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#39 Weeks update: Baby and Mum Hospital Bag essentials

Our choice has been made clear: I will give birth in Labour ward.

Not by choice, by necessity. I am GBS+.

GBS +, What dos this mean?

GBS is one of many bacteria that can be present in our bodies. It doesn’t usually cause any harm. When this happens it’s called “carrying” GBS or being colonised with GBS.

It’s estimated about one pregnant woman in five in the UK carries GBS in their digestive system or vagina.

Around the time of labour and birth, many babies come into contact with GBS and are colonised by the bacteria. Most are unaffected, but a small number can become infected.” NHS Website Extract

“Carrying group B Strep (GBS) is perfectly normal and natural. It is normal gut flora in 20-30% of people (men and women), and ‘colonises’ the vagina in roughly 22% of all women. Although GBS can be passed through sexual contact, it is not a sexually transmitted disease, and carrying the bacterium is not associated with any health risks or symptoms to the carrier.” Group B Strep Support Website

Because I am GBS + and I know that I used to have very fast labours { less than 5 hours for all stages, and stage 2 less than 5 minutes}, we agreed with my midwife that I shall come to labour ward as soon as I think I might be in labour. Why? to make sure or at least try to get me my two antibiotics. If we would not be able to administrate them before baby’s birth, I knew I will have to stay for at least 12 hours for baby’s safety. I prepared our bags in consequence.

Mum’s Hospital Bag essentials

My hospital bag essentials

I always try to prepare my bag thinking step by step. I choose a big travel bag “Babybus” {that I have received from my lovely mum when I gave birth to Baba}: full of pockets.

1}What will I need on admission?

I need my notes and baby red  book!

My hospital bag essentials

2} What will I need during labour?

  • an outfit to give birth in

When I gave birth the first time to Baba1, I took with me a light dress for labour. In many websites, they suggest you to take an old very large teeshirt in order to be comfortable and obviously something you do not mind if get very messy at the end.

When Baba1 was delivered I suffered a big blood loss and midwives, nurses, all people who came had to torn the dress to have access to my back and blood vessels. I went to theatre and ended up with a hospital gown. I do think that even if impersonal, I’d rather wear from my admission a hospital gown.

Therefore for Baba2, I did not want this to happen again and decided to sew my own hospital gown with the same requirements: pressions on the back for easy access , short sleeves and a length that was acceptable for me. I have also sewn a “hat” to help me cover my hair and still be comfortable and not too hot. You know how hospital can be very warm…. The dress has been really helpful when I gave birth to baba2 as I ended up bleeding again and in need of stiches.

Clearly for Baba3, I knew I would use it. I have two of these handmade dresses and they are part of my essentials and wee in my hospital bag.

  • {some snacks for you and your birthing partner}- have not take any as will be alone and I don’t eat during labour
  • my camera {no picture :)}

3} What will I need after giving birth and for postnatal ward?

  • Toiletries:

Hospital bag essentials

Essentials: lips balm and  Lanolin for breastfeeding. I took with me my Mia & Dom Lip balm* and my Living Naturally Lip balm*. I love both of them and know that they will be great for labour and afterwards. For Lanolin, with no hesitation, I take the Lansinoh one. I have used them previously for all my babies and clearly a MUST-HAVE. When I was pregnant of Baba1, better advice I have received from my midwife: “as soon as baby is born and you have done the first latch on, apply your Lansinoh Lanolin before and after each feeds”. It has helped me a lot with cracked nipples!

For shampoo, I am taking a sample of Living naturally solid shampoo* {Review coming soon}: easy to use, small and practical.

Mouth hygiene: My Lamazuna natural toothpaste* {the ice cream :-)} that I absolutely love, review is coming very soon and My Bamboo toothbrush.

The stick with a red ball* is to clean the ears and is from Lamazuna {stay tuned as it is very impressive}.

  • Nursing bras* and nursing pads


Well, this is the sensitive part. I find very difficult in general to have the perfect fit for bras so when it comes to pregnancy and nursing It is even harder. We all hate spending money on something and eventually not being able to use it, because it does not fit the purpose: it is all about maternity and nursing bras. I have been so disappointed in the past that I was ready to use just my usual ones. Then I heard about Bravado Designs, I was more than excited to try their Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bras*. So far so good, they have been great during pregnancy, need to see how they perform while nursing.

Well, once you get baby, you do have only colostrum but sometimes you can experience some leaks and you need to bring with you some nursing pads. You do get some Lansinoh disposables in your Emma’s diary free packs. I prefer using reusable ones and got mine on amazon when I was pregnant of Baba2. These are from Anawiz and they are great.

  • some not to say a lot of Cloth Sanitary Pads {CSP}

I use Cheeky Mama ones from Cheeky wipes. I have bought them after having Baba2 and absolutely love them! I have never had a leak. They are comfortable and do wash well. I brought 10 maternity pads with me. I will share with you my experience later {Always having a lot to say I am afraid :-)}

  • some lightweight pyjamas –hospitals are usually very warm

my hospital bag essentialsBecause of the GBS+ and me having fast delivery, I know I might have to stay in postnatal ward for at least 12 hours if I don’t get the two doses of antibiotics in time so I have prepared 3 pyjamas. I wanted new ones with V necks and one with buttons. I have bought them at Matalan. They are all in cotton, jersey: lightweight and breathable: nothing tight.

  • A lightweight dressing gown and some slippers

my hospital bag essentialsFor when you are out and about during labour or/and in postnatal ward.

  • some snacks

my hospital bag essentials

This is important for me because when I gave birth to baba1, after delivery, due to important blood loss and for stitching purposes I went to theatre and had an epidural {very pathetic as I gave birth naturally with no pain killers and ended up with an epidural for stitches …booo}

I was unable to move for 12 hours and was relying on the staff for providing my meals: big error and I learnt: never go to hospital without food, you will never know!

I put my Klean Kanteen bottle and some healthy snacks from my PrimalBox. I am taking too our Klean Kanteen Canister that I filled up with dried apricots and almonds: both very good to help breastfeeding and increase milk supply.

  • my tablet

my hospital bag essentials

I am expecting no visit, just my husband and daughters so need this to keep me entertained and connected to my family abroad in France.

  • A bag

My hospital bag essentials

Special bag for dirty clothes and you will have some!

  • Phone, chargers and some changes
  • an outfit for getting back home

Baby’s bag essentials

For baby, things are really easier. I took my Pink Lining Changing bag.

  • Receiving Blanket and comforter

baby hospital bag essentials

My choice Natures Purest Pure Love Collection. This blanket is soooo soft with a velvet side and I love the heart crochet. It is a well made, very sophisticated, organic blanket. And I could not resist the bunny 🙂

  • Baby hats, Baby vests

I prefer cross over vests and have used these ones with all my Babas! I just love them and got them in France in 2011. They are size 0-1 month and fit perfectly a newborn!

  • Baby grows

Baby hospital bag essentials

Two rompers* with socks , my choice organic brand FRUGI.

  • some muslins

Baby hospital bag essentialsMuslins are really useful when you are in hospital and even for the early days. You can use them to swaddle baby, for feeds, as burp cloths. You have the choice so definitely need them in my bag. These ones* are organic and from Frugi.

  • Nappies

newborn nappiesAs you know, I will be using cloth nappies from birth so I took with me some of my newborn nappies and I will also use the free disposables I have received in my Emma’s diary packs. In my bag of course, a wet bag but not pictured.

  • Wipes

Baby hospital bag essentialsNo cotton wool for me. I will be using some washable wipes. I stock them dry in a wet bag and will wet them when required. My choice: Cheeky wipes*!

  • A car seat

Baby hospital bag essentials

Not to be forgotten as you cannot leave the hospital without it. I do find that it is not something easy to buy: so many options that you get lost with all the offers available.

We bought ours  with Baba1: we wanted to change for Baba2 and new baby but unable to decide, so back to square ONE.

That’s it! Bags packed and waiting for baby.

And you, what are/were your hospital bag essentials?

This article was written on the 17th and baby arrived on the 18th. That is why it is published only today.

Note: All the items with a * are PR samples.

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