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Indio Aurora Didymos Didysling Review

I used only my My Stretchy wrap for the last five years and this time round with Baby3, I am enjoying Babywearing and getting more and more confident. I used to be afraid to bring my wrap for our car trips but it was before. When I struggled with breastfeeding – well, let’s say that it is not easy to juggle between a baby that just wants to feed almost all the time and two other children, a home, etc.- I was looking for a sling in which I could breastfeed easily free hands. The dream!

I asked some lovely Babipurians Moms – Babipur has a very friendly group – for some advices. A great one was “Breastfeeding and Babywearing are two different skills and you need first to master both of them before considering doing both together”. This is the best advice I have ever received and I am really grateful for all the support I had when I was truly lost in my breastfeeding journey. I listened this wonderful advice and decided to try a ring sling just to be able to wear baby faster.

didymos ring sling review

I was contemplating Babipur website and first wanted a Babylonia Ring sling but the print I wanted was out of stock.

didymos ring sling reviewI had to look elsewhere and found a new shop: Love To Be Natural, and you have a lot of choices, so very hard to decide and obviously when you are a newbie! you are just like “what is the difference between all of them?” yes prices and colours and?

I am a bit of an adventurer and after reading few reviews and surely because I fell in love with this sumptuous pastel rainbow colour, I decided to buy an Indio Aurora Didymos Didysling .

I placed my order and received it the very next day and was ecstatic about it! I should say that I cannot say anything wrong about Love to be Natural. I can confirm that my order has been packed with Love and I felt it! I liked that they do care about the environment!


Loved the packaging so much , it was like opening a gift. Didymos blue box seems to be iconic and I confirm that it is epic: I like this vintage traditional look.

Now let’s talk Ring sling and Didymos before sharing my review.

Basically, a ring sling is a woven wrap that is already folded for you and thanks to the ring you do not need “knots”. DIDYMOS use high quality fabric for their baby wraps. A ring sling is very convenient and easy to use: You JUST have to put on the sling,  place your baby into it and tighten the sling – That’s all,  you are done and ready to go!

didymos ring sling review

Didymos DidySling Indio Borea is woven with 100% organic cotton which is for me a really good point! Don’t forget that the wrap is on your baby skin almost all the time so I’d rather have something natural on baby delicate skin and something hypoallergenic. The fabric is super-soft, and easy to care for. DidySlings are sewn in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the hometown of DIDYMOS. The same fabrics are used for wraps and ring slings.

To create a DidySling, the fabric is simply gathered around the rings and sewn together. Comfortable, this gathered “shoulder style” conforms ideally to any shoulder. The weaving technique provides supportiveness, diagonal stretch, durability. Ring slings are perfect to hold baby chest to chest or on hips.

Didysling Length – 170-180 cm . The sling tail has a tapered end and the length is measured along the shorter edge. This length is suited for persons wearing sizes up to L – size 18 in UK . This bit is quite important and it was not stated on the website I bought from.

Key features

  • Cross Twill – (striped patterns) or Jacquard fabric
  • Organic cotton cultivated, harvested and processed according to strict organic standards
  •  Aluminium rings, 87 mm
  • The edges have double hems that won’t pinch or dig in.
  • colour: Pastel Rainbow Gradation mostly pink
  • Weight: 170 g/m²
  • Gathered shoulder style
  • Easy to care for: wash at up to 60 C degrees, low spin, gentle cycle
  • Front & Hip carry

My point of view:

I love the design of the fabric and the colour. I was clearly impressed by the thickness in comparison to my stretchy wrap! It is something completely different. The sling comes with a leaflet with illustrations to help you. Well, that is kind but nothing better than to see someone doing it so if you can go to a sling library it is better. If you cannot, I advise you to look at some videos. Do not put your baby in until you really know what you are doing 🙂 and you have “mastered” how to pleat your tail and put in the rings. Not so complicated but need a bit of practice just time to know how to tighten and loosen your sling.

Special mention to the colour: This wrap is sumptuous! Really the colours are gorgeous and I had so many compliments using it.

I liked how easy it was to use it and the fabric is super soft but for a reason I did not like it as much as I thought I would. The gathered shoulder is really good to help put all the weight across your shoulder.

I am a size 18 and felt that the tail was too short. I would have preferred it longer. I did not know this info before purchasing. The longer is the wrap/sling the easier it is to use {for me}.

Always check this baby safety ABC when you babywear:

didymos ring sling review

Last advice but not least: when carrying your baby, the weight should be evenly distributed across your shoulder and back.

tested and approved by oummanna

This ring sling is perfect when you want the support of a wrap with the simplicity of a ring sling. Great for newborns and bigger babies who are at the ‘up and down’ stage.

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