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Savse smoothies Review: Just like homemade juices, crammed Full of Goodness!

Good morning on this first Tuesday of October! Fall is here and cold winds are coming back with the seasonal flus and other unpleasantness.

It is the prefect time to boost your immune system the best you can DO to face all these changes. One of the best thing to do is to change the food you eat. You ARE what you EAT. Simple statement but real. Diet is key to welfare.

I have not always been the best at following diets but being obliged for baby well-being and to continue my breastfeeding journey, I am strictly following my DAIRY FREE Paleo/Keto diet and I am managing it! WAW! I cannot believe it myself. Well, for the first time in my life, I am enjoying a diet. I am rediscovering the taste of simple and raw fruits and vegetables. Any of you following me on Instagram, might have noticed that I love smoothies. Why?

I am B-U-S-Y. From the very first moment I open my eyes in the morning till this last bit when I close them to sleep at 11 pm, I am running: running after my kids, get them ready, cooking, cleaning, blogging, taking photos, editing, washing machines, vacuum, socialising, etc., etc… To make it short, I always have something to do, always, never get the chance to get bored. Sometimes, I am asking myself how I could have been bored one day in my life before.


All this crazy timetable, means that it can push me grab for some easy food, and usually junk food. But it was before! I do grab for easy things and the easiest and healthiest are raw fruits! I just make smoothies as it is fast and good for me and my Baby: full of vitamins and not only.

But let’s be honest, sometimes I do NOT have the time to make my smoothies and I am not so excited by eating an apple for breakfast, and when it happens, I fight against myself not to reach for a biscuit, consequence of what I just skip my meal. It is absolutely not a thing to do: we should eat properly. A breastfeeding Mum life needs fuel, and the best of its kind! I have since found a good alternative that suits my needs perfectly: Savse! Or should I say Sav-say!

best-time-to-visit-georgiaWhat is she talking about? This is what you are asking yourself. Savse means “crammed full of goodness” in Georgia. Did I travel to Georgia? I wish I did but no.

Savse is a new Brand out there selling smoothies and juices, but not the one you are used to. Savse [sav-say] is all about Nina’s Original Recipe, a breastfeeding mum in the 80’s {Hmmmm…. seems that we are all going through the same challenges} looking for best things for herself and family. Nina helped her children become healthy grown up by drinking smoothies made fresh in her kitchen, so they’d never settle for anything artificial, heat-pasteurised or with added sugar or preservatives.  She marked them so deeply than her son created what we are all looking for today: Healthy and natural things to enjoy.

Nina and her son

Nina and her son

Let be honest with you, I am quite tired with all the nasties hidden in food that we find in our super stores. Even simple things like milk and eggs get me worried now. So any brand that is trying to help and is being honest deserves a bit of attention. New home politics: stay clear from preservatives, colorants, anything not so natural even if cheaper! Our family health deserves better: eat well , eat less. Our new motto.

Savse smoothies are 100% raw and cold-pressed to preserve all the essential nutrients and vitamins. What does Cold-pressed mean? Cold press : the raw fruit & veg used in their juices are never heated. They use HPP which means no pasteurisation and no added sugar.

HPP means High Pressure Processing (HPP), which preserves the raw ingredients. HPP works by packaging the fresh juices in plastic containers in a high-pressure chamber filled with water, and subjecting them to pressures of up to 87,000psi. HPP technology was not available in the UK so Guka Tavberidze – Nina’s son- found a factory in the Netherlands and production began in November 2012 for our best!

even my daughter is enjoying!

even my daughter is enjoying!

Each smoothie/juice is packed full of fruits and vegetables and the choice of ingredients is awesome! They always mix some fruits with some vegs and it works! I loved and enjoyed all of them with some favourites. The juices are available in 100 ml and 750 ml bottles, which is practical to cut on packaging.

I used a lot the 100 ml bottles for when I was out and unable to eat. Well, as I said, mornings are quite hard hear. I never had the time to have a proper breakfast: if I am lucky I drink my tea hot and finish it! So I just pop one Savse in my bag and drink it on my way.

My Favorites:

The Award winning Super Orange is MY breakfast favourite!  Full of exotic flavours such as mango and passion fruit, balanced by root vegetables such as carrots. And I love the surprisingly hit of celery! Move over orange juice, there’s a new kid on the block.

The super Red! Love the mix and the Protein punch! The protein punch is the one I liked the most because I love coconut but because it contains whey protein, I had only one and enjoyed it S-L-O-W-L-Y to enjoy every bit of it 😛

Savse also propose “one Fruit”  juices like the Grove Orange juice and the Jonagold apple juice. And waw they are good! the orange juice reminds me the fresh orange juices I used to drink in my childhood in Morocco during holidays.


  • the price but for me worth it
  • the packaging: 100 ml is great but too much waste. I prefer use the 750 ml and use a single portion in a reusable bottle. I would love to see a 1000 ml format for families.
  • not organic


A large range with a lots of goodness!

Savse smoothies review

Simply the Best ! Super healthy, super tasty. Worth every penny. Perfectly balanced fruit and vegetables so you are not just drinking a glass of sugar. It is so convenient when you do not have time to juice at home!

  • Cold-pressed raw fruit & veg
  • 2/5 a-day per bottle
  • No added sugar

Savse smoothies review


I usually make my own juices so know what it entails… These juices taste equally fresh and no mess or time spent cutting and washing up – and believe me it is a precious time for my busy mummy life. I would not mind having one a day. The ingredients are all proper food, no nonsense or nasties.

Sometimes it is just easier, especially if you are out and about to pick up one that is already made for you. There is a whole range of companies out there making juices/smoothies, the key thing to look for is that they are cold pressed, meaning they have not been heat treated and therefore lost all their nutrition value.

Just like homemade juice.

It is exactly like a homemade juice and I cannot recommend them enough!

And how about you? Will you sav-se? 

Disclosure: We were sent the products above for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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