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Breastfeeding journey week ONE: From Heaven to Hell

DAY ONE: At the hospital

Baby Birth weight: 3.840 Kgs. This was the starting point. For many weeks, Baby’s weight will be a crucial point.

The first day and first night at the hospital were a breeze. Baby slept and fed beautifully not to say incredibly well. She was feeding for half an hour and sleeping for 3 hours. I was busy applying before and after each feeds my HPA® Lansinoh Lanolin to avoid cracked nipples.

Main  goals:

my hospital bag essentials– Drink plenty of water to help increase my milk supply

-Eat some dried apricots and almonds for the same reason and because it makes a good and healthy treat

– make sure breasts and nipples stay in excellent condition

-Rest as much as possible before getting back home

DAY TWO: Hospital Discharge & Back to home

Baby’s Weight: unknown

In the morning: Very early baby gave me quite a fright! She nearly shocked in her bed where she was sleeping quietly. I hold her and tried to help but clearly could not help as she had thick mucous getting out of her mouth. I ran and called for some help. Midwives thankfully arrived fast and helped baby to get back in track with her oxygen level. When it happened, I said to myself, it is one reason why I could not give birth at home, even being a nurse myself. Taking care of others is a thing, but your children is completely different. My feelings just overcome my reason and I cannot act.

Will I be able to cope?In the afternoon: We stayed at the hospital until 4 pm and just before our little family of three came to pick up us, baby was fine and just one hour before they arrived Baby started to be unsettled and wanted to feed constantly {at this time I did not know what will be the next 48 hours}. The midwife proposed me to stay one more day if I wanted. It was really tempting as I was worried to come back home and be a mother of three, a real mother of three and a housewife. I was a bit anxious about breastfeeding and taking care of my elders daughters and my home. Will I be able to do it? Can I cope with all these new things again? How will I manage my toddler and the newborn, my pre-schooler?

In the evening: Back home, Baby was still unsettled and very demanding. I had to feed her. She stayed latched on all the evening and night and I shall say that without the help of my partner I would have not been able to do anything. We do not have any family/ friends support so we had to do it on our own. I had to rely on him and I knew that It will be really hard for him. Baby just wanted to feed….

Night-time:  Same again. She barely slept since we left the hospital and she was constantly trying to feed or shall I say on the breast? Because I have no idea if she was feeding or not even if it was clear she was swallowing by time to time. I co-slept with baby as I was exhausted. Little by little during the night, I stopped using my Lansinoh Lanolin cream in between feeds and even if it was hurting, just stopped to correct baby’s latch on…. The worst thing I could do and that I would soon regret.

DAY THREE: Baby’s weight and milk supply

BREASTFEEDING BEST FRIENDSHere comes the milk in and all the lovely things with it!

Breastfeeding best friends on day 3:

Twinnings Fennel tea: Fennel tea should be one of your must have when breastfeeding as it can help to stimulate the production of breast milk by boosting your prolactin levels. Fennel tea can also relieve colic in a baby.

Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin : I have cracked nipples thanks to day 2!

Bravado designs nursing brasGood nursing bras: You need support as engorgement can be painful.  I use the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra and I am in love with them. They are truly reliable and unbelievingly comfortable!

The fabric is very soft and not too warn in this hot weather.

Anawizz Nursing padsBreast Nursing pads:

Last but not least! Beware of the Let-down reflex 🙂 . I love reusable ones as you just wear them and wash. No waste, no full bins. The Anawizz one are very large and very absorbant.

Midwife visit:

Midday, baby and I get checked for the first time since we left the hospital.

Baby’s weight: 3.500 Kgs – Baby has lost 8.5% of her birth weight which is a good thing as we expect Babies to loose 10% of their birth weight. So far, so good. I thought we were doing well.


Breasts were really sore and  cracked nipples were getting worse with baby’s constant feeding.

I started to loose my trust and my envy to fully breastfeed baby as I was unable to play with my other daughters or to do anything else than sitting on our sofas while feeding this hungry little body. 🙂

At least, I was thinking, she seemed to take milk so her weight would be fine.

DAY FIVE: Low weight gain and a bit of relief

I was very excited to see the midwife as I thought that Baby would get back on birth weight. She was feeding for long times and I was nearly sure.

Unfortunately, it was not the case. Baby gaines only 25 gr in two days and it was such a disappointment. It was fine but it was not impressive. I have been checked again while breastfeeding to ensure that baby was feeding well.

I started to be a bit sad about not being able to succeed and started to doubt, not to take on consideration the pain I felt everytime I was putting baby on the breast…

Le Toy Van Pizza Set and Breakfast TraySo to cheer me up and because the last few days had been really busy and I felt very bad not being able to spend more time with each of my daughters, we arranged a little surprise. I am an absolute fan of Le Toy Van toys and their Honeybake range.

Before I gave birth to our little bug,  I was trying to plan some play sessions with Baba1 and Baba2 to help Baba1 with sharing and social interactions. I will talk about this later.

We offered our daughters the Le Toy Van Pizza Set and Breakfast Tray!

Le Toy Van Pizza Set They were very happy as I was able to play with them even if I was feeding the baby.

My two Babbas were preparing me pizza for me to eat and some delicious coffee! I will share with you a full review of Honeybake range and you will see how fantastic Le Toy Van is!

We have had some great times together and we will surely have more as I am sure to extend our Le Toy Van Toys.

DAY SIX: My worst day so far…

I am not going to forget this day ever.

My breasts and my nipples were in such a pain. My nipples were bleeding and each latch on was a torment. I was breathing looking at my baby asking her to take as much as she could in one go. But of course, she was not. I tried my best to continue not to give up: putting again and again the lansinoh Lanolin cream on my nipples. She was just too often on the breast and the nipple could not heal… I needed some super powers.


I was clearly desperate and looking at my Baby Bottles. But what was the point? Would I give up after just a week only because I have been lazy one day?

No…no, I WOULD NOT GIVE UP! Not now, not again…

DAY SEVEN: I love you Lansinoh!

The Breaking point…

My nipples were bleeding and each feed started to be a nightmare. I wanted so badly to breastfeed but now, my body could not cope anymore. I was still breastfeeding but I was crying with each feed. I told you, no magic in my blog, just real life. I am no perfect mum, I am just a common woman.

I was thinking how should I do to ease my breasts a bit, to help my nipples heal?

EXPRESSING MY MILK! Eureka! Yes a very good idea indeed. I then remembered my previous experience with my Medela Swing Breast pump I bought in 2012 for Baba1. It appeared not to be such a good idea as this breastpump just did not work for me.

How did I manage after all?

The 2 in 1 Double electric Lansinoh Breast PumpI received few days before I gave birth The 2 in One Double Electric Lansinoh Breast Pump to review. I never thought I would use it so early but it was a good moment to test it and see whether this pump was good or not.

I should admit that I have been impressed! I expressed 30 ml after a feed in less that 10 minutes! Full review to follow as it deserves one.

Thanks to my Lansinoh Breast Pump, I have been able to give a rest to my nipples and gave them a chance to heal in between feeds.

What did I do? I was alternating bottle feed {with breast milk} and breastfeeding. When it was the bottle feed turn, I was expressing and feeding baby directly. I was not storing.

This was the end of our first week together. It was exhausting emotionally as I felt I was ready to give up breastfeeding and because I was worried for baby. Expressing my milk gave me hope and I knew that even if I could not breastfeed, I would always be able to bottle feed with my milk…

Baby update: Baby put around 100 grs and her cord was still on. I prepared her bath but after being advised by the midwife to wait the cord to fall I reported it to next week. No rush.

to be


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  1. Laura Finnegan says

    Thanks for sharing it! Your story really shows us how many of us have expectations that are different to the reality, but this is fab to know and to share with others help us to understand this journey is not a simple one, it requires sheer determination. Good luck in the rest of your journey!

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