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Family Road Trip with limited Car Boot space {Diono Dreamliner travel Bassinet Review}

Few weeks ago it was half term and we decided to visit family in France and we traveled for the first time with three kids. We crossed a good part of the UK and from North to South almost all France.

A very exciting and tiring road trip.

Packing for a couple and packing for a family of five with three children under five are two different things.

We decided to go almost at the last minute. I should admit that I was a bit worried. How would I manage to bring everything we needed to cover all the needs – from meals, hygiene, play and sleep – of a preschooler, a toddler and a young baby and fit all these things in our car boot?

Meal and play time have been covered easily: we took nothing just a small tote bag with two of their favourite toys each. We chose to take the risk not to bring with us a highchair for #2. Sometimes we struggled, sometimes she was fine and sat down quietly on a chair to take her meals. But next time we will not take this gamble again and will look for an alternative like a harness.

Sleep time.

The most important because sleeptime routines when disturbed can make your life become a nightmare. I knew that this one should remain the same or will tolerate the less changes if possible.

For #1 who is five, it was easy: I just packed her night comforter and her favourite book.

#2 alias the toddler –24 months old– alias BatBaby. She has always been a wonderful sleeper until recently. She is now our biggest fear: she makes us walk like the pink panther, we are afraid to go to the bathroom not to wake her up…well, she is THE one. We all have one in our house when they wake up at night you can say goodbye to sleep. She will not come back to sleep and will make you nearly scream and cry in despair. Yep, you will beg her not to cry anymore not to wake the others, sing her lullabies, dance if you have to, well anything really just for her to calm down. Because her screams have nothing to envy to the worst scarry movie you have ever seen. We call her at night “the Nazgûl” -remember the Lord of the Rings? That is it. We could also call her Greemlin after midnight.

So for her, no concessions, I brought everything: her travel cot , sheets, comforters, pyjamas, comforters again, blankets,… everything. If I could bring the walls I would have.

So as you can guess at this stage the car boot was nearly full, with our five small travel bags.

But what about #3 {alias 3months old baby} sleep?

No place left to take her Moses basket or another travel cot. I co-sleep at night –easier for breastfeeding– but what about her daytime naps or play time?

I was quite annoyed and was unsure of what we should do. I could let her on a double bed but she now moves a lot to take this risk, use her sister travel cot during the day? No way, #2 will climb and sleep on her sister!

This is when I found out about the Diono Dreamliner travel Bassinet. It is a kind of Moses basket -travel cot but bigger. The complete home solution away from Home! 


Diono Dreamliner™ Infant  travel Bassinet Key Features:

The Diono Dreamliner is a complete home away from home travel bassinet providing a lightweight, quick folding and portable sleep solution. Whether at home or away, baby is kept comfortable and secure with a well-padded mattress, adjustable hood for directional shade and integral insect net. The cozy sleep space is well ventilated with mesh side panels and the removable mattress cover makes cleaning a breeze. Ready straight out of the box and perfect for use at home or away, the Diono Dreamliner can be folded in seconds and comes with a carry bag for easy portability.

Courtesy Diono Website

Courtesy Diono Website

The Diono Dreamliner can be used from birth to 7 kg {15lbs}, or when baby begings to push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first.


  • Ready straight out of the box
  • Weighs less than 3kg
  • Strong, lightweight frame provides security for baby
  • Compact fold takes up minimal space and ensures easy portability
  • Sets up/folds down easily in seconds
  • Deep sides for added safety
  • Mesh panels provide breathability and keep baby cool and comfortable
  • Premium mattress (30 mm) suitable for sleeping at home or away
  • Large, removable, multi-position hood gives plenty of space and coverage
  • Hidden insect net covers the whole cot
  • Comes with carry bag and travel strap



None! This is the first time I should admit that the description of an item is so accurate! No exaggerations at all!

This travel Bassinet met all our needs and expectations and even beyond. We were just looking for a sleep solution for a young baby other than a travel cot and this Bassinet have been so useful. I used it exactly like a Moses basket with the advantage of a travel cot as it was easily transportable and large enough for play times indoor and outdoor! The canopy is really useful to protect baby from the sun, a real cocoon!


It is really practical if you have very limited space and for families having a young baby and a toddler. Not to add that I do feel that this travel Bassinet could also be used as an everyday solution for families lacking of space and looking for practical, easy to fold alternatives.


I just love it and I now use it at home too when we are in the playroom. It is just so convenient!

The Diono Dreamliner Travel bassinet is available to buy from Diono website.

tested and approved by oummannaAnd you what have been you most challenging travel as a family/with a baby? And what is your travel must haves?

Note : The product above is a PR sample. I have reviewed it because I chose to. No compensations have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.
And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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