to see what we have done with the Grimm’s toys and how to use them , read our blogpost about Waldorf Education!

Grimm's Pastel tunnel with bright Rainbow semi-circles


Note : I have been generously offered the product with * mentioned in this post. All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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