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Breastfeeding: Worries about milk supply and lactation cookies by Boobbix

“I think you do not have enough milk”  ……”You should top up your baby with some formula, she seems so hungry”

Who has never heard these comforting sentences during their breastfeeding journey?

When I gave birth to my first baby, when we were at the hospital and my breastfed baby was unsettled, instead of helping me with breastfeeding, I have been proposed several times to give some formula to my baby but I did not. I knew my milk supply was not the issue, it was something else.



From her first day in this world until she was three months old, because she was so unsettled and always asking for breastfeeding, I kept hearing those silly sentences! The truth was breastfeeding her was the only comfort she could seek to ease her pain, unfortunately it was causing her more distress and it was an infernal circle because the truth was somewhere else. Well, indeed it was… just those silly allergies diagnosed too late. My milk was the trigger full of allergens.

For new baby, I am getting ready to make sure I have plenty of milk and no one will ever dare tell me that “I do not have enough milk and that my baby is hungry!”

To do this nothing very hard. Really?How?

You just need to eat specific food. We call them galactogogues or lactogenic foods. We will discuss them later.

Picture from

Picture from

During centuries, women all over the world have developed recipes for after birth. For example, in Morocco, a traditional dish “RFEESSA” is typically prepared for “Nafeessa” women {in post-partum}.

It is known to help the milk to come in and to increase the milk supply. It is also very nutritious and rich in iron and believe me quite good! The specific ingredient used in this famous dish is Fenugreek.

So why don’t we have this kind of recipe here in UK? And if there is one, I am not aware of. Well, apart from eating a good portion of porridge in the morning {yes, OAT is one of this lactogenic ingredient}. So when I found out about BOOBBIX I was ecstatic! Not that I do not like Rfeessa, It is one of my favorite dish but honestly It takes so looooooong to prepare and cannot do it while breastfeeding and do not have my lovely mum around to cook it for me {as traditionally, it is prepared by other ladies 🙂 }

BOOBIX, What is it?

Boobbix, it is a new brand of lactation cookies available in UK. The cookies are elaborated with galactogogues ingredients to increase breast milk supply.

boobbix to increase your milk supply

These Galactagogues ingredients are known and used all over the world to stimulate and increase milk production, and lactation cookies are just new and different way to use them : maybe more convenient and tasty for our new kind of mum busy life!

Boobbix do not add preservatives, try to use organic and free-range ingredients to ensure that the cookies are as healthy and natural as possible.

boobbix to increase your milk supply

What I absolutely find useful is that they are  packaged individually to ensure that they are as fresh, convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Boobbix Cookies are quite ENERGETIC: 200KCAL /cookie! But well,  taking care of a new baby demands some energy burst, especially when nursing can consume anywhere from 50-125% more energy, and burn 300-500 extra calories daily. As far as I am concerned, my body does not seem to burn anything….

boobbix to increase your milk supply


The cookies have been elaborated with one goal: help increase your milk supply. Well, two goals: the other one is to make them yummy and seduce your tastebuds. In fact three: keep them healthy!

They contain some of the “magical” key  ingredients, the famous galactogogues ones like:

  • Oats
  • Flaxseed
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Fenugreek

boobbix to increase your milk supplyAlthough they do the job, on their own none of these ingredients taste fantastic: I hate Fenugreek! I have tried some Milk Making Tea and my world! It was so disgusting that I was unable to drink them. I do remember buying 4 packs for Baba1, what a waste of money simply because I could not swallow it at all!

So I like the idea that Boobbix has hidden them inside sweet treats so that Mums {and I} can eat them and enjoy doing so!

So let’s try them now.

boobbix to increase your milk supplyIn a box of 500g {yes I said 500gr!}, you get 10 individually wrapped cookies. You have 4 tasty recipes to choose from:

  • Chocolate Chip & Oat
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate chip
  • Oatmeal and Raisin
  • Cranberry and Almond

DSC_0182It is not wonderful? We also have the choice! And because I am a Peanut Butter addict, I tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lactation cookies.

Let me tell you that the first thing that shocked me is the size and weight of the cookies! They are huge which is great! When you open them , you first smell a warm smell of spice and I like it. I was worried about fenugreek but at the first bite, I was reassured.

They are G-R-E-A-T!

They are very tasty and not disgusting. It is advised to eat 2/day to see an increase after few days. In each packet you have 10 cookies, so one box last 5 days.

I have been eaten 2 cookies per day last week and I shall say that I have observed an increase while pumping {I do pump occasionally for when I go out and have to leave baby}.


  • Packed individually
  • very tasty
  • you can freeze them
  • it works!
  • 500gr for 10 biscuits it is impressive!


  • The price but well 500gr , it is worth it!
  • You do not know the amount you are taking of fenugreek per cookie

boobbix to increase your milk supplyWhen I arrived to the last one I felt lonely! I loved them and I know something very important That I am going to share with you.

bigstock-woman-telling-secrets-pop-art-25371263-31If someone dares tell you that you milk supply is not good enough, I have a reply for you:



For now, my packet is empty and I need more so I shall leave you. See you soon to talk galactogogues food. Stay tuned.

boobbix to increase your milk supply

Note : I have been generously sent the products above for this review purpose and I have reviewed them because I wanted. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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