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An unusual stretchy wrap: We Made Me Wuti Wrap Review

Few weeks agowe travelled to France for half term. We have done an epic road trip and decided to lighten our luggage by not taking a pushchair: limited car boot space.

So guess what I took to help me carrying baby? My wraps, indeed. This is the reason why babywearing is so practical. Checking the weather before packing everything, I was surprised to see that the expected temperature would be near the twenty degrees in Paris and even above in Avignon. Yes, we were heading the South of France with a break in Paris.

All my wraps { MobyWrap and Nona woven wrap} are quite hot, large and heavy even if I absolutely love them. So I was unsure about taking them with me. I was more looking for a lightweight and breathable wrap that I could let in the car to ease our road stops. I did some researchs – you know me now – and fell in love with the Wuti Wrap® from WEMADEME.

we made me wuti wrap review


I looked around and did not find the information I was looking for. How is this wrap and what makes it so different?

The Wuti Wrap is a stretchy wrap. I will first share with you the general informations you find everywhere.


Super-stretchy, ultra-breathable Wuti Wrap® is practical, comfortable and woven wrap.

  • Designed to carry newborn babies from 0–9m
  • You can, of course, carry baby for longer if you wish
  • Tested and safe for babies weighing 3.6–15.9kg | 8–35lbs
  • Combines the benefits of both woven and stretchy fabric that is durable and breathable
  • One size fits all
  • Generously long and wide allowing wearer to adjust the wrap as baby grows
  • Innovative mesh material doesn’t sag throughout the day from baby’s weight
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

These are the main features. I read them so many times but even though, I was unable to figure out the differences. I read it but it just did not hit my mind. It really became obvious when I received it! I have never noticed it and believe me I have seen many reviews, pictures and tutorials.

So let’s see together why this wrap is interesting and what makes the differences stand out.

First, I love the packaging of the wrap. You receive it in a cylindrical box which makes it really high-end. Do not ask me why but it reminds me Wine bottles, or Champagne – I have never drunk any of those – but my french background should be the clue in this feeling. First impression: impressed! Packaging is an important part of a product.


When you open the box, you find a pouch with a zip. And this is when my brain started to think: how lightweight is this one. The fabric is so different! I took immediately my camera to take some pictures. I opened the pouch and wow, I understood. It was all about the MESH FABRIC. This is the difference. This piece of fabric is absolutely and totally different of the stretchy wraps I have seen in my short Babywearer Life. The fabric is super stretchy and ultra-breathable: I DO confirm this.

we made me wuti wrap reviewwe made me wuti wrap review

I have not seen this fabric anywhere. It reminds me net fabrics with the stretch twist. Back in the nineties, teenager time in the suburb of Paris, a strange street fashion appeared: Basket/football vests. Yes and this is what it reminds me: the highly breathable kind of fabric you find in sport clothing. I tried my best to show you in my pictures what I mean and I hope it will help.

Now, the wrap. Like all stretch wraps it comes a long piece of fabric that you have to tie following few steps. To ensure security, you should always have three panels of fabrics above baby, this is how stretchy wraps work.

The Wuti Wrap comes with a instructions book full of illustrations to help you but if you have never used a stretchy wrap before, a video will be more useful than 100 pictures.


I was first impressed by how stretch is the wrap. I immediately figured out that I should not be tying it as loose as my mobywrap. If you wrap baby like with a jersey kind wrap, you will end up with a loose wrap and less support. So just tie it up closer , do not be afraid the fabric stretches incredibly well, so you cannot get it wrong or too tight.


The wrap is long enough so clearly will suit most of the sizes. To help you find the middle, you use the “We made Me” logo as a reference but I can see an issue arising once the inscription disappears with lots of wear and washes. Sure till it happens, you won’t need it anymore.


I did not like the synthetic smell that comes from the wrap. The wrap is made of  87% nylon and 13% Spandex which explains the smell. The fabric of the wrap being in contact with baby skin all the time I will not advise it for baby having eczema and would advise organic stretchy wraps, otherwise the wrap is awesome.


Being not a natural fibre fabric, it might get hot inside despite the mesh properties. I need to check this in very hot, warm and humid weather.

Another cons is the logo as a reference for the middle. As I said it will disappear and in case you are willing to give it to someone else, they might find difficult to find the middle {for first user}.


It is a very stretchy and breathable wrap. I love that it is very stretchy and bouncy. I do think this wrap is perfect for first time user.

we made me wuti wrap review

  • Tapered ends and contrasting colour binding allows wearer to check the ergonomically correct positioning of baby
  • Loves the educational Babywearing Guide with its illustrated instruction booklet inspired by an animal family
  • love the colours available, here lavender
  • Elegant, cylindrical packaging beautifully designed to double-up as a ‘box of memories’ for all those baby keepsakes or to offer
  • Mesh pouch that can be re-used as a handy ‘day out’ bag, makes storage easy
  • Very stretchy and breathable
  • comfortable

The Wuti Wrap® is perfect for the first nine months of baby’s life when they crave comfort and security. It enables little ones to make the gentle transition from womb to wearer, with as little separation as possible, leaving you free to get on with other things.


One of the best thing is the wrap does not take much place and is very light. It goes perfectly in the car glove-box, ready to use. So it was the perfect choice for our France Road trip. I do now use it on a regular basis.

The Wuti Wrap® is available in Black, Pebble and Lavender colours. You can buy one at

Note : I have been generously sent the product above for this review purpose and I have reviewed it because I chose to. No compensation have been received for doing it.  All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.
And as usual, absolutely no affiliate links.

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