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Connecta Baby Carrier Review

When I was pregnant, I was unsure about using again my stretchy wrap but I knew that I will practice babywearing. With a toddler and a pre-schooler, it was obvious for me that if I wanted to do few things in my home, I would need to put baby somewhere in order to free my hands. And the best way to do it and to make baby comfortable, content and happy is babywearing.

I liked my stretchy wrap with Baba1 five years ago but was not at ease for when I was outside so I wanted to anticipated this issue. I – as always– looked everywhere for advices, read reviews and it seemed that one of the best solution and easiest are Soft Structured {buckle} carriers.

babipur logoBabipur, one of the best ethical and eco Shop around –not to say THE Best -, stocks a large range of Buckle carriers but not only. You can find in their website a generous “Babywearing section“. I like how they bring to us some exclusivities and special offers which makes shopping with them very exciting, not without mentioning their exceptionnel customer service.

During Real Nappy week 2016, Babipur in collaboration with Connecta launched a special Design: Pride!

connecta prideThis is when my new “Connecta” obsession started! I wanted a pride as I liked the design so much – yes, I am an emotional buyer and I totally assume it! Unfortunately they sold out too fast and when they came back in stock, my bank account could not afford one. Even thought Connecta Buckle carriers are very affordable –£68 approximately for a standard size – in comparison to others in the market.

Giraffe love connecta versus moby wrap

Connecta baby carriers are quite hard to find, they do sell fast and it seems that they are most of the time out of stock, especially if you want a very popular design. When Babipur announced that some Connecta carriers were coming – I was 8 months pregnant – I took the plunge, and fell for the Giraffe Love print!

connecta Giraffe love BabipurSo let’s describe the Connecta. Connecta is a Soft Structured Buckle carrier, what does this mean?

Soft Structured (or buckle) carriers can be supportive, easy to use. The basic design is a front panel, a waist strap and two shoulder straps, all of which are adjustable to achieve a custom and comfortable fit, very much like frameless backpacks, with looped shoulder straps and a waist strap with buckle for added support.

Connecta Buckle Carriers are designed so that baby is held upright against your chest or back. These types of carrier tend to be a better option for babies older than 4 months, as they usually require your baby to be able to support their own head and place their legs around your waist but the Connecta can be used with newborn: you just need to fold the hood to support Baby’s neck.


Connecta are a UK based company and a family run business. They produce simple buckle carriers with an and , making the and very similar in feel to a Mei-Tai.

  • Front and back carry
  • can be used from birth
  • unpadded waist band
  • lightly padded shoulder straps
  • shaped body and wide base supports baby’s hips in the ergonomic M position
  • integrated hood supports baby’s head and protects from the elements and folds down as a pocket
  • cross-over straps offer optimum back support
  • machine washable at 30’C
  • organic cotton straps and lining
  • Designed in UK, ethically made in Germany
  • Fits up to 55″ waist {Plus size}

My point of view:

I like the fact that my Connecta allows me to get baby in and out of easily and fast. I usually use my Connecta for the morning school run as we are usually short of time to use a wrap. This is my first choice for when we go shopping or when I go to the Farm School.

I think that the Connecta Baby Carrier makes baby-wearing a breeze. Really easy to use and totally Dad Friendly!  It’s lightweight, compact and provides me the comfort I need and baby seems to appreciate it as she usually falls asleep within minutes inside.

I struggled to use it when baby was tiny and started to really appreciate it when she was 8 weeks old. I felt it was a bit awkward to have the good fit before and in doubt, preferred to wait until I was totally confident: baby security comes first!

Overall, today I am absolutely enjoying it but sometimes, when I do not adjust my Connecta properly, it hurts me on my shoulders. So bare in mind that you need to put it properly, to fully enjoy it. So even if now, it is not hurting me, I am wondering if it won’t start to be uncomfortable when baby grows…only time will tell me.


  • Lightly padded shoulders: can start being tricky with baby’s weight increase
  • even if it states that can be used with newborn, it is a bit tricky
  • Might be more interesting if the outside was waterproof but well, woven wraps are not


  • Affordable
  •  can be used from birth, without the need for an insert {was tricky for me}
  • super quick and convenient
  • snug and ergonomic position
  • lightweight and compact, fold down easily
  • No rigid waistband and highly adjustable
  • Easy to use and comfortable for baby
  • Dad Friendly!
  • Fits plus sizes!

tested and approved by oummanna

To conclude, Connecta Buckle carriers are a great choice for outdoor activities. They are practical for easy ons and offs without dragging. They are clearly more intuitive to use since most of us have worn a backpack of some sort.  And most of all they are “error proof”, you really need to try pretty hard to get an unsafe carry in this kind of carriers.

Baby and I are enjoying our Connecta adventures together!t


Connecta Baby carriers are available to buy from

Note: No affiliated links. 

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