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Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipe for Beginners

Good morning! Monday, a new week is starting and it is this time again to share some recipes with you. Always following a dairy free diet with a paleo spirit.

We are, in our house, great fans of curries and particularly the Korma one. Maybe because it is totally new for our taste buds – curries not really being part of the french or Moroccan traditional cuisine – I always wanted to make one from scratch.

Asian cuisine is so different that I was afraid and did not know where to start, I think did not want to mess around.

What did help me and give me the confidence to try? The Cocofina Creamed Coconut*!

Cocofina creamed coconutIt has such a creamy and intense test . I love it. Now it becomes an essential in my new diet as it gives you so much choice. Usually in curries recipe you put yoghurt or coconut milk, but as my diet is dairy free and I was unsure about coconut milk, my first try had to be with the creamed coconut. Beware it is really tasty! I love spreading it on some bread.

Easy Vegetarian Curry/Korma Recipe for Beginners {like me}


~ 1 red small chilli 🌶
~ 3 peppers (red, yellow, green)
~ 1courgette
~ 1 cauliflower
~ 2 onions
~ bit of garlic
~ creamed coconut
~ coconut oil
~ salt, pepper
~ curry powder
~ cumin

1} Start by chopping all the vegetables and wash them

vegetarian-curry-korma2} In a deep pan, put some coconut oil, when hot, put the chilli with onions and garlic and Stir fry on medium heat.

vegetarian-korma3} Add the vegetables and the spices and Stir.
4} Add a bit of water and cover to allow cooking.
5} Chop the creamed coconut. Add the creamed coconut and stir – add water if you need until you have a creamy consistency.

6} let’s cook for a bit longer until all vegetables are done.

Serve with some rice and enjoy or if paleo with cauliflower rice .


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