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Nona Palmae Antigua Woven Wrap Review

My journey into Babywearing started with a stretchy wrap and I get used to knots and this kind of little things. When previously, for my first baby, I found it tricky to use, I enjoyed it with my third. I really liked the way baby was securely wrapped and the lightweight feeling.

I introduced myself to ring slings and I love the woven fabric used: so different to a stretchy wrap in terms of support. I decided to go further and to try a woven wrap. The choice out there is impressive and quite confusing. Between designs, choices of fabrics, patterns, sizes and prices, you get easily lost.

But well, I guess we shall always start somewhere, we do not become experts from Day 1!

After browsing a lot and reading few reviews, I decided to go for a Nona woven wrap.


Why? It is one of the most affordable wrap I found and I fell in love with the earthy patterns and beautiful colours. Now, who is behind Nona Woven wraps?

jessenmusNona Woven Wraps has been founded in 2015 by Musetta Blaauw and Jessica Hummel. They are two Dutch mothers who met through babywearing, and made their love for children and wrapping the centre of their business. Musetta has a shop with wraps and clothing in Groningen, Jessica (TSD certified) has a baby wearing consultancy practice in Den Haag.
Together, they try to make a dream possible: to provide a stylish and dependable wrap for every budget

Nona? What does this mean? Nona was one of the three personifications of destiny in Roman mythology and the Roman goddess of pregnancy. Nona, whose name means “ninth”, was called upon by pregnant women in their ninth month when the child was due to be born. A lovely background for a warp which destiny is to wrap babies…

Let’s go back to my choice . I definitely needed a size 7 which is one of the biggest size and the most expensive. I am a newbie and also because of my size I wanted one that will allow me to explore all the different carry positions. If you do not know the size you need, here is a good chart to help you choose.


Now that I knew the size and the maker I wanted, I had to choose the design and colour!

Nona, a company in the early stages of its weaving journey,  propose designs that are full of life and colour. I chose the Nona Palmae Antigua design that is woven in a symmetrical leaf design – the fronds reaching up and out to the sun, all brought together by a central love heart.

Nona woven wrap palmae antigua

Palmae Antigua is woven with 100% cotton – perfect for newborns, bigger babies and toddlers.  The wrap is easy to care for and wonderful to wrap with, the colour is deep , rich and vibrant.

Key features:

  • made with 100% cotton
  • weight:  280 g/m²
  • Width of wrap: 68 cm
  • Deep and rich turquoise colours with leaf pattern
  • Care: wash to maximum 60 degrees
  • can be used for newborns and is strong enough for toddlers and children
  • middle marker for ease of wrapping
  • can be used for front, hip & back carry
  • woven in EU
  •  Wrap comes with instructions

My point of view:

I absolutely love the fabric and the quality of it. The wrap is heavy and offers a good support. I think that what impressed me the most. I love my stretchy wrap, but this woven wrap makes me far more comfortable. It is perfect for my back and my little girl loves being wrapped in it. I am not afraid to use it outside and feel very comfy in and out!

The wrap can appear to be a bit “stiff” when new. I learned a new word that is quite important in Babywearing “Break in” which simply means that the fabric needs to be used until the fibre is more “relaxed”. This wrap definitely needs some break in and the best way to do it is by using it.

So because it became our favourites , the more we use it, the best it become. It offers a good grip and help  wrapping properly which is important when you are just starting your babywearing journey. For the moment the only carrier position I am  making is the Front Wrap Cross Carry position. Yup! The positions have names! 🙂 I am exploring it and just starting to play around with my wrap as baby starts wanting to explore the world.

Thankfully, Nona woven wraps have a motif marking the centre of the wrap, making it easier to achieve different carries! This marker makes things easier and help you identify the middle of your wrap at a glance.

The wrap are available in different sizes, the longer lengths allow for the most versatility in carrying positions. The size 7 will allow me to try new things and I am happy with this wrap.

nona woven wrap

I do believe this budget wrap makes a good introduction to woven wraps before committing to more expensive ones. I love it, the patterns, the colour: I just love it.

The Front Wrap Cross Carry is certainly the easiest one and needs to be mastered before moving to new and more exciting horizons.

tested and approved by oummanna

I love reading your our experience so please share if you want.

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  1. Emily says

    Absolutely love the pattern and colour of this wrap! I did not know about Nona and sure I am going to check out.
    Many thanks once again for your insights.

    Liked by 1 person

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