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Snüz Designz Swaddle blanket Review

Just after their births, babies are swaddled by midwives. My daughters have been too.

I heard about swaddling when I was younger but have rarely seen a swaddled baby so when Anna was born, when I came back home, I did not swaddle her, not because I did not want to, no, just and simply because I did not know much about swaddling. She was an unsettled baby, and the only way to calm her was by holding her and keeping her next to me: thanks baby wearing and my Mobywrap!

Then with Maryam, from the hospital, her first day into this world, I used to swaddle her. Why? An evidence this time. I learnt about swaddling and the benefits and how it could improve baby’s sleep. At this time I was using some baby blankets to swaddle her and it did wonder with her. She was sleeping very well. In fact so well, we were worried about her. For us it was so contrasting with Anna who barely slept during the day and at night! I struggled with folding properly my blankets: it took me a while to get my hands used to it and swaddle my little angel properly. I did not swaddle her all the time but when I knew she needed a proper sleep as I did want her to explore.

Baby Sarah joined us few weeks ago and I knew that I will swaddle her too but this time I was willing to try a swaddle blanket to make things easier.

You can find a lot of swaddle blankets in the market place, the price range does not vary a lot, between £10 to £15 approximately.

snuzlogoBut I knew, since pregnant the ONE I wanted. Do you know the brand Snüz ?

If you don’t, well, I do not know if I should invite you to discover it or refrain you. Why? I am afraid you are going to fall in love too with their bedding range and their award winning SnüzPod.

snuz-award-banner-oldsite-minI am in love with this brand. How not to?

Recently Snüz added to their Snüz Designz range an awesome swaddle blanket that cost £14.95 and is available in three patterns:

  • Little Tweets
  • Cloud Nine
  • Rootin’ Tootin’


The choice was hard to make as I think the three of them are marvellous and quite neutral gender despite the traditional blue and pink colours. I could have bought three of them for my little girl  – I have an addiction to turquoise – and I eventually choose the Little Tweets one to be in harmony with her crochet blanket and giraffe and not to stay frustrated I completed the range with Cloud Nine fitted sheet for her cot bed :-p {will show you later}.

little dove crochetYou can buy your swaddle blanket on the Snüz website or the Little Green Sheep website.

The blanket is packed in a box with an instruction card.

Being born in the middle of July , we have suffered a lot of heatwave and this swaddle blanket saved me not only for its ease of use but also thanks to its material. It is made from light and breathable jersey cotton with stretch. And the blanket comes with a “How to swaddle” card.

Snüz Designz Swaddle blanket Review

So when it was really warm inside our home despite the opened windows, I put on baby only a short sleeves body vest and wrapped her in her Sweet Little Tweets swaddle blanket. It helped me so much with making sure baby was not overheat and with her sleep. The MORO reflex not helping at this age.

Another important point: baby Sarah was fine the first week of her life. She, unfortunately, then started to be a very and really colicky baby: groaning and grunting, with her clinched fists almost all the time. She was clearly in pain and swaddling her helped with her sleep. We know suspect CMP {Cow’s Milk Proteins} allergy like Anna but thankfully swaddling helped us by soothing her, baby wearing too.

Snüz Designz Swaddle blanket Review

I feel more secure by using this swaddle blanket. When I use a muslin or a square blanket I am always checking my folds and if I have done things properly.

MOST OF ALL and very important: jersey fabric! when baby moves the blanket stay in place even by allowing some “freedom” to your little one.

Snüz Designz Swaddle blanket Review

So to conclude: Baby Sarah loves her Snüz Designz Swaddle blanket and so do I!

My little birdie is  comfy, snug and secure in her Snüz Designz Little Tweets printed swaddle blanket, decorated in the prettiest trees and birds, and sleeping on a cloud in the Sky thanks to Snüz!


  • Price: affordable even if a bit more expensive than other blankets
  • breathable fabric: good during warm weather and for safety
  • ease of use for swaddling beginners 🙂
  • good cut and length
  • lovely designs
  • bright colours
  • wash well and colours do not fade
  • good for colicky babies
  • part of baby’s essentials and makes a perfect affordable yet quality gift

CONS: Sorry I cannot see any. Maybe one, but not really a cons. It will be awesome to have packs of two swaddle blankets with different patterns like for the fitted sheets and “cerise sur le gateau” reversible swaddle blankets! When one goes to the wash, you can use the other one.

tested and approved by oummanna

Note : I have been generously sent the product above for this review purpose and I have reviewed it because I wanted to. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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