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Little Green Sheep Cot Bed Organic Mattress and Mattress Protector Review

Today, I thought it is time to review the mattress we chose for our cot bed and to explain our choice.

During five years, we have been using the same Ikea Mattress and bed for our two other daughters. Why? Baba1 barely used them. She co-slept in our bed until she was approximately two years old and then moved to a single bed. She never wanted to sleep in her cot bed. She might have slept in it for 3 hours in 3 years! As you can imagine we absolutely did not expect this and did not choose co-sleeping at first.

For these reasons, we did not buy any new mattress or bed for Baba2. Baba2 did not co-sleep with us. She loved sleeping in her Moses Basket and at five months when her Moses Basket started to be a bit too small, we planned to move her into the UN-FAMOUS cot bed. But we went on holidays in France for 6 weeks and therefore brought with us a travel cot. She enjoyed so much sleeping on her travel cot that she simply refused the cot bed! We started to think that it was a bad joke! Again, out cot bed has been useless but we used our mattress and the mattress protector that we previously bought for Baba1. We have always been really careful and we were using every and single time the Ikea mattress protectors – we have two. But and believe me it is a HUGE but, I hate them! It is a nightmare to fit them properly on your mattress when you put the fitted sheet. The mattress protector NEVER stays in place when baby sleeps and wriggles. A real nightmare as the result f this was a stained mattress. We have been annoyed and particularly disappointed. After only one year and a half of use, the mattress was no good at all to continue to use it for baba2. Well Baba2 suffered a lot from asthma and was vomiting a lot during her sleep but we did not expect it again.

For Baba3 we had to buy a new mattress obviously and better mattress protectors. No way I was going to use again my Ikea ones, unless I add some elastics to help them stay in place. Hmmm… even with elastics it does not solve the fact that they are too small…

We have been looking for a new mattress during all my pregnancy and at 8 months we were still indecisive. We knew we did not want an Ikea mattress – I LOVE Ikea but did not work for us in this matter – but unable to find what we wanted. We wanted a mattress that will be respectful to the environment and to our baby’s health. When I was younger, we used to go on holidays in Morocco and all the mattresses were handcrafted. They were so heavy and so well made. I can tell you that we were sleeping very well on them: no silly springs pinching on your back! I wished I could find this kind of mattress.

Then we found the Little Green Sheep company. We found them thanks to their very well-known SnuzPod. We discovered that they were making also Organic Mattresses! Waw, so impressive! Exactly what we were looking for, we just needed to decide between the organic mattress or the Twist Natural one.

The Little Green Sheep Cot Bed Organic Mattress

We chose the Organic Cot Bed Mattress* and the mattress protector*. Why?

Because Little Green Sheep cot bed mattresses are handmade using FOUR natural ingredients, and are healthy for the environment:

  1. Organic Cotton :  aids breathability and has been grown without the use of pesticides.
  2. Coconuts fibres : form a supportive core, acting as thousands of tiny springs and reducing pressure points.
  3. Natural Latex: Derived from the Hevea Tree, natural latex binds the coconut fibres and acts as a comfy, supportive layer.
  4. Wool: Hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating, comfy layers of organic sheep’s wool remove the need for chemical fire retardant sprays due to its naturally fire-proofing properties.
Why did we choose an Organic mattress?

Switching to Organic is part of our “Green” Journey. Having a daughter suffering from eczema and food allergies, is part of the reasons and because it is kinder to the skin and kinder to our planet. Organic products are made without the use of toxins and harmful chemicals, which make them better for us but not only, it is better for the environment and all the people involved in the process.

The Mattress Protector is stunning! We love the fact that it fits exactly the mattress and it does not move around. It stays in place so really protects the mattress!

All is natural and really well made, you can appreciate the quality of the components and the softness.


The Little Green Sheep Organic cot bed mattress 70 x 140 cm is priced at £199 and can be bought from The Little Green Sheep online.

The Little Green Sheep cot bed mattress protector is priced at £29.95 and can be bought from The Little Green Sheep online.

A little demo to help you see how it looks:

Disclosure: We were sent the products  marked with a * for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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