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Coping with a CMP and Nut free Diet with Cocofina, The Coconut Expert Products Range

Since I gave birth in middle of July, I am working hard on my diet… Before I got pregnant I was following a keto diet: a real one with 80-90% lipids, 5% carbs and 5 % proteins.

Then for baby, I followed a “normal” diet. Now I am trying to get back to my previous diet without compromising my breastfeeding journey – Breast Milk supply .

I will start a mixed paleo and keto diet with approximately 70 % fat, 15 % proteins and 15 % carbs. Plus I need to have a diet free from MCP {Milk Cow Proteins} , peanuts and all tree nuts sue to baby allergies.

When I realised all the things I need to cut off from my diet, I was first very terrified because last time, when I was on a ketogenic mode, I was mainly eating cheese, whole milk, and nuts butters! How would I get what I need and enjoy my food? Well, I have also 30kgs to loose but how not to get frustrated?

This is when I remembered Cocofina! Since I started three weeks ago this very restrictive diet {not really as I can eat all the vegetables, fruits and meats I want, just need to pay attention to quantities}, I am now realising that I might have some digestive issues with gluten!!!! Cannot believe it. So Cocofina is life saviour for me with its extended and generous range of products.

All about coconut! Coconut is such a good food, rich on healthy things and with many uses. I will dedicate a post about it as it deserves one on its own.

Cocofina, the Coconut Experts Products range

The popularity of coconut doesn’t end with coconut water. A variety of coconut derived ingredients – coconut oil to coconut flour and coconut milk – are increasingly being used and are pretty useful as alternatives to dairy products.

Here are the Cocofina Products* I selected for my specific needs. You should know that they do offer many other products so please check.

I have selected few things to cook, to season and to eat. I will share with you my recipes starting with an easy and fast Coco Bliss Energy Balls.


So coconut or not coconut?

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