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Controversial new Tots Bots Collaboration with Joules : Annabella Floral print

This morning at 10.00 am, Tot Bots has released what was supposed to be a great news. I was so after this news. Well, I have not been disappointed.

What Did Tots Bots reveal?

annabella floralTheir brand new Collaboration with Joules, a “High Street” Clothing UK Brand. The first nappy print they revealed was the Annabella Floral Print.

My first reactions and impressions were:

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I need this print, no not I need, I want this print. You just need to have a look at my “logo” to understand. I am a flowers lover, a bobo in my heart and soul and I TOTALLY assume it. I am absolutely crazy about these kinds of Vintage chic prints, very british.

pop art womanThen,  I was like a headless chicken:

  • Who is stocking them?
  • How not to miss it?
  • I need one in teenyfit? Will they be doing any teenyfit?
  • Who should I contact to secure one?
  • How much?
  • Can someone tell me where to buy?

It was really funny. I really love the print, I am totally honest.

After the emotional excitement, lets ‘s the Brain do its job

Then, I thought but who is Joules? I do not know them {Sorry guys I am not a fashion and High Street Shops addict}. I googled it {yes it is a new verb} and went straight to their ABOUT JOULES” section.

I started to read and read, click everywhere trying to find those reassuring words: Fairtrade, organic, ethic, etc…. Just one of them will have helped.

At this point I stepped back. After the excitement, a really confused feeling took its place in my mind. Suddenly I did not understand. I tried to find more informations always googling.thinking pop art woman

Why Tots Bots will collaborate with this kind of Brand? Suddenly it was just like if Tots bots collaborated with H&M, Zara, Nike, etc? but why?

I felt like is suddenly Tots Bots became a pampers nappy with a Disney character on it….

I am a cloth nappy user and clearly I am looking for green and Fairtrade alternatives for clothing too. It is not always easy because of prices. I was really happy to discover FRUGI thanks to their collaboration with Tots Bots. I know why I use cloth nappies and it is clearly not for being “trendy” or “fashionable”. I DO love all the beautiful prints around but DO not make it a selling/argument point.

I have noticed over the last few months that Cloth nappy brands are not focussing anymore on their “loyal” clientele. They are looking on converting new users and trying to reach new people. One of the Hashtag is  #makeClothMainstream and the Tots Bots campaign is #GiveClothAgo.

#giveclothago by totsbots

I guess this new collaboration is part of this campaign. But if I find it is great to convert to clothes as many people as possible, I hope cloth nappies are not going to become a piece of garment, a fashion thing. Do you remember my blog post about Cloth nappies not being posh?

I DO NOT think that a cute print may convert durably someone in using cloth nappies BUT SURELY IT CAN HELP {says a nappy addict ever 😉 }. Using cloth nappies is about commitment and decision. Maybe, it is going to work, I hope so. It is only a marketing thing at this level for my poor deprived sleep pregnant brain.

Will Joules be stocking all the Tots Bots range or just the TWO nappies they made together? Will they be stocking any nappy accessories? Do you see where I am going? Will they offer any Nappy advices? Will their employees be trained to help? If they do, It will be such a great thing! Guess in John Lewis, Nappy advisers! Bambino Mio has done a collaboration with Aldi and I was not so chocked. I think because Tots Bots is made ethically in UK and have until now very engaged , it was a bit of a choc. But I am happy to see cloth nappies at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda etc.

I DO not think one print Joules nappy is about to make Cloth Nappy Mainstream. But sure It will increase the awareness of cloth nappies and maybe expend the interest over some families that did never think about using them! I do love the idea of this collaboration even if I do not entirely understand it. I am sure that a lof of mums are going to be crazy about this beautiful print.

But simply not for me. I do not shop at Joules and so will continue this way. Suddenly my beautiful British print feels like a dusty one and I am looking behind with the Frugi collaboration. This one was logical, and good, marketing wise.

#WELOVEFRUGI for sure and no I am not going to buy any Joules clothing, not even this nappy, not today, not tomorrow. I will stick to my values and the reasons why I am doing all this. I am a nappy addict, this nappy is calling me to the fetch, but I am also a responsible, or at least what I thought to be,  a responsible consumer and will not be buying it.

pop art cute retro woman in comics style with message vector illustration

Lets say It’s OK. I am NOT going to blame TOTS BOTS or any Mum that will be buying these new prints {I DO understand}. And I wish Tots Bots and Joules a real success with these new prints and this new adventure!

I wish to see a lot of Joules nappies in bags when I walk to the city centre.

I am still asking myself, wondering and I would love to hear about Tots Bots in the next few days and what are the reasons of this collaboration.

To conclude, I would like to praise the shops who refused to stock this new print in respect to their values and ethos.

As we say in french: La parole est à vous. {something like your turn to talk}

Note: these are my views and do not judge anyone. This blogpost is just a picture of how I felt. I voluntarily did not put any link to the nappy or to Joules shop. All my views are my own, 100% genuine. I am a free independant blogger and have no links with any company which helps me being true to my values and permit myself to write this kind of blogposts.

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