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Moby Strectchy Wrap Review

My journey into babywearing started with my first baby, 5 years ago. I wanted a traditional structured baby carrier before committing to a pushchair and found A MOBY Stretchy Wrap instead.

I was really intrigued as I never saw anyone using this kind of carrier near me. My mum used to babywear my sister but I was a pre-schooler so have just few memories. I remember her with her Moroccan embroidered cotton sheet , how she was folding it and how she was managing to put my sister in her back and doing her chores. It was amazing so this wrap reminded my childhood and my mum. I thought I should try!

I bought a black Moby wrap. When I received it I was completely L-O-S-T!

I did not expect to receive a very long piece of jersey fabric. I was like….emmm, What and How am I supposed to use this? I was quite pregnant when I bought it, should say 8 months so a bit panicky. I looked at all the videos I could find on YouTube and was practising at home in front of a mirror and with one of the Teddy bear that was for baby.

With my bump I struggled a lot and honestly I was regretting my purchase.

Baby arrived. She was so fussy I could not do anything, anything really. I was just feeding her almost all the time -breastfeeding- and changing her. If she was not on the breast she was crying. The only way to soothe her was to hold her in my arms and I the decided to use my wrap! And after few attempts I finally managed to hold my baby! I was relieved and she was too. It was the only moment of the day, she would sleep: wrapped on my chest. I used it until she was 3 months then she was too wriggly and I did not feel confident enough to use it.

In conclusion, for baba1, It was not a favourite : I was using it because it helped me with my baby but I did not like the knots and was a bit lost and afraid to use it outside of the house.

With Baba2, she just did not like being wrapped!

With my new little one, I have rediscovered my STRETCHY WRAP. I love it so much now and it just so easy t use it this time round. I just do not understand where I got lost last tie. I think I was just not ready to enjoy it fully. Because now, my Moby stretchy wrap has been the one I reached for in the early days. She was so comfy in it and it was so comfortable for me too. Because newborn are so fragile, I think stretchy wraps are the easiest to use.

My Moby wrap came in a jersey bag that I have never used. I never managed to fold my wrap back to its original fold to be able to put it back in its bag.

Today I do not regret my purchase! 5 years of use and still like new. I wash it at 40 degrees and it went once by error into the dryer! It costed me around £39 and I am very happy with it.

My advice: practice and gain confidence! Don’t be afraid, it is a bit like for Cloth nappies.

To conclude :Wrapping my baby in my Moby Wrap is the perfect way to carry my little one in the early days.  A soft, close, secure and snuggly place for my baby to be, offering the ultimate in comfort and confidence for my princess.


The Moby wrap is comfortable, secure and close.  It helps you to free your hands and confidently carry your baby.  It is suitable for 8-35lbs and offering a wide range of carrying positions.

Amazingly comfortable and easy to wear the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of one way stretch cotton which spreads the weight of your child across your entire back as well as your shoulders. Carry front, back or on the hip and get on with enjoying life with your baby.  Suitable from newborn to 35lbs or about 3 years but the Moby Wrap really is best recommended for the first 12 months or so and a carrier with a little more structure and support is recommended after this stage.

  • Suitable from birth to 35lbs but is the best way to carry for the first 12 months
  • 5.5 metre 100% cotton Moby Wrap
  • Front and hip carrying
  • lightweight and compact
  • machine washable
  • full illustrated instructions included
  • lots of colours to choose from

Available to buy from Babipur.

Note: I will update this review with some updated pictures of ourselves.

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