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“My Little Piccolo” new tastes: organic healthy food for out and about

Today, let’s talk again about My Little Piccolo. Few months ago, I shared with you my review about this organic baby food range that has a particular Mediterranean taste. My Little Piccolo has launched very recently four new tastes to their Stage One range.

mylittlepiccolo logoWe were delighted to be asked to test and review the new range as My Little Piccolo is a favourite in our home: in fact the only one we use for the moment. I normally do my own purees by using my Beaba Baby cooker  and stocking them in reusable pouches. But with three little ones to care for, I do not always have the time to prepare some, so we now stock always some My Little Piccolo goodness in our cupboard for those days when I am too lazy to cook/prepare a new batch. Mummy’s life !

When I moved to the UK back in 2010, I remember I was looking for apple “puree” – compote de pommes in french – to bake a french apple tart. I now know that it is called Apple Sauce! But it was not what I was looking for. During my childhood and even my adult life, we were used to eat by time to time some fruits purees for dessert! No joke, I assure you. So It was a bit confusing not to find a range of fruit purees in UK in yogurt pots!

For me and certainly most of french people, fruit purees are not only for babies and surely not only for weaning. So I can imagine you laughing. So if someone told me that I had to go in the baby aisle to buy some ant that it will be written {4+ or 7+ months} to enjoy some compotes I would have laughed too! Cultural differences are sometimes amazing.


Well, all this to explain you that I do give My Little Piccolo pouches to my toddler {24 months} and Pre-schooler {soon to be 5 years!} girls. And they absolutely love fruit and vegetable purees! This is a fantastic way to push young children to eat more fruits and vegs. And I always cook some fruit purees at home for us -aka adults – to enjoy too. It makes healthy snacks. Why not to eat directly a fruit? all about texture and you can mix tastes. Can you eat in the same time an apple and a pear? I can see a smile on your face now.

Let’s go back to the new tastes, shall we?



As soon as I received the pouches, my little Princess was eager to taste them. My little girl is a real Fuit and Vegs Gourmet. When we shop, if she spots some broccolis, she eats them raw and she does that since she is able to grab things. Broccolis are her favourites. It has always been easy to make her eat her 5 a day. It is not so easy with her eldest sister, and with her, purees for dessert {with some hidden greens} are life saviours.

I love bringing our My Little Piccolo pouches for when we go to play groups. Easy to eat, healthy and no mess. I am P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L. The only reason why I prefer making them is the ecological issue with the pouches. That is why we use them only as an alternative to our reusable handmade treats. They are great for out and about.

The new tastes are:

1} Mango, Pear and Kale:

Kale has quite a strong taste for new unexperienced taste buds so I loved the fact that this superfood was added to this fruity duo. It works quite well and I was happy to see both Babbas enjoying it when they refused to taste Kale on its own. It gives me several new ideas to explore for our usual meals. I told you that purees are great to make children eat their vegetables.


2} Strawberry, Banana and peach:

Strawberry is a BEST SELLER in our home. What does this mean? You can sell anything to these girls as soon as it contains strawberries! Baba2 has a strawberry detector/scanner transplanted somewhere in her brain or eyes –I have no idea– or maybe some sensors in her noose but she always spots them even when we are desperately trying to hide them. So you can imagine that she spotted this one too and this is the result: a fallen backwards very happy child ! The book should not be titled ” have you seen duck?” but “have you seen Baba2?”


3}  Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple & Pear:

I was quite unsure about this one as beetroot has a very earthy taste and usually takes the edge over other tastes. I have already tried to introduce beetroot to my daughters, as it is one of my favourite vegetable but with a reserved result. And regarding sweet potato, they just do not like it when again my favourite tuber! So I can let you imagine who wanted to absolutely try this one? Me indeed! Baba2 loved it and finished it – I have been lucky to have a chance to taste it!

My point of view: earthy as expected even with only 10% beetroot juice, and 45% sweet potato. I liked it but a bit of reserve regarding the texture: a bit grainy which is due to pears – I shall confess that this is the reason why I have issues with pears and do not use them in purees. this is a matter of personal preference and it did not annoy Baba2 at all. In fact she was asking for more. Fortunately for me, the new tastes have hit the shelves!

My Little Piccolo review

4} Raspberry and Apple:

No need to say, as for strawberries, raspberries are a success. Babba1 wanted to bring it as a snack for her morning out at the school farm, which I did. Naturally she enjoyed it. She ate an organic raspberry-apple puree surrounded by organic apples!

my little piccolo new taste



Mum point of view:

two of the new tastes are more adventurous and the result is impressing. Adding kale and beetroot, two strong vegetables in baby purees was risky and it works!

tested and approved by oummannaNow, for me, we love My Little Piccolo range and I use them as snacks or desserts. They make a healthy snack and encourage your children eating their 5 fruits/vegs a day in a funny way. Now if I had to use them for weaning, will use them as an after meal/dessert, and not all the pouch. They are quite sweet which is not an issue in the way I am using them/ or intending to use them.

When you start weaning always first try one veg/fruit at a time.  It is easier to spot allergies or any intolerance. Some says that it is best to start with vegetables and not get baby used to sugar. For my two daughters I started with fruits {apples} and they enjoyed their greens too. Once baby got a chance to taste a bit of everything, the funny things start and you can introduce some My Little Piccolo goodness and I am sure your baby will enjoy this “fruity” treat when out, after a +swimming or exhausting play session!

My Little Piccolo new tastesTo fin out where they are available, please visit My Little Piccolo website.

Disclosure: We were sent the products above for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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