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The New Kalym’Art Eid Al Adha Cards Collection is out!

Assalamu ‘alaykum , Hello to all!

Yesterday was a busy day in our household, we had two special events in our family: Baba1 had her first day at school and Baba2 was celebrating her 2 years birthday.  Plus as you all know, surely, next week we will celebrate Eid El Adha inshaAllah.

I am quite happy to present you the New Collection of Islamic Greeting Cards from Kalym’Art. If you remember, I presented few years ago their great cards and it was literally a crush. I just love the fact that those cards are uniques by their design and what they propose. You receive not only a note but an audible du’a/text.

To remind you, here is the presentation video I made:

Kalym’Art has now increased their collection and offers more cards for every special moment in a family muslim life:

  • Love and respect towards parents
  • Wedding
  • Love between spouses
  • Birth
  • Condolences
  • Illness
  • Love between Sisters in Islam
  • Ramadan
  • Hajj & Omra
  • Eid

A lovely teaser that Kalym’Art produced to introduce the new collection:

Now, let me show you how great these cards are by presenting you the card “Love and respect towards parents” quoting the Quran:

As you can see each card comes with a du’a, Hadith or Quran Quote for each situation. It is audible and in Arabic, transliteration and french translation.

Because my blog is all about family and parenting, Kalym’Art and I have teamed up to offer you, on the occasion of Eid Aladha, a series of cards for you and to offer. Please visit my Facebook page for a chance to have these unique and sophisticated cards.

Note : I have been generously sent the products above for this review purpose and I have reviewed them because I wanted. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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