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My Birth Story: Powerful meeting with new Baby and I am no wonder woman

The 17th of July, a not so usual Sunday, as it was my birthday: 34 years all for myself! I do not really celebrate my birthday so it was a quiet and usual day with my little family.

living naturally bath tub teaNot so usual as we were quiet busy. On Saturday, I started my 39th week. And every morning, I was saying: one more week to go!

So on Sunday, we had a long walk to the beach , a picnic and when we came back home I gave a bath to my two Babas. I was exhausted by the end of the day and felt strange.

I was unable to eat anything and the only thing I wanted was a bath to relax and ease my backache. So, I got one and cheered myself up with some Living Naturally Soap Bath Tub.

When I went to sleep, I was very tired and nauseous. I fell asleep at around 11pm and woke up with a start at 1 am. I was feeling strange contractions and period like pain. I felt something changed and my body was working.

I found out I was bleeding: I first thought it was the mucus plug and took a shower to see if the contractions will stop. No, they did not stop and I was loosing more blood. I finished packing everything and make sure I did not forget anything. The contractions were absolutely no painful and if the bleeding was not here, I would have stayed home for a bit longer.

I was not sure of what to do so phoned Labour ward. Due to my previous fast labours and them willing to give me on time my two antibiotic doses, I have been asked to come to labour ward to get me and baby checked. And as soon as I hung up the phone, my waters broke!

Living abroad with no family, relatives or old friends can make things a bit tricky and giving birth is one of the “not so easy” part of it. Having a child with “special needs” does not help too. We could not find a childcare solution that will suit us but also our daughters therefore we decided that I will have to go in labour alone and Hubby will take care of the children. It has been a hard and painful decision for both of us. The idea to be on my own for labour broke first my heart and I remembered that I will never be alone as soon as I believe. My faith is my strength and my light: this is what I shall remember.

RDE HOSPITALI arrived in labour ward after a heartbroken farewell to my half at 4 am. Time to get checked and everything.

CONCLUSION: confirmation of  SROM {Spontaneous Ruptures Of Membranes} and no effective contractions yet, even if cervix opened at 3.

Being in labour ward means medical interventions. Not to take the risk baby gets infected by GBS, Consultant decided to help my body a bit with a kind of induction, a very low amount of oxytocin which I agreed for. It was at 8 am and I had already received my first antibiotic.

At 9 am, real contractions started but were not unbearable. I have been proposed some gaz and air which I refused simply because at that time I could cope with the pain.

My midwife Georgie, stayed with me all the time, helping me, believing in me. She was here, beside me: I never felt alone like I did for my previous pregnancies.

I was so anxious about being induced as I’d rather have a natural birth and not to rush things, meanwhile just the idea of baby getting infected made things clear: safety first! No point to stick on my beliefs if at the end it puts my baby in danger. You see nothing is perfect. No black, no white: life is full of colours and shades and we just have to adapt.

From 10 am, contractions started to fade out as we stopped the oxytocin. We decided to start again at around 11.00 am.

picture from Yaqynbirth and edited by myself

Picture from and edited by myself

I was very calm and tried to concentrate with every contraction. I knew it was not yet even if the urge of pushing was there. I asked Georgie to check my cervix not to push “for nothing”. I was only at 6, so I just stopped any effort and started walking in my room.

Georgie was really helpful, she proposed me to try many positions and we explored together the brand new bed. Labour ward has received new beds just before I gave birth. They are great! …but not for me. We also tried a birthing stool: It was new for me and have never seen one before.

RDE hospitalWell I tried the bed and the birthing stool , unfortunately because I had a lot of cramps just did not work for me. I need all the strength of my body and my legs to support the contractions.

So now we were waiting for the contractions to get stronger and they did: still coping with no pain relief. It was 11.20 am and I knew that it will be soon. My room was really calm… The last contractions pain are clear , you cannot misinterpret them. So I knew. The pain was stronger, breathing helps but I felt I started to need to bend and approached the edge of the bed.

At 11.35: I asked in a rush with a very painful and powerful contraction Georgie to check my cervix as I wanted to push now and did not want to waste my forces if my cervix was not fully dilated. And she did not realise, nor did I as I could not wait anymore and I started the epic journey of delivery. I hold the bed , standing and pushed and Georgie realised the head was here.

She was really good as she prepared everything in the background. Everything was ready to welcome the baby. She installed a cushion under my legs and put her gloves on, and rand for one of her colleague to come. I felt very secure with her, her presence and calm manners. She was there and this time, for the first time, the only thing I was worried about was my body and my pain.

At this point, the pain arrives at such a level that this is for me the “worst” and the “best” part of giving birth “naturally” with no pain killers. This first push and nearly ultimate one that brings your baby out. For me it is the first push but I know I am no usual and my body is fast.

I am no wonder woman and doubts are part of myself. I doubt, sometimes so unsure of what I am doing.

This breaking point that makes you doubt, makes you feel weak and unable to do it anymore. Baby’s head was here and I could feel the stinging sensation, this special pain that leads me to panic. I looked around me, and realised I would not find my husband eyes to help me and tell me that I could do it, that everything will be fine. I felt alone for a quarter of a second and I remembered my daughters, I remembered my mum, my love for all my family, my faith and asked God to help me go through this one more time, to give me the strength and the courage to face what my body will suffer, and to protect my baby. I also remembered that all this pain would bring me something I would never forget, someone to cheer all my life: this little human being who is still in me and needs me to get out.

And my spirit  came back to hear Georgie soft voice guiding me and asking me to push to get the baby’s head out. I had to wait as the contraction stopped. I was waiting for the new contraction to arrive and gathering my energy and my trust in my own capacities to do it.

A new contraction was coming and I told Georgie. I felt her hands and I knew she was sustaining my perineum and I felt reassured as she was guiding me, asking me to push slowly and to pant out my breath. This is the hardest part of giving birth, the one that might leave you hurt. I did as she asked me to but I felt I was tearing. Baby’s head was out and in one more push her body appeared, held by Georgie.

retro-pop-art-gossip-girl_23-2147493068I looked under my legs and saw my baby girl, asking repeatedly if she was fine. And she was but I was not. Baby was still underneath me, hold by her cord in Georgie’s hand and I started bleeding heavily. It was scary but I was too busy staring at this new little bundle of Joy and being happy to have done it. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT  I DID IT AGAIN!

I am no wonder woman and doubts are part of myself. I doubt, sometimes so unsure of what I am doing.

Few seconds later, Georgie was trying to clamp the cord as fast as possible because I was literally flooding. I remember having thought ” delayed clamping we said? – well, I think something wrong is going on” . I was right, few seconds later, I saw almost TEN midwives running into my room. Georgie’s colleague took care of baby and the others helped me reach the bed and lay down. I think I did not realise what was happening, I was just shaking which was normal as the pushing stade lasted only few seconds: three pushes.

I let them check everything and I have been brought my beautiful baby girl for some skin to skin and our first breastfeeding experience. I made the first latch-on and we have done well. The bleeding stopped and while baby was having her first Colostrum shot {:)}, the consultant arrived for the stitching: Local anesthetic only even if I have been proposed some Gas and Air but I hate it so refused.

It is very strange how I can be brave for giving birth and how “silly” I can be afterwards. It is just like if my body cannot cope with the pain anymore, or it is just my own heart. Well, do not ask me for too much, Pain killers please now! 🙂

I am no wonder woman and doubts are part of myself. I doubt, sometimes so unsure of what I am doing.

Oummanna Babys birth

Stiches done and catheter* on, diclophenac and paracetamol given: I was all ready to go again. Baby was resting after her long journey out and I had a breakfast at 1 pm: I was starving! I did not eat anything for more than 24 hours, not because I have been asked too but only because I was unable to put anything in my mouth.

I gave birth to a beautiful little girl  “alone” with a wonderful midwife in a labour ward setting. My best experience so far. We say “Home is where the Heart is”, I think the same for labour. Wherever you are, whoever is with you, it is all about feelings: the most important is to feel secure and supported. I dressed her in our Mama’s & Papa’s Family outfit I bought for my first baby and all her sisters wore it. I did not make a picture of it in my hospital bag blogpost as it is very personal and important for us.

oummanna new baby girl

We have been transferred to the postnatal ward where we stayed for 24 hours before being discharged.

I am no wonder woman and doubts are part of myself. I doubt, sometimes so unsure of what I am doing.

My birth story is NO magical: I DO NOT sell dreams and a whimsical life. I have a down to earth life full of trials and beautiful moments.

I was on my feet less than half an hour after giving birth in an XXXL pyjamas, walking like a very old duck 🙂 and it has been the case for 7 days. No, I have not put back my XS jean when I left the hospital and I was not doing selfies. I was just trying to succeed as a new mum of three with 30 kgs gained during pregnancy BUT I will not focus on this for now.

For me it is just real life, my life ! And I love it and hope you will recognize yourself.

I would love to hear your own birth experience.

* Why a catheter? I do tear in a rare and unusual place: near the urethra so to help the healing of the tear for 24 hours I have to wear a catheter. In case it is happening to you, you should not worry, everything is fine and it heals fast.


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