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The Little Girl Who lost her name Book – Review

Today, it is time for me to review our “The Little Girl who lost her name” Book. Do you remember how we ended up with this lovely book. We chose this book to announce our daughters Baby’s name. You can read my article about Our Baby’s name announcement here.

My first article was about the reason why we chose this book and now I want to review in details all the process and if it was worth it after 3 months using it.

Who is behind Lost My Name?


“Once upon a time (in 2012) four friends got together to make a personalised book – better than one had ever been made before. They worked on it in their spare time, as a pet project. Late nights! Understanding families! Pretending to work on work stuff at work, when they weren’t! Eventually it was finished, stories, illustrations, code, site, print house, everything. They launched it. Word got around. People bought it, and said nice things about it. And they thought, Hang on. Hang on a second. This could be BIG.

They got investment. They totally won on Dragons’ Den. They found an office, persuaded other marvellous people to join them, sold lots and lots of books… And made many, many magical bedtimes. “


Lost My name ambition is to bring more magic into The world : Dragons, unicorns, rabbits in top hats… their personal mission is to bring all of them back – and to make millions of children around the world more curious, clever and kind. How? By combining the power of amazing stories, with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalised experiences for kids.

Let’s see together how they do it and if they meet their expectations?

So how does it work?

Lost My Name offers two kind of personalised books and one poster at present:


  • The Little Girl/Boy who lost Her/His Name Book
  • The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book
  • Lost My Name Personalised Alphabet Poster

The home page of the website is clear and well made. The browsing is easy and you identify very fast how to select your choice. I love the characters that you find all through the website: these are those you will be able to choose to create your book. In a way, your magic journey starts while browsing.

Once you select “The little girl or boy who lost their name book”, you are redirected to a new page to create your book with a presentation video which lasts 1 minute approximately. It is nice as it gives you an idea of how your final product will look like.


To start creating your own personalised book, you must first enter your child name and then select a character. You have the choice between three characters:

  • A blond little girl,
  • A dark-haired little girl
  • a Frizzy hair brown girl


One you have chose the one to represent your child, the next step is to choose your book format. The cheapest potion at £19.99 is soft cover. This is the one I chose but you can always upgrade to the other options.


After that, the fun begins and you can create your story. In this review, I have decided to create a book for myself. My first name is Rachida. So for each letter, you can select the character of your choice – you have the choice between two or three options – and you are creating the story of your choice!


This is amazing! I liked doing this. My three daughters have short names and they all contain Two letters “A” so it has been quite useful to have at least two choices not to create the same stories. It is quite impressive to see that whatever you choose, your story has a sense and is enjoyable.


After selecting your letters characters, your book is nearly done. You can write a dedication. This is lovely and useful if you want to gift the book or to make it special. I love this option.

You can now check your book and order it.

I have received my daughters books within 48 hours of ordering them by Royal mail in a lovely Mint green box.


The book is large enough and easy to handle. The printing quality is stunning! I was really and still am impressed by the result. The colours and quality of designs are stunning.

I tried to pair the books with my daughters favourite animals and choosing the characters in harmony. For example, A for Alligator. Baba2 loves Crocodiles!


1} Not enough choice for main character, only three kind of girls to choose from. Unfortunately my daughters have a fair skin and have curly hair! I hope they will just add more possible combination. For example: Blond curly / Curly dark-haired / Drak skin with straight hair

2} Again about characthers. All my daughter have two letters “A” in their first names and there are only two options for this letter which resulted in three books with same story for same letters even if I tried to combine them differently.

3} a bit expensive if you have more than one child, but thankfully, you always have 15%OFF of your second book! Yay, that is great because as a parent you try to be equal with your children.


  • Easy to personalise
  • Very well made website and instinctive browsing making the overall experience a breeze and very enjoyable
  • Fast shipping
  • available in different languages {being bilingual it was quite interesting to be able to do the same book in french and in English, even in Arabic!}
  • Beautiful colours scheme and designs
  • Interesting story
  • good introduction to alphabet for toddlers
  • makes a captivating story for bedtime
  • A magic gift: you should see your children eyes when at the end of the book they realise it is all about them.

tested and approved by oummanna

A beautiful book and my daughters enjoy reading them and looking at them.  The new book “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” is amazing too and will be writing my review soon. Stay tuned!

The books are available to buy on

Will you consider this book as a Christmas gift? I will definitely. I can already imagine my nephews eyes sparkling when discovering their name in the books.


  1. Anna says

    I loved your article about Baby’s announcement and I decided to buy one for my boy. He loved it so much! I do agree with you, they are worth it and make beautiful gift.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Farah says

    Mashallah, I think I will have a look to their website. Do you think the space themed book might be interesting for a boy?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Salam Farah, definitely! I have bought a le toy van rocket spinner and my eldest daughter absolutely love the book and she is now very curious about the stars, solar system!


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