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Teething with Sophie La Girafe So Pure Teether

Teething… Here we start again with Baby number three. Teething is quite a big part of a baby’s life and unfortunately a big part of parents sleep’s life too. These tiny teeth make baby’s life a bit harder and keep them very busy through the day. I should say that they help them to explore the world more deeply by bringing everything and anything to their mouth. I am not abording yet the terrible subject of dribbling.

Teething can start really early from three months old. All of my daughters started at approximately three and a half months. A good sign of it is seeing them trying to put all their hands and fists in their little mouth and getting annoyed, and of course this little trickle of saliva down their lower lip. So cute! Well not so cute when you find your little baby completely wet like she just had a shower fully dressed! You can change your baby every 20 minutes if you do not use a dribbling Bandana bib and I am not exaggerating, believe me.

To help baby a bit and to avoid your fingers and hands ending up in baby’s mouth, teethers are a good solution. And for us, it was obvious: the iconic Sophie La Girafe! Why? She is a family friend. Back in the 80’s in France, my sister grew up with Sophie, so did I and our little sister. So naturally, I had one for my baby. It was just a natural option, I did not think about it as Sophie won her spurs. My mum still have ours so Sophie is a durable option and it just reminds me my childhood with this special squishy noise that all children love doing by squeezing Sophie.

We grew up with Sophie and so did my daughters. Baba1 had one and I loved how she enjoyed eating and shewing her legs making a gentle squeak everytime poor Sophie was squeezed and torn. Baba2 inherited it and she loved eating her head and has never been impressed by the noise! Our Sophie is still fine after five years. When I had baba1, she received a Sophie La Girafe comforter in a beautiful “valisette”. Because Sophie la Girafe has extended her range. Yeap, she is  a celebrity now. For Baba2, we have been offered a play mat which has been received with a lot of love by baby and is now used by baby3.

Sophie la girafe

So we extended again our Sophie la Girafe Collection with a So Pure Multi Textured Teether*. This is obviously not our first Sophie and as expected baby loves it and her sisters too. I just love it too. The toy comes with a beautiful gift box ready to offer.

sophie la girafe

It is made of soft rubber, which can be easily squeezed and has no smell, no hard or sharp edge. It is a great teether for smaller children as it is not too big and can easily be hold by little hands. It is not too heavy too.

For the past 50 years Sophie has been a favourite toy with teething babies, and with her cute little face and soft rubber body, it’s not hard to see why. Isn’t she cute?

Sophie la girafeSophie la girafeMY POINT OF VIEW

A good and affordable teether that is slightly different to the original Sophie La Girafe toy. The differences lay on the size, the shape and the textures. The original Sophie can be harder to grasp for little hands and sometimes some babies can be afraid by the squeak noise. We love them both and we use them both. The rubber is soft and seems to soothe baby and baby is enjoying her toy in all the way. The different textures and the rings make a good addition and are interesting to stimulate baby who is really attracted by movements. She loves to put it on her arm.

Who can resist Sophie’s adorable expression? The Sophie la Girafe So Pure Multi Textured Teether features lots of textured rings to help soothe painful gums. Made from all-natural rubber, she is the perfect companion for teething babies.


Fit and features

  • 4 geometric shapes to handle
  • Soothes sore gums
  • Natural rubber
  • Easy for little hands to grab
  • Suitable from 3 months


  • Hugely popular, cult design
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands to grasp
  • Easy to squeezed
  • Classic design that remains unchanged since 1961
  • Made of all natural materials and food grade paint
  • Makes a beautiful and affordable gift

I cannot see any cons simply because I am a true fan of Sophie. I am surely not really realistic and I am sure there are some few things with this toy that are not perfect like with any toy. But for me I cannot see any, I like for Sophie. I love toys that you can reuse and Sophie la Girafe ticks this box. And you are quite sure that She will be loved again and again.

Sophie La Girafe Toys are available to buy from many retailers on line and shops, It is a very popular item.

You can buy this particular one from

My teething choice for baby is Sophie la Girafe and another toy but a wooden one because sometimes baby needs something harder than rubber to help sooth the the pain. I will talk about it later and for now, do you have a Sophie la Girafe in your house?

tested and approved by oummanna

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Disclaimer : I have been sent the product with the * for this review purpose and It was my choice, I have reviewed it because I wanted to. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine. I solely choose the products I want to review and as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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