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Bambinomio Miosolo Cloth Nappy review and new Aldi Prints!

Bambinomio is one of my favourites cloth nappy. When I first stashed for Baba2 I did not hear about them. My first Bambino miosolo nappy has been bought a week before I gave birth only because I received a special offer email from Emma’s diary. It was a lilac Bambinomio miosolo.

thanks bambinomio emmas diaryAnd since this first buy, I bought many, many, many more {certainly too much} for Baba2 and Baba3. I can say without shame: it is an addiction and I love this All in One Cloth Nappy.

I have used them a lot on my Baba2 from 3 months old to 24 months old. I did not have any leak with them as you can easily boost them.

My daughter {Baba2} do not go to nursery yet, but if she did, Bambinomio Miosolo nappies would have been my choice. They are the easiest nappy I have in my stash to use and clean. With no doubt and anxiety, they are the one I ask my husband to use when I am away and he handles them with no fear and is happy with.

If you are introducing yourself to the fabulous cloth nappies Worlg, I suggest you to try one of this real nappy and see if Bambinomio Miosolo works for you baby.

Miosolo cloth nappies FEATURES:

1} BTP {Birth to potty} nappy, allowing the nappy to grow with baby from birth through to potty training.

bambinomio-miosolo-1The size of the nappy can be changed using the adjustable poppers and velcro style fastenings to suit the shape of your little one. Stretchy water resistant outer fabric for even the most active babies.

2} Concealed super absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer keep moisture away from your baby’s skin, leaving it cool and dry. And unique pull out tab system makes removing the core from inside the nappy as simple as possible – this improves washing performance and speeds up drying time.

3} Super stay soft fabric remains soft wash after wash, providing the most comfortable nappy for your baby’s bottom.



4} Inside Washing tabs, very useful and not in direct contact with baby’s skin.


Here are the features described in this short video:

I love how the nappy has a slim fit on toddlers and yet very absorbant. The miosolo nappies are the only nappies with the Real Easy XL that fit my toddler.

Another big or mega thing with miosolos: the prints! The geometric series is my favourite with a special mention for the Boots print HOP



bambino-mio-hop-oummanna-toddlerMy nappies now fit Baba3  who is now 2 months old and I am over the moon!

Bambinomio is, in my point of view, the only cloth nappies producer who really is trying to make cloth mainstream by having a partnership with Aldi and proposing nappies in store at a super price: £7.99! The first time it happened it was last year and it was a fabulous and obvious success. The prints were unique to Aldi and were only available to buy at Aldi.

The prints were:

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bambinomio aldi prints"

We could not miss this superb opportunity and we stashed few of them, my favourite was and still is Up, Up & away.

Bambino mio stash

Did you miss this opportunity? Yes? No worries! Aldi and BambinoMio is doing it again!!!!!! Be aware It is happening TOMORROW! And the prints are even better, price still at £7.99! I cannot miss this:

new Bambinomio Miosolo aldi printsI don’t know how I will resist these prints honestly but my stash is E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S!

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