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REVIEW: Little Green Radicals, Children clothes made from 100% organic Fairtrade Cotton

Little Green Radicals…. Let’s rock the organic Children!

Little green radicals logoLike a name of a Rock Music band, the brand name promises by itself something that will make you rock and a bit rebellious: something different. And I love differences, love things that do not follow the trends that are unique , with a style and character of their own.

I am a bit new to LGR {Little Green Radicals} – I have discovered them in marsh/April so not so far. It has been love at first sight.

LGR is different.


LGR brings you another kind of children clothing and patterns inspired by Asia, mostly India vibes. The first time I saw their SS16 collection, it brought me there, this place I always loved and wanted to be. A place in my mind between Europe and Asia with a mix of designs, colours and textures, sounds and smells: an in-between world subtly combined.

oummanna poufsAnyone knowing me will know that I have a passion for Asia and its colourful landscapes. It was a time in my life when I was a nurse {seems a decade ago, it is in fact a decade ago lol!}, I learnt by myself Hindi and was ready to live there. Life brought me in UK instead, therefore I brought India to me.

Our home is full of little Asian, Moroccan and french touches. One of my favourite being my hand embroidered poufs made by some Indian artisans. You can spy them mostly in any of my pictures 🙂

I started talking clothes and now, I am talking about my poufs. It is not easy to follow me so let’s get back yo LGR.

LGR has had a special RADICAL SECRET SAMPLE SALE on the 2nd of June. It was a great opportunity to test their clothes, designs and fabrics at competitive prices! I treated our Little family. Placed my order on the 2nd of June and received Monday the 6th. It has been a fast, easy transaction.

Sample Sale Haul

little green radicals review

What I love:

1} The thickness and softness of the cotton! The highest quality I have ever bought for my daughters so it has been a really good surprise! Really good quality fabric

2} the colours and patterns

LGR-Logo1Out there, in the organic children fashion World, a lot of brands are doing the same, using nearly the same patterns and these animal character appliqués. I have seen a lot of similar things so I enjoyed A LOT the differences in LGR. Yes, you have an appliqué but different , the animals shapes too! With again this Indian twist and embroidery. I love the pink baby romper and the toddler pyjama! The colours are neither too bright neither dull : a right balance.

Have you noticed the new monochrome geometric trend? I am a bit bored about it. Sme for the catchwords in baby/children clothing. I am getting a bit bored even if I like them.

3} the cut!

hey, perfect for cloth bummed children! The joggers are terrifyingly comfy that I want the same for myself! Baba2 enjoyed them , the colours and the buttons! Very well made and thought with active children and busy mama in minds.

4} No colour run during the wash and as new.

What I see as very important regarding children clothes is QUALITY and DURABILITY. When you think of how many times they are going to be washed, how they are going to be worn, you need them to be GOOD. I hate buying clothes and discover after few uses that they started to fade, or a hole appearing {very usual unfortunately}. I had no issues so far with LGR but will update if happens.

Sunshine Baby Set

One of my favourite outfit for this summer is the Sunshine Baby Set*.

I love the pastel shades and the cute sun appliqué. Everytime Baba2 wears it, we get a lot of praises. She looks so cute and fragile in it. A rebel behind an “Angel” outfit. Here some pictures at home, she was unwell but she was very comfortable in her LGR outfit.

Little Green Radicals Summer Sale

When LGR launches their summer sale, I could not resist and have bought some outfits for our Big pre-schooler girl and some more for baby and Baba2. I absolutely wanted to try some dresses and to have some joggers for Baba1 as they are very comfortable.

little green radicals organic-baby-boys-girls-sets-sale

We received our orders and my two daughters were around me when I opened the packet. I took the opportunity to try everything and make sure we had nothing to return. I started with Baba1 and I will never forget Baba2’s reaction! This is the first time ever she reacts to clothes!!!! I mean, first time, she clearly shows interest in  a piece of garment. I should have made a little video: she was so jealous! She wanted her sister’s dress. She does not speak yet but she makes herself understandable. When Baba1 finished with her fitting and show {she paraded around the house, showing to her Dad how beautiful she looked!}, I showed Baba2 the only dress I bought her.

S16034-Lifestyle-Golden-Green-Flowers-Diamond-Dress-4-457x600WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWW, I did not expect that from a 21 months old baby, my baby! She took the dress like a comforter and it seems a real love story started! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! It is the Golden Green Flowers Diamond dress.

She then went to the corridor, asking {in her way} her dad to look at her. She was asking him to dress her. So we did. And she was soooo attracted by the patterns, she just love this dress. She was a bit upset when I had to take it off but then it was fine.

I must say I have been very lucky as I did not order this one first. The one I ordered was out of stock so did have a replacement and chose this one. The BEST out of stock history in my life, turned out perfect.

Few days later after a wash they were both pretty and comfy in their new clothes. I will show you the rest of my order later, there is so many things to show.


tested and approved by oummanna

Really really happy with my LGR clothing choice. I do have now two favorite Organic clothing Brands.

The down-side is the price but if you shop during sales as I did, if you are in a tight budget, you are now fine. But really, once you get your hands on the cloths, you do understand the pricing. There is nothing comparable. They are well-made! You are not paying the marketing.


Little Green Radicals is an independent brand with an engaged Fairtrade ethic. I want and let you discover their shop, read their “about us” section and I am sure you will fall in love.

I am now waiting for the new A/W16 Collection due very soon.

Follow me on Instagram for more photos!

Note : I have been generously offered the product with * mentioned in this post. All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


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