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A magic wind blows through the Little Green Radicals Winter Collection

Between Magic, Stars and Fairy Sleepy Dust, the new Little Green Radicals Winter Collection is enchanting. Two weeks ago, I was waiting for the release of the Little Green Radicals Autumn Winter 2016 Collection.

You know my love for this Organic Clothing brand! And if you don’t, you can always read my article and you will see how fond of them I am! Unfortunately when you have high expectations you expose yourself to disillusion.

So when the new collection has been revealed,  I was first worried .

“The new AW16 collection – dreams – invites into a dream world of magic moons & stars, flying rockets, hooting owls & candy lands… with beautiful new organic corduroy pieces in unisex colours & super soft organic sherpa blankets, hats & mitts of all made from gorgeous organic & Fairtrade cotton…”

After few pictures out I can tell you that I have not been disappointed at all, quite the opposite. The first thing that caught my eyes in the new collection was the Moon and Stars print and the deep rich blue colour. This kind of midnight blue is so unusual in children clothing that I fell in love instantly, as it is so captivating.

Then the more I browsed, the more I wanted. This new collection is rich with new characters and deep colours, with Space as the  main theme:  Rockets, Moon and Stars in the spotlight, with some lovely corduroy pieces!

Corduroy is this kind of rich fabric, soft and luxurious that you instantly associate to winter and Christmas. The soft touch and feeling under your fingers is a memory you cannot forget. When I was a child, I was longing for my corduroy trousers and the cosy and reassuring feeling it brought me during the cold morning we were heading to school. So strange how I can remember this little details in my childhood. I am missing this traditional but really durable corduroy fabric and I am so grateful that LGR {aka Little Green Radicals to their friends} brought it back into fashion.

I decided that this winter I wanted some corduroy for my daughters: for them to feel the warmth of this beautiful fabric and in the fabulous vibrant colours that  LGR do offer.

Here is my special Winter Selection* for each of my child:


The lovely Deep blue Corduroy dungaree and its matching Rocket To the Stars Applique T-shirt for Baby

The lovely Berry corduroy Tunic dress and the Woodland Florals Hats and Mitts set for Baba2

The Woodland Flowers Playaway Top with the Gold corduroy Jeans for the eldest

I voluntary chose some blue and rockets for my baby girl! I love how the LGR cloths are neutral gendre and can suit heavenly girls and boys. The dungaree size 3/6 months fits perfectly Baby who is 3 months old – already! cannot believe it – and has a lot of room to grow in it until 6 months. I love the beautiful fabric lining the top and just regret that the bottom -understand legs- of the dungarees have not been lined too.


Just imagine how beautiful it would have looked! Love the top, soft , cosy and warm: perfect for a little one. I was just a bit “annoyed” when I saw the two buttons on the back, I was thinking where are the easy poppers? but they were easy and fine too, I guess I am again a bit too brain washed.

The corduroy dress is just sumptuous: the colour is stunning. This is the perfect girl outfit for Christmas! This lovely Peter Pan collar in a pale pink contrast adds an elegant touch with the really well made pockets. Definitely, a beautiful piece. Baba2 loved it so much and was so happy with the feel of it. She kept stroking the dress and it made me smile.

Now the  Woodland flowers sherpa cap and mittens set : love, love and love. She just loves them! She puts them on and she did not want me to take them off. She slept with them too. Like a fairy sleepy dust, she just fell asleep : all snuggled in the warmth of her beloved clothes.


Baba1 outfit: I want the same for me! The deep gold colour contrasts and dynamise the playway top. The play away top reminds me mandarin shirts.

The cut and seems are wonderful: I am pleasantly surprised by the details added to it. From the pleat on the back to the folded sleeve, I love how structured it is. Looking for a hipster vintage look: that is your place and my girl rocks it! Little thing to change, maybe add same lining on bottom of the trousers: but not sure I love them this way. The trouser is a bit large, meanwhile my girl is a bit skinny.

LGR sizing are generous but in our case: true to sizing because Baba1 and Baba2 are out of the charts.

Let’s DREAM together & reach the stars with the new LGR collection! Browse their website and let me know which outfit is your favourite. I would love to know.

Little green radicals AW16

Shopping list:

Deep blue Corduroy dungaree – £35

Rocket To the Stars Applique T-shirt – £17

Berry corduroy Tunic dress – from £30

Woodland Florals Hats and Mitts set – £30-32

Woodland Flowers Playaway Top – £24

Gold corduroy Jeans – £32

Disclosure: We were sent the product above for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review.

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