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Some comfy and funky Leggings for my Kids: Blade & Rose Review

Today, Blade & Rose is launching their new A/W16 Collection.

Blade and ROSE logo-grey

My eldest daughter suffered eczema and allergies since baby so for me, it has been always very clear that she will wear only leggings and cotton. In fact, I had no choice, as soon as I was putting something else on her legs, we will notice eczema patches few hours later appearing.

Her wardrobe was mainly leggings and cotton dresses/Tops, nothing else. Because organic clothes are not really affordable, and I am not an extremist and can combine with our lifestyle exigence {income etc.}, I am honestly saying that I DO buy non organic cloths.

What I am looking for FIRST is the comfort a cloth can afford for a child. Designs, patterns are and have always been the latest thing I am looking for. What I want is my daughters to be FREE of any movement in what they wear: crawling, running, jumping, climbing, anything a child wants to experiment really.

I hate jeans, or any rigid fabrics and therefore, I do not choose this kind of garments. I mainly go for cotton for many reasons: breathability, comfort and resistance.

Until now, my daughters leggings are quite “blend” because she has torn so many of them {knees level} that we do not invest anymore. So when I have been asked to review Blade & Rose leggings I jumped into the occasion.

I did not know about them and was eager to discover and try.

Blade & Rose

Blade & Rose Website Extract

BLADE AND ROSEBlade & Rose is a leading British children’s clothing brand specialising in a trendsetting range of leggings and clothing accessories. Blade & Rose was created whilst designer Amanda was on maternity leave. Which ultimately led the company to be named  after her children middle name ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’. Each piece of the collection is unique and has the trademark design on the bum. A major component of the development was to ensure that the quality of the fabric was durable, functional, would wash well and most importantly, that was soft and kind to children’s delicate skin. The initial range quickly sold out and now the British family business has stockists all over the world.

Blade & Rose continue to extend the clothing range with matching accessories and new designs.

Blade & Rose New  AW16 Collection

We have received a beautiful set comprising:

First test:

My radical test for clothing is first : washing! So I put the leggings into the wash and checked in they will “bubble”, shrink or discolour.

First surprise: they are even softer and colours are intact!

Second test:

On the bum, at home with a very active toddler. I also wanted to check with a cloth nappy on. They do fit perfectly! Blade & Rose Leggings are CLOTH-BUM FRIENDLY.

I really liked how soft the leggings are and even Baba noticed the difference. She really liked the socks! They are very fluffy inside. the legging stretchs well and covers properly her cloth nappy.

Another positive thoughts, it helps against leaks! Due to its material, I have noticed that it keeps baby dry a bit like a wool pant.

Third and ultimate test: OUT & ABOUT

We went to our favorite place: Budleigh! And I let Baba enjoy. First, play with the pebbles: a bit of jumping and climbing

To the park now:

We have clearly adopted these leggings! Baba fell on the ground while running and I was: “oh oups another new legging with a hole! And guess what? WRONG, no hole, nothing at all, an intact, perfect legging! So here I MUST say Blade & Rose impressed me. Surely, any other legging will have been torn.

I was so confident with them, that I let her play and do whatever she wanted:


tested and approved by oummanna


  • Thick and good quality fabric
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • no bubbling
  • no colour runs
  • very soft and comfortable
  • Generous in sizing and stretchy
  • Affordable!
  • Love the matching accessories: the tee shirt was really good and baba fell in love with the socks 🙂
  • colourful patterns and beautiful/funky designs


  • Sizing: They have a limited sizing, have found only few in sizes 6 y {Sales section}. I would have love to buy few for our eldest daughter as I am sure she will like this kind of leggings during winter, and she will love the colours and stripes indeed.
  • Non organic but for us, life is not Black or White but colourful and we do buy non organic clothes.

Note : I have been generously sent the products above for this review purpose and I have reviewed them because I wanted. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


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