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Cocoonababy , the Red Castle baby Nest Review

When I was pregnant with Baba3, at around 7 months we started thinking bedding solution. Having a new baby is tiring but the sleep depravation it comes with is exhausting. So, no need to say, a good bed for a good baby sleep is essential, even vital for our sleep.

I co-slept with my two other daughters with a Moses Basket near to my bed side. Co-sleeping is the natural and less wearying solution when breastfeeding. This is the one I chose.

We first wanted to try the Snuzpod, see if it was worth it but after more thoughts, we had already a Moses basket and a cot bed and we ended up not willing to change. What was the point to buy a new piece of furniture even if this one is fabulous?

We decided that we would use the Moses Basket for the first few weeks before to switch to a cot bed. It was clear from the beginning that we did not want baby to get used too much to her Moses Basket. Why? We have bought our cot bed for Baba1 five years ago and neither her, neither Baba2 slept on it or used it. Our cot bed is still brand new. This time our aim is to get this baby in!


We have for this found a good transitional baby nest: the Cocoonababy® from Red Castle.*  We had done a bit of research to see if this was the right product for us and our pending little one.  I was looking for a lightweight nest, really easy to move from a room to another.

The Cocoonababy® is a high quality foam mattress which holds baby in position, and provides baby with a comforting, reassuring space. My first hopes was that the Cocoonababy® will help our new little bundle of Joy make the transition to the outside world as smooth as possible. The best feature is for me the slightly curved posture. Why? Baby reflux! Baba1 and Baba2 suffered from reflux, so a good chance that Baba3 will too!

What do you get?

The cocoonababay comes in a plastic sleeve which is handy and useful to store it and for holidays: better than a travelcot and clearly needs less space in a car boot!

  • The Cocoonababy
  • a Washable cover
  • a Tummy band

Red Castle claims that The Cocoonababy® helps to:

  • improve the quality and length of sleep.
  • Reduce waking with a start or Moro reflex.
  • Limit reflux problems.
  • Minimize the risk of flat head.
  • Encourage all-round development.

What I really liked about the cocoonababy was its design, it has an adjustable foam support  so it can grow with baby up to 4 months, and a strap to keep little one in place safely. The wedge allows her legs to bend towards her in a very comfortable way and she certainly looks happier than when she’s on a regular mattress. Baby loved being on it and since the first day. For me it was reassuring as I knew baby could not move too much and because of its slightly curved foam ,was not worried about reflux. She was sleeping and still sleeps very well on it.


The Cocoonababy is light enough for me to carry it around the house with me: it sits beside me on the sofa without taking up much room and has generally been more flexible than our classic Moses basket. I love seeing baby sitting in it comfortably and being really relaxed! We have used it in our bed as a safer way to co-sleep and as a really useful travel cot.

At 8 weeks old,  I now use it only for nap time during the day and at night, little by little I am trying to get baby used to her cot bed.


  • Prevents flat head thanks to the way the mattress curves down to support  baby’s body and  head.
  • Brilliant for reflux babies
  • Lightweight so can be moved around
  • Washable cover
  • Safe
  • love the slight curve design, very comfy and snug for baby
  • good quality


  • It helps with  reflux but not enough of an angle to prevent it
  • it’s expensive {£129.99} but  have a decent resale value
  • needs special fitted sheets
  • restrictions on what cots and cribs can be used with.

The Cocoonababy comes with a fitted sheet which is machine washable at 30 degrees, however if you want spare sheets which is quite likely, you need to buy the ones that specifically fit it which cost £19.95 each. You can also buy a machine washable protective cover, which is £24.95.

To sum up, we love using our Cocoonababy and baby sleeps well which is very important for our well being :). Really comfy and cosy, Baby looks so snug in it.

Possibly a best buy for a new baby… if you want to co sleep safely and try to breast feed. This product enables both and is clearly the most comfy bed for our little girl! We take it all round the house, on holidays and to friends houses! It provides consistent comfort to our baby. Just be aware that it is very comfortable and try to get your baby used to sleep in a flat mattress! Keep in mind the cot transition or you are going to struggle: Cocoonababy is not available in a bigger size! 🙂

The Cocoonababy is available to buy from the John Lewis, Amazon or Jo Maman Bebe.

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