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Baby’s first name Announcement to Siblings featuring LostMyName Book

When I was pregnant {it seems so far but a month ago, I was still with my bump}, Anna {4 years old pre-schooler} kept asking about Baby’s first name and when Baby will go out to meet her. She was really curious about baby and eager to discover her and learn her name.

Hubby and I decided to keep Baby’s gender and name secret until birth and we built a little story for our daughters. We wanted them to have a real surprise when baby would arrive and some “sibling” gifts.

Because Anna kept asking why Baby did not have a name, we started to say that Baby lost her name and would find it when she would be born but we would need to help her find it. We found this more whimsical than just tell her that we were going to choose a name. 🙂

I was looking for:

  • something original,
  • something beautiful and playful
  • something that each of them will keep
  • something to develop some skills
  • finally something that will corroborate our story.

Do you know “LostMyName“?

lost my name logo

I love these books since a long time and I thought that they would make beautiful gifts for Baby and her sisters and perfect for our story!!!

LostMyName proposes  personalised books The little Girl who lost her name” for girls and a boy version is also available, and the new “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home”.


We ordered  a book* for Anna and a book* for Maryam.

Because Anna is a big girl now and she will enter Reception Year in September, we thought that a Space themed book will be better for her and more interesting. For Maryam who is just starting to have some interest on letters we thought that the girl who lost her name will do great. To make it more enthralling for both of them I coupled the books with some wooden toys {bought from Babipur} that complete them:

We preferred to wait until baby was born to order her book. When baby was born, I visited the website and few days later our book was here.

During the first week of Baby’s life, we were calling her only Baby and we explained her sisters that we needed now to help baby. Everyday Anna had to revise her alphabet and we asked her to do some writing. It was even better than we thought! She was thrilled about it and so did we. She worked really hard even drawing for the first time  a “S”. She has been struggling with this letter since so long and now she managed it! What a coincidence!

We received Baby’s book on a Saturday morning. She was nearly one week old.  Shall I show them to you?

That evening, bedtime routine was a bit different. We ate earlier. Anna & Maryam took their shower and dressed their pyjamas. We went to their bedroom with baby in my arms and we said to them, that tonight we are going on a quest all together: we will try to help baby find her name.

We all sat together and we gave baby’s book to Anna with Maryam by her side. We told Anna that she would reveal the name at the end of the book but for now we would read together.


Dad started the story and Anna had to pointed the letter while we made Maryam repeating them. She barely talks so we try to stimulate her. It has been such an enjoyable family moment, one I think we will remember for a long time. All together,  quietly, working together and having fun… Anna was so proud of herself and Maryam ecstatic to learn new sounds. They were sparkles in their eyes.

When we arrived at the end of the book, we asked Anna to try to read, to assemble the letters together and she managed so well for a first time! And she said it: S….A….R….A….H! We will never forget her eyes and how thrilled and surprised she was to discover that the book was about us.! Yes, Sarah was the name of her new sister. She was so happy and we asked her if she liked it. Indeed, she did.


We, then, offered their own gifts and we read their books too. They were and still are very happy about them.

I love the magic these books bring. They are simple but so unique. I was afraid that the books will look similar but they don’t.

magicThis is how, we revealed Baby’s name to our little family.

And you, have you done something special? I would love to hear your own stories.

Note : I have been generously sent the products above marked with a * for this review purpose and I have reviewed them because I wanted. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


  1. Il y a vraiment de la magie dans cette belle histoire autour du prénom de ton bébé ❤. Nous avons assez rapidement révélé les prénoms et sexe de nos enfants mais pour l’arrivée de mon deuxième j’ai fabriqué un petit coffre à trésors avec des petites choses que j’avais cousue : un doudou, un porte doudou type mei tai… et j’avais imprimé et plastifié des photos de notre petite famille. Mon mari a remis le tout à notre aîné le jour de la naissance de notre deuxième fils.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merci Souad. Oh très jolie idée aussi et il n’y a rien de meilleur que le fait main. Ton Ainé a du être très content de sa petite surprise, enfin de ses 2 surprises {il faut compter bébé}. 🙂


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