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4 simple ideas to Organic YOUR September

Organic September is an event organised by the Soil Association and the aim of it is to increase the awareness of  organic benefits.


Our organic living is a journey and it started with our first daughter. Her allergies and skin sensitivities pushed us to explore: we were trying to find a way to ease her eczema.

Our first organic move was to use organic skincare products and it helped her so much that I bought her some organic cotton pyjamas. I immediately noticed a change: she was more comfortable and her skin state improved. Good things happen when you go organic!

I started to use only organic skincare products for all the family and even made some. Now we are building an organic wardrobe. We use what we have but when we need new clothes, we go now for Organic. For the food, we eat less but better if it makes a sense.

Why is it better for us?


So here is a little suggestion of what you could do to organic your September:

1} Why not try ORGANIC COTTON?

If you do not know by where to start or you are a bit apprehensive by switching to organic: let’s try to keep things simple. I suggest you to buy ONE piece of ORGANIC clothing for one member of your family- or yourself– and why not for each member of your family then try, test and decide. Who said that we should change all our habits? Durable changes are made slowly. So this September it is a good opportunity to give it a go. There will be a lot of offers around so keep your eyes peeled off. And maybe little by little, your wardrobe will be more organic.

The reasons why you should try:

  • Organic fibres are grown without using harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms so promote a healthier farm and environment.
  • NO harmful manufacturing chemicals are involved in organic textile production, so it’s better for wildlife and workers.
  • Animal welfare is at the heart of organic systems, so is better for animals growing our fibres.
  • Organic textiles don’t contain allergenic or toxic chemicals.

To resume: Organic textiles are kinder, cleaner and better because

2} Try some Organic food

You can go to your local farmer Market if you have one in your city or subscribe online and test a subscription box. Why not treat yourself and partner/friends to an organic restaurant?

Just taste the difference!

It can seem to be more expensive and obviously the larger your family is, the harder it seems to be. As a family of 5, we try to split our budget and to choose what is best for us without compromising too  much with quantities. Sometimes Less is Best. We do not waste and make sure, we do not overbuy. Try to analyse the way you consume: what is essential and what is not and work out how much you really spend weekly in groceries. Think to take off any wastage, if it went in the bin, do not count it. You might be surprised.

3} visit an organic farm

This is what we have decided to do to organic our September. You can go and see by your eyes the differences and share the love and respect for the soil to your children. You will also see and taste by yourself. You can also sometimes harvest and buy on site: It is great Family opportunity!

We are lucky here in Devon to have a lot of organic farms. Most of them propose Farm schools. We have enrolled our daughter to one of them and we are delighted with this decision.

4} Share your experience and spread the love!

Why not share your experience with us, your thoughts, fears by adding a comment below. I love to know more about you and why not share this article if you liked it?


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