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Making Bathtime fun and hygienic {Hevea Bath toys Review}

Let’s talk bath time today as it is Saturday and week-end means Spa Session with my daughters.

As a bachelor, bath time meant for me : relaxation, bath salt, taking care of myself and when I had my first baby, my understanding of bathing literally changed and made a loop. Bath now was all about having fun, playing and enjoying precious moments with my baby.

The bathroom was now a park -aka Bathplayroom –  which needed some toys. My partner and I had a clear idea of bath toys: I guess we have been a bit brain washed by TV adverts and movies, Yes, because believe it or not all we see enter our minds and influence our choices. We decided to buy a bundle of plastic bath toys with the very popular YELLOW DUCK! Where does this come? No idea. We wanted a yellow duck. We filled our bathroom with some of these toys and enjoyed a lot –relatively lot– of play.

After few months, we started to notice some black sediment starting to grow inside our ducks and frogs. We thought, ohhhh maybe our bathroom is too damp! Excuse the newbies. Unable to clean them  – we tried – we decided to buy new ones.

Guess what happened after few weeks of use? Mould again but this time we were very cautious, making sure to never leave water inside and to dry them properly. So we started to understand that the toys were not appropriate and absolutely non hygienic! Our little girl was putting them in her mouth!

When she was 18 months we decided that we have spent enough money in bath toys and they ultimately end the same way : filthy and with mould. No more bath toys. We have been using since plastic glasses: the magnificent old school!

Then when I was pregnant with Baba2 I was looking for a natural dummy/soother and fell in love with the Hevea ones. Who is HEVEA? Hevea is a Danish company, designing non-toxic, eco-friendly natural rubber products made with respect & passion for the planet and its people.

I was totally impressed by the HEVEA soothers unfortunately, baby preferred her fingers. None of my babies accepted dummies. So I offered them to a friend and she was very happy to use them on her newborn.

The soothers was a good introduction to the HEVEA Planet and I fell in love with their bath toys. It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to try them or not and reintroduce in our bath routine some toys.

Hevea have a large range of bath toys that are non-toxic, made of 100% natural rubber latex, have no artificial colours, PVC, BPA or phthalates with three characters:

  • Alfie the Duck
  • Polly the Fish
  • Fred the Frog

Simple, yet very CLEVER, Hevea bathing toys are made with raw natural rubber and with NO holes, hence highly hygienic.

HEVEA bath toys


Hevea bathing toys are soft and malleable, yet durable. It’s easy to grasp and squeeze for even the tiniest hands, encouraging baby’s all-important early development skills.

  • 100% natural rubber – people and planet friendly produced
  • BPA, phthalates and PVC free
  • No added colours or synthetics
  • No perforations/hole in the bottom – eliminates grime and mould build up inside
  • Soft and tactile to the touch
  • No squeaky noise
  • Handmade in Morocco
The name “Hevea” originates from the Latin name for a genus of rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis.


Hevea packaging is nice and first thing that I noticed when I take the toys out of the packaging is how soft they were. Absolutely not the usual rubber. The details in the characters are impressive even if barely noticeable due to the natural rubber colour.
We are using them since a month and we are enjoying them. No sign of mould and it was clearly expected as NO hole!
They are in perfect and spotless condition and will clearly be used FAR longer that the classical ones that ended up in the bin.
We should have bought these bath toys first it would have avoided us disappointment and wasting money.
Hevea toys are available to buy at
tested and approved by oummanna


The only one I can see is the price. The toys are excessively expensive if you compare with a traditional rubber duck.
RRP £1.99/toy versus £0.75 a rubber duck at Tesco.
BUT, and this is a HUGE one, it is WORTH every penny spent because at the end when I add all the money we spent in bath toys that ended in the bin, we spent far more!
If I personally knew about them with my first I would have bought a set of three at £19.99 and it would have avoided us the tremendous feeling to throw money out the window and to pollute futilely.
Maybe hard to attract a young child attention due to the natural rubber colour, but to our joy Hevea has launched a new rubber Kawan duck!


  • Ecological and durable
  • Value for money in the long term
  • Beautiful details
  • HIGHLY hygienic
  • no risk of mould
  • ethically produced
  • no paint! so natural
I do think that HEVEA toys make a great choice for any parents willing to keep things  and looking for durable alternatives.  No need to be eco-conscious to see that in the long term it makes a great and better choice. They make great baby shower gift and Christmas/Birthday gifts for little ones. All three of my daughters {baby, toddler and pre-schooler} are having fun with them. The eldest noticed the difference and loved how thin and soft is the rubber: more supple.
Note : I have been generously sent the product above for this review purpose and I have reviewed it because I wanted to. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.
And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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