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{Giveaway inside} Switching to Reusable menstrual products : Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads Review

This week was Reusable Menstrual Products Week and it was obvious that I should talk to you about Reusable Cloth Sanitary pads.

Using Reusable menstrual products has been, in my women life, the ultimate green step. Green living or at least trying to reduce waste in my life demanded efforts beyond my imagination. When I look around me all the things we use and throw into our bins after only one use it is unbelievable. I have been using disposable sanitary pads during so many years and it was obvious for me and all girls around me that it was what we would be using.

When I was younger we were used to travel to Morocco every year for our summer holidays and in the 80’s to early 90’s, women – those I knew and were living with–  were still using washable pads {and washable nappies for babies!}. In fact, there were no pads. They were using pieces of cotton fabric. I grew up knowing that and having acknowledged it. I mean I have seen them washing their pads and explaining me why and what they were using. The little European girl I was thought that they were living in the Dark Ages! I think the fact I grew up acknowledging these practices helped me in making my choice to switch to reusable cloth sanitary pads. I knew it was possible to cope with it, it was hygienic and working but it take me quite a while to realise that my practice was wrong for my body, health and the environment and I was living in the Dark Ages not them!

When did I realise it? When I started using cloth nappies for my first baby: the idea started to sprout in my mind. I effectively took the plunge while pregnant of my second daughter. I was stashing for her cloth nappies and thought it was the perfect time to stash for myself too. New birth, new start. I always start with the most challenging situation: after birth loss can be impressive but I thought that will be perfect to make up my mind. If reusable cloth sanitary pads can resist this they can resist anything!

Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads Review

My choice.

It was quite simple. Like for cloth nappies, the first “price” impression can put you off thinking that it will end up very expensive. I was a bit lost with the amount I might need to cover up my needs. I was looking into washable wipes for baby and at the time was so impressed by Cheeky Wipes – and I am still today! I therefore bought my full kit of cloth sanitary pads from Cheeky wipes two years ago.

Cheeky wipes propose different kind of reusable menstrual products, it is the Cheeky Mama range. You have the choice between two fabrics Minky bamboo terry or Minky Bamboo Charchoal and three sizes: liner, day pads and Maternity pads.

Bamboo has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breathe, can potentially reduce the risk of yeast infections and discomfort. The difference between charcoal and terry is more  about colour. If you are new to CSP and a bit worried with handling “blood” , I advise you charcoal. The charcoal grey ones will not show the blood as clearly, so if you are squeamish go for that!  They are less likely to show any staining, although if you follow the care instructions and cold soak and wash, then that shouldn’t be a problem You won’t see anything. I do prefer the white bamboo as it helps me monitor.

Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads Review

These minky & bamboo pads are thick, with a microfibre core which means they are very absorbent.  This is what surprised me the most: ABSORBENCY.

The three sizes available are:

  • Liners – 22cm x 7 cm
  • Day Pads – 24cm x 7cm
  • Night / maternity pads  – 28cm x 7cm


The one I prefer are the maternity pads.

Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, healthier, more cost effective alternative to disposable pads. For those new to cloth sanitary pads (or Reusable Menstrual Products) the concept can be a little hard but to be honest using cloth as opposed to disposables is more comfortable. Because they are so much more absorbent, moisture is drawn into the pad, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.


The main issue you may encounter with the minky pads is they are likely to move around in your knickers – although tight pants will generally sort out any slippage . To avid this, you just need to look at the sens of the minky fabric.To make them greepy, you need to put them in the other sense.

Why to switch to disposables?

Disposables contain lots of toxic chemicals, dioxins and gels to enable them to be absorbent, which can lead to sensitive skin, irritation and thrush. Of course it goes without saying that cloth pads will cost a fraction of what you would be spending on disposables each month which just end up sitting in landfill!


Just soak them in cold water and wash at 20c or 30c. Avoid warm washing asit sets blood stains and can damage your pads.  Line dry, reshape whilst damp. I don’t like soaking and I handwash them just after use with a soap bar and then they go to the wash. They stay clear with no stains!

And I love the fact that they fold like disposables: very practical in your handbag!


Like many of other CSP users, I came around to the idea of cloth sanitary pads after having great success with cloth nappies. I wish I had tried before- they are superior to disposables in just so many way! I have never had a leak with them and when I hated the smell of periods before, I have never encountered this issue with CSP.


1} Comfort: These pads are actively and INCREDIBLY much more pleasant to wear than disposables. They are soft and comforting!  After giving birth, I was happy to wear them.

2} Absorbency: They absorb much faster and basically better than disposables. You need less!
3} Leak proof:  They DO NOT leak! AND They stay put and in place.
4} Fit:  Although they are a bit bulkier than disposables, it does not change anything for me but I can imagine some people annoyed with it. But thankfully, you can find now thinner ones!
5} Nicer: Like for nappies, they are very pretty and you can have a lot of fun when stashing. So many pretty beautiful designs out there!


It is not really a CONS, but only a downside.  The washing procedure: you have to be more careful than with cloth nappies because hot treatment (and some chemicals) will permanently set blood so you cannot just put them in with your normal laundry. You can soak them in cold water but giving them a cold rinse after use will help them stay as new.

I am a cheeky mama with a stash of 20 CSP, with a mix of bamboo and bamboo charcoal, day pads and maternity pads. I have bought and started to use them 2 years ago and have never looked back. They have survived two child birth and still as new and I am enjoying wearing them.

Cheeky mama cloth sanitary pads are available to buy from


rmp-week-giveawayTo celebrate RMP week and help you switch to Reusable Menstrual products, I have teamed up with Cheeky wipes and Friendly soap to offer one of my reader:

1} ONE cheeky Mama Sarter set containing:starter-set-cheeky-mama

  • 4 day pads
  • 3 night pads
  • one wet bag

2} a Set of 6 Friendly soap bars:

Friendly Soap Giveaway

  • Cocoa Butter soap bar
  • Travel soap bar
  • Shampoo soap bar
  • Lavender soap bar
  • Lemongrass soap bar
  • Peppermint soap bar

How to enter?

1} Leave a comment below telling me what you think about CSP/why you are considering to switch to RMP.

2} Subscrible to the blog.

3} Share on facebook

Giveaway ends on the 30th of October Midnight


Winner picked by random and to be announced the following days.

Will be running on Facebook too.

Good luck!


  1. Sarah says

    Lovely Blog and very useful. Many thanks for this review. I am willing to change to CSP but honestly a bit lost between cuos and pads. So I guess this starter kit will be very helpful to help me make my mind and I love soap bars!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says

    I use CSP since a while but would love this kit for my daughter, I am sure she will like the funky colours.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anneliese Myers says

    I have used csp for a while, but would love to win some to give my sister who is interested but overwhelmed by choice!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I started using CSPs as s student when I wanted a green and cheap (in the long term) solution, but hated the idea of a menstrual cup as I find tenons really uncomfortable. I bought 12 Charlie Banana CSPs which seemed sooooo expensive at the time but have saved me loads of money down the years. I also used the same ones post partum with NO leaks!
    My stash is getting old now and I could use some
    new ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lara Latchem says

    As a cloth nappy user for my youngest been looking at csp for ages but not taken the plunge. After reading loads this week definitely think I should try it. So many pros

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Gillian Nowill says

    I love csp! I made the switch while using cloth nappies as it seemed the next step. I’ve even made some of my own. I’m spreading the word among friends so a starter kit for a friend who thinks her flow is too heavy would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kim maiden says

    I used csp for post partum but will need to buy different/more if I’m to use them for normal monthlies. I’m not sure what to get there are so many brands and types although I did find your explanation of the fabrics interesting

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Lovely blog – very clear info on what to expect for anyone considering the switch, or returning to CSP – like me! I also switched when my first born was in cloth nappies and got on well with CSP… so many pretty designs out there!. Ive just had my second baby (8 days ago!) and was looking forward to using cloth for both of us. But, having an EMCS instead of my home birth has thrown me a little and we’ve both been in disposables this week. You’ve inspired me, so we’ll make the swap back to cloth today 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wendy Swenne says

    I like the idea of csp. I use cloth nappies for my baby. So wht not using cloth menstrual pads for myself? I haven’t tried them though, so I would love to win the set from Cheeky mama to try them out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I don’t have a collection of CSP yet, but I am very interested in switching and very excited for when I am able to. Thank you for the opportunity to start! I hope that once I switch I can show my mom, sister, and friends how much healthier cloth is!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Bethan Chandler says

    I cloth nappy my baby and have done since he was born we have loved how cloth didn’t upset his sensitive skin, cheeky wipes have also been my best baby purchase for sure! ILove the smell of a fresh set too! I didn’t realise cheeky wipes company did csp too. I would love to give them a try and become a green mamma. Didn’t realise how absorbent they were and could withstand postnatal loss, the softness must be heaven for sore postnatal mammas as a midwife I’ll be sure to let any ladies who are interested know there are softer, eco friendly options out there.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Katrina Brockavich says

    I partially use CSP right now because I only have a couple cloth pads. I find cloth so much easier and more cost effective. To prevent stains, I run it under cold water immediately and so far that has worked. We cloth diaper, too, so maybe that makes the transition from disposable products to cloth make sense.
    mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Micheala says

    They look like great quality. I’m making the switch to cloth and would love to add these to my stash


  14. Sarah Long says

    Such helpful information in this blog. I have been wanting to make the switch to cloth pads since I already use a menstrual cup during my cycle and cloth diapers and wipes for my daughter. But the price has been deterring me, so winning this would be an awesome start to my stash!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Rachell Heaton says

    I just made the switch to csp 1 month before getting pregnant with my last little one he is now 5 days old we have been using cloth diapers with all three of our kids and love the idea of less waste going to the landfill I chose to switch to cloth for myself not just because it is less waste but because they are not filled with loads of nasty chemicals I do not have enough pad for 2 days without washing (only own 9 pads 6 of them are for pp) but I am trying to still build my stash up I would love to win these to finish doing that

    Liked by 1 person

  16. juditupp says

    I love my lunette cup! I have a few cloth pads for back up but not very many. My daughter is 11 and I’m actually working on putting together a cloth kit for her so that when she starts her cycles we’ll be ready.

    Liked by 1 person

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